POLL: Did $4 Gas Make You Drive Less On Memorial Day Weekend?

AAA is claiming that Americans drove 4.3% fewer miles on public roads in March — the first year-over-year decline since 1979, and that for the first time since 2002, Americans said they planned to drive less this Memorial Day weekend. So, with the national average at $3.936 per gallon, did you actually drive less?

Holiday travelers paying more for gas [CNNMoney]
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  1. No, but $5.99 chicken breast made me eat less–and worse.

    Grocery prices are killing my health!

  2. vdragonmpc says:

    Yup we stayed home and cooked out. I was also able to plant my ‘victory garden’ to help us with costs.

  3. DashTheHand says:

    Rode the motorcycle all weekend. So no, drove just as much, but only spent 16 bucks for 300ish miles.

  4. I carpooled to a wedding instead of driving separately – so yes, that was half the gas I and my carpool partners would have used otherwise.

  5. webwbr says:

    No, I still traveled.

    But the fuel costs will have me re-thinking things each time I start my engine — only problem is I don’t have much choice — cycling/walking really isn’t an option for me given my location.

  6. They did the same thing last summer, and this is just the begining, and I’ll say what I said then. You will soon see every TV,newspaper, and radio station interview idiots who state that because gas went up 30 cents, they can’t go on vacation this year. Why? Forget the hyperbole. Let’s do a little math. Let’s say you are driving a thousand miles each way to go on vacation. Let’s say your car gets 20 miles per gallon. That will mean you have to burn 50 gallons to travel one way, and 100 to go both. Let’s say the price of gas went up 1.00 since you planned your trip. 100 gallons x 1.00=100.00 more. If you can’t afford to spend an extra 100 dollars, or budget well enough to free up 100 dollars, should you be going on vacation? Even if we went to the extreme that gas went up $2.00 a gallon, that is still only $200.00. Most people spend that on a hotel room while on vacation. Let’s get real people.

  7. Nogard13 says:

    Absolutely I drove less! I actually didn’t even drive at all on Sunday and Monday. We walked to the nearest grocery store and bought what we needed to grill at the house on Sunday afternoon and then just chilled at the house with 4 Netflix movies.

  8. @vdragonmpc: Same here, and I have the sunburned scalp to prove it.

  9. chiieddy says:

    It was $3.79/gallon and we drove 40 minutes to see a friend we haven’t seen since November and then another 2 hours to a family BBQ in Maine. Then home again. This was just Saturday. I stayed home the rest of the weekend and burned braincells with TV and Wii.

  10. @Git Em SteveDave: Yep, I made that same argument to my wife

    “Sorry, kids, the long weekend at Disney is GONE because the total vacation budget just went up 3% vs last year. We are staying home.”

  11. bohemian says:

    Small brief trips are right out. Like daytripping to a larger city to go do something for the day. On a bigger trip like going to Chicago for a few days it doesn’t add that much more onto the cost of the trip since it is expensive to do anyway.

    We would take Amtrak if the nearest station wasn’t 3.5 hours away.

  12. I’ve been doing this for some time now. The result is, I’ve gone from Christmas to Memorial Day barely racking up enough miles to justify an oil change. That’s roughly 7000 miles a year. My wife reports the same, more or less.

    We grilled some pork chops and had that with some homemade baked beans. Mmmmmm(poot)mmmmm.

  13. zigziggityzoo says:

    at $4.19 here in Michigan, I only drove once, to the mall, and the grocery store across the way. That was instead of a 250-mile round-trip vacation to the parents.

  14. HIV 2 Elway says:

    I took the bike to the bar Friday night, proceeded to cut the shit out of my toe on the drunken ride back and drove the rest of the weekend. We did stay local though.

  15. HOP says:

    drove to a nearby shopping center and had a wild time walking …..wheee

  16. ElizabethD says:


    $5.99 chicken breasts!?! Eeek.

    Boneless breasts are $1.99/lb this week at Stop & Shop in the Northeast. Yes, I stocked the freezer.

  17. As a matter of fact we didn’t go anywhere over the holiday weekend other than one trip to the grocery store. We also never put more than $20-$30 worth of gas in our vehicles either. Also trying to get the hang of hypermiling too. Screw the oil companies, if things get worse I will dust off my trust bike and use pedal power instead of gasoline for trips in town.

  18. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @Nogard13: Same here. Didn’t drive at all this weekend; BBQed at home and had a great time. Not only that, I’ve been walking at every possible opportunity and plan to keep it up all summer. BigOil can suck it! I love saving money more than I mind walking on my errands. Luckily I live near the stores I frequent the most.

  19. @ElizabethD: I usually stock the freezer when it’s $1.99, as well…but sometimes the family calls and wants you to bring chicken and you don’t have time to thaw any.

  20. dragonvpm says:

    @Git Em SteveDave: I think this isn’t so much about the pennies difference as much as the psychology of seeing that it costs close to $100 (or more in some cases) to fill up. Once you start thinking about 3 or 4 fill ups for a given trip and it’s not so much that it’s $100 more than it was last year, but that the total cost will end up being $300-$400 just for gas and that might make the trip itself seem too expensive.

    It’s basic economics, the higher the prices, the fewer the people will think it’s worth it to spend the money on something.

    It’s also not that different from people who end up driving around looking for the cheapest gas (all the while potentially burning through any savings they might get by saving a nickel/gallon).

  21. The_Catalpa says:

    Sadly, no. Drove 300+ miles. But it was fun, so there.

  22. ChChChacos says:

    Just drove to work this weekend. No exciting plans. Stayed home, ate in. So much for vacation weekend.

  23. weave says:

    I live in Delaware. I got stuck for an hour parked on I-66 near DC this weekend. If people are driving less, the traffic on the roads for some reason aren’t showing it.

  24. Lambasted says:

    Memorial Day and every other day for that matter. When filling up my tank costs me $50+ a pop, I am now keenly aware of how much gas I use and I try to limit my driving whenever I can.

    Hey, thanks for asking. I always welcome an opportunity to say Bush is the worst thing that ever happened to this country.

  25. I didn’t go out of town, but I actually drove more than usual this weekend for relatively mundane reasons. I made the same 80-mile (roundtrip) drive I make almost every weekend (Saturday game night with the guys), then a 70-mile (roundtrip) to a Rilo Kiley concert on Sunday.

    Traffic seemed a little lighter than normal on Saturday. Sunday, I-75 seemed almost deserted. I think people in Detroit are running out of gas money.

  26. No, but I was much more mindful of how I drove. I drove the speed limit and very carefully watched the Fuel Economy calculator on my car to drive at more conservative speeds. My car rated for 29mpg highway got about 34mpg.

  27. jamesdenver says:

    @HIV 2 Elway:

    I bike to all bars all the time. Fortunately no mishaps though :)

  28. jscott73 says:

    We hardly ever do long trips on long weekends, too expensize and too crowded.
    Did do a few local trips though:
    Sea World: 44 miles roundtrip
    Friend’s BBQ: 36 miles roundtrip
    Beach day: 28 miles roundtrip
    Total: 108 miles for a three day, fun-filled weekend, I’ll take that.

  29. It wasn’t the expensive gas that made me stay home. Some of us have to work Memorial Day weekend

  30. HIV 2 Elway says:

    @jamesdenver: This was my first bad accident in years. Somehow got my toe caught between the pedal and the crank. Yes, I was wearing flip flops. No, I don’t remember much of it.

  31. Youthier says:

    We were spending the weekend with a friend that’s moving cross-country in a few weeks so we “had” to go. In preparation, we really cut back on the driving and watched our spending these past three weeks or so. Normally, we did these things at the drop of the hat but now we’re planning ahead.

  32. tedyc03 says:

    Chicken thighs are routinely $1.75 a pound. I buy those for cheaper than breasts.

  33. Geekybiker says:

    $4 gas? Man, I wish it was that cheap here.

    I haven’t really adjusted how I travel. I dont take many long optional trips. However its more painful each time I have to go somewhere.

  34. Juliekins says:

    We drove a fair bit this weekend–probably as much as we ever do for Memorial Day weekend. We cut back elsewhere, though. Yesterday, we went to the movies (matinee) and did some clothes shopping (hooray 20% off at Eddie Bauer) but skipped going out to eat. The movies and decent shopping are a 45 minute (45-50 miles) drive to the next town for us, and we love going out to eat there, but it just wasn’t worth the extra $$$. I also drove the speed limit (horrors!) everywhere we went, even on the highway. I didn’t do the math, but the gas gauge didn’t move nearly as much as usual. I’ll normally goose it up to 5-7mph over the limit on the highway. Turns out that really eats the petrol.

    I have definitely cut down on my out of town trips. I manage a coed softball team on Sundays, and at least four of my players come in from out of town. I am shocked they haven’t quit yet. Gas prices have definitely harmed my recruiting. I used to be able to get people from nearby towns to sign on to play, but not any more–and a lot of they cite gas prices specifically. The team is taking a break after this season ends at the end of June, and I would imagine everyone’s pocketbooks will be thankful.

  35. LintySoul says:

    Had an impromptu BBQ and was pleased to see a large pile of bikes in the back yard from our guests.
    Stitches from drunken biking can cost a lot more than gas. Eek.

    PS. Whole free range chicken, $1.49 a pound. About $9. Fed 4 adults. Carcass goes to make soup stock. I definitely feel this is the better deal.

  36. Shadowman615 says:

    @tedyc03: Sure, but breasts are at least $5-a-pound better than thighs. Wait, are we still talking about chicken?

  37. csdiego says:

    I didn’t drive less–I actually went on a 480-mile round trip at the last minute–but I slowed down, and it really showed in my gas mileage. I used to average just under 30 mpg when my default speed on the highway was about 70-something. This weekend I slowed down by about 10 mph, keeping my speed around 65 mph, and my gas mileage improved to 34.5 mpg. At a 17% savings, it doesn’t quite compensate for the recent price increases, but I’ll take it.

  38. spinachdip says:

    @Git Em SteveDave: If you’re looking at year-to-year cost differences, yeah, it’s relatively trivial, but if you’re asking people if they would take the same vacations they took 3, 5 years ago, then it becomes a different story.

    But really, it’s the short trips that are the least cost efficient. An errand that takes 5-10 minutes could easily be replaced by walking or eliminated by consolidating multiple errands.

  39. snoop-blog says:

    Funny thing actually, I’ve spent less on gas this month than I ever have. Luckily I live a 5 min bike ride away from a 24hr Kroger, Burger King, Blockbuster, Starbucks, liquor store, Hobby Lobby, Lowes, Super K-mart, and most importantly, my work (a car lot). I have also burned many calories and pounds off in doing so.

  40. EyeHeartPie says:

    Drove to Dallas from Houston, total 280 miles >.<

    I felt that hit as I filled up my gas tank twice this weekend (started half empty, filled up cheap in Houston, filled up again on the way back). Thank goodness I have a car that at least gets decent gas mileage.

  41. snoop-blog says:

    However, last month I went on a road-trip vaca to Florida. I know what your thinking, road trip? You gotta be nuts! But I actually only spent about $500 on gas and drove about 2800 miles. It was definately worth it. I got to see a lot of Florida, and spent time on a lot of beaches. How ironic though that after doing that, I now ride my bike anywhere I can.

  42. Pro-Pain says:

    I actually took the kids out in the Mustang GT with the top down and did a lot of aimless driving, went to park, shopping etc: I’m teaching them great lessons arn’t I? oops.

  43. AllenK says:

    I hardly went anywhere all weekend long. It wasn’t really due to high gas prices. I was working on my truck,and I had family here. I barely drove 50 miles this weekend.

    I normally would’ve taken a small trip somewhere,but it would’ve been even shorter this year. In the brief time I was on the interstate here,traffic didn’t seem as high as in year’s past.

  44. Jabberkaty says:

    I don’t know what I “usually” do on my long weekends – but this time I had a class reunion and a chance to see my folks. I think I actually drove more than I usually would… What’s a couple hundred miles ever 10 years?

  45. MissPeacock says:

    Did my usual driving to the parents house (only about 25 miles) for the holiday this weekend, but I’ve decided that any major pleasure trips that need to be taken by airplane this summer are probably out for me.

  46. Burgandy says:

    We made the exact same trip as last year to the balloon festival, all of 15 miles, round trip and a stop at the grocery store on the way back. The rest of the weekend was routine, other than I actually got some work done in the garden.

  47. strixus says:

    Given as I never travel on holiday weekends… Nope. I spent the same amount of time on the roads as last year – None.

  48. MoreIceCream says:

    I bought a Prius in October so no, but I used less fuel. I sort of enjoyed the non crowds on the highway home and even where we stayed.

  49. reiyaku says:

    it didn’t make me drive less… i didnt drive at all! stayed home all day… heard antique gas pumps that are still out there are great gas savers… need to look for one in my area and save more than a couple of bucks… $80 a tank aint fun at all…

  50. krom says:

    People still make advance travel plans or friend/family visits, and gas prices don’t likely make people cancel such plans.

  51. ahwannabe says:

    I never go out on holiday weekends anyway. Too many drunk drivers.

  52. Juggernaut says:

    It didn’t seem to stop anyone from driving to/from the Jersey shore!! The Parkway, 33, 35 and 18 were just as packed southbound in the mornings and northbound in the evenings as I’ve ever seen them…

  53. Griffintard says:

    People are talking how gas really doesn’t make that much of a difference for vacations and a daily basis, but it is not only the price of fuel that goes up. I don’t know about everyone else, but my pay rate does not go up nearly as much as gas does.

    When you go on vacation you don’t just pay extra gas you pay extra cost of food all on the same budget.

    It might not be so bad if it was just the price of gas or if I got a mild pay raise, but I don’t.

    But I did drive around this weekend… for 60mpg on the motorcycle who cares I will drive just for fun.

    You won’t catch me doing it for fun in the regular vehicle.

  54. moore850 says:

    I’m biking at least 20% of the week, as weather permits… it is saving a bit on gas but it takes a car off the road and feels better than driving.

  55. Whitey Fisk says:

    Less than what? Other Memorial Days?

  56. Mistrez_Mish says:

    While I didn’t drive myself – I did spend a lot of time traveling over the holiday weekend. Took the Bonanza bus from NYC to RI to visit family and drove around CT looking for antique stores.

  57. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @snoop-blog: I think it’s more ironic (and cool) that you work at a car lot and have no shame in biking to work.

  58. Froggmann says:

    I actually did worse, I drove my 10 MPG bronco all weekend. Roughly 300 + miles. So yea i probbilby made up for about 400 people that didn’t drive this weekend.

  59. Starfury says:

    This has affected our overall driving. We make fewer trips to the store and for small items I may need from the grocery store I’ll ride my bike.

  60. Kajj says:

    No car, but that’s ok because I’m walking distance to a tourist-proof beach. So this weekend was no more or less a vacation than any other summer weekend for me, I guess. (Neener neener)

  61. AD8BC says:

    Did our annual (well, since last year) trip from Fort Worth to San Antonio. Probably spent $14 more on gas than we did last year.

    One less meal on the Riverwalk paid for that :-)

  62. tommyjwall says:

    I live in Chicago, and my parents are in Milwaukee, so I chose not to head up and visit them this weekend… sorry Mom and Dad.

  63. banksnld says:

    Didn’t stay home, but didn’t drive either – took Amtrak into Chicago, then used buses for the weekend.

  64. chewiemeat says:

    No, a “whopping $4” did not make me stay home. At $4.00/gal for gas, it’s a whopping 14 cents per mile for driving. Oh gee so unearable. What am I goin to do , save $1.40 and WALK ten miles with my “spare two or three hours”? I don’t think so.

    As for food. What are you guys smoking? Or maybe you live in some sort of impossible to get to region of the country, because I’m not having any trouble finding food at the store and it’s not absurdly expensive. It might be slightly more expensive than last year (maybe) but I wouldn’t know for sure. I definitely haven’t noticed it while shopping though.

    At a certain point, gas prices could become so high that I could not afford it, but other than that I’m not going to whine that it’s another 20 cents for 30 miles. It’s just not that big of a deal at that point. I don’t think I’d be willing to pay more than a dollar per mile (or about $30/gal) if I have to drive more than 60 miles a week. And by that time, I’d probably give in and re-fit my car for bio-diesel or electric.

    As for not traveling 80 miles from Chicago to Milwaukee because of gas prices? Nice try, but that’s BS. Let’s say you get 20mpg. That’s 8 gal gas round trip. If gas is 80 cents more expensive than the last time you DID travel there, then that’s a whole $6.40 extra round trip. Your parents aren’t worth six bucks?

    Why are people acting like every penny increase in gas is actually a dollar increase? get a grip on yourselves.

  65. mountaindew says:

    We drove 100 miles to visit the in-laws this Memorial Day weekend. Gas prices were $3.89 in our town, but over at the in-laws, they were $3.71 – CHEAP GAS! …..that’s just not right.

  66. I paid $4.26 yesterday for regular.

  67. Sherryness says:

    I decided against a sight-seeing daytrip around the Seattle area because of gas prices. But the week before that I drove/moved 1800+ miles from Iowa to Seattle, so that probably kinda makes up for it.

  68. PinkBox says:

    You try telling my parents that we’re not going to visit because the price of gas went up a few cents. Trust me… I’d rather just pay for the gas.

  69. unravel says:

    We stayed pretty close to home but I’m not sure if it was because of the price of gas ($4.01-$4.09ish), or because we are helplessly addicted to GTA IV and can’t stop playing at sane hours.

    We did go up to the Lake George area on Sunday. I’ve NEVER seen the place so dead at this time of year. Traffic’s normally insane, the sidewalks, restaurants, and outlet stores are usually overflowing, and most hotels/motels are packed. Some of the decent hotels/motels were actually advertising pre-season rates on their signs, so I guess they were really hurting. I did see 9-10 out of state plates but that’s way down. Seems like 95% of the people there were from the area, like us.

  70. For what it’s worth, the Seneca Turnpike (NY Rt. 5) had light traffic at worst all weekend. Despite absolutely beautiful weather, my trip to Lowes for gardening supplies this Memorial Day weekend was unfettered by the usual people clogging the roadways on their way to the usual places for outdoor recreation. Maybe they’re still going to those places, but not as often. My guess is, most folks were doing the backyard cookout thing.

  71. Ariel.Sanders says:

    How many MPG do “High Horses” currently?@ Most of U!

  72. @Git Em SteveDave: Amen. It’s not just this annual Memorial Day weekend doom-and-gloom report from AAA, but the entire insanity surrounding high gas prices. I understand that for those living on the financial edge, where a $1 increase in gas prices can push the envelop of a monthly budget, this is of genuine concern. But the general hysteria is quite disproportionate to the actual financial impact for most. I’m constantly hearing complaints about gas prices from people for whom this means maybe an extra $20-30 per month, but who have no compunction about blowing much more than that on daily Starbucks runs or unnecessary mobile phone options. Sure, fuel price increases have a ripple effect in the prices of all consumer goods and services, and as such affect all of us, but we have to be measured in our response to this. People love to share some common complaint, regardless of the underlying reality. It is shameful when media outlets and consumer groups like AAA fan the flames of this foolishness.

  73. cerbie says:

    Nope. I had no driving planned for the weekend. If gasoline were $0.50/gal, I still would not have.

    Oh, no, my fill-up this morning was at $4.16/gal. Life will go on (…and, I’ll take being safe and comfortable over having a Metro’s MPG). Everything that goes up with diesel costs makes far more difference than my gasoline cost at the pump (though, that goes up from diesel costs, too! Arg!)

  74. Eilonwynn says:

    Well, it seems like i’m the devil here – I drove from Santa Fe, NM to Waterloo, ON, via Denver (We missed that huge tornado by about 30 miles and 10 minutes) – A loose approximation of 1900 miles. Add in the 1900 miles the *other* way a week and a half previously, and, well, yeah. I did my damages to the dead dinosaurs. That being said a) everyone should see the country, all of it, at least once, even if it’s by train, rather than just flying over it, b) I had a very fuel efficient, light car to do it in, and c) it wasn’t just me in the car.

    other observations: Iowa has the least expensive gas by FAR. Santa Fe was also pretty low down the list – about $3.69 a week ago. By the time we got back it was about $4.19 in michigan. To compare, it was about $4.75 US/ Gallon after conversions up here (canada) when I left, and still is now.

  75. cerbie says:

    @AtomicPlayboy: well put. I don’t make much, but I fit in there. If gasoline went down a dollar a gallon, and I ate out one night a month more, I would have the same net. Thus far, I’ve done it by reducing music and movie buying, but that’s basically to a point where eating out and lazily going to the grocery store (instead of rushing to the farmer’s market as the sellers are closing down for the night) are next in line.

    But, it’s not breaking me or anything. It’s also not really breaking most people I know who are loudly complaining about it. They are just not accustomed to, and generally unwilling to, adjust their habits in such a way that it restricts their whims.

    The people who I know that are cutting it close aren’t complaining one little bit. They are actually changing how they spend their money, and how they use their transportation.

  76. tape says:

    I think I travelled less than last year, but the price of gas had nothing to do with it — I just had plans that involved nothing more than taking the subway.

  77. catita says:

    I think I know that Shell sign – was that picture taken on Memorial Drive in Cambridge, MA?

  78. Scoobatz says:

    I think we should start another poll. Are people really shopping around for gas? This just seems ridiculous to me, but maybe I’m missing something. Our local TV websites — NBC, ABC, and FOX have daily updates on where to find the cheapest gas — like I’m going to drive even 1 mile out of my way to save 4 cents/gallon.

  79. humphrmi says:

    I drove about the same on Monday. But, We’re actually planning on driving more this summer than normal. Between airport security that has become both more arduous and less effective over the last few years, and all the hidden fees and overbooked and late flights, we’ve given up on flying for domestic family vacations. We started taking road trips a few years ago and now the whole family has fallen in love with them. And as someone above said, gas is usualy the smallest percentage cost of a road trip, after you factor in meals and hotels and paying to get into places etc. So increased gas cost really doesn’t kill my vacation plans, just makes it a couple of bucks more expensive.

  80. vdragonmpc says:

    Some people are just bad at math. Its not the ACTUAL vacation cost that has people backing out. Its the full year of bleeding that the public has been going through. Gas is now far past the insanity of “katrina” prices where the oil companies saw that “we could take it”. I havent gotten raises that match the increased cost of food, heat, electricity, increased medical insurance costs, property taxes and of course gas. Everything is climbing and its getting ridiculous. Why are we putting up with bald faced flat out lies from oil companies? They could dump oil on the market to help with the ‘supply issue’. Congress can make it mandatory that ‘speculators’ must put up at least 80% of the cost of the oil that they think might be priced to demand.

    After a couple of these pirates get burned in the market it may cool things off. Opec or another money holder could also pre-buy oil to stave off the speculators. I mean how is it possible that oil produced by Exxon is sold back to Exxon to sell at its gas stations? Is that not odd? Why is anyone in banking even in the buying chain between oil company and gas stations?

  81. MsClear says:

    We had relatives visiting us, and they had their kids and all their attendant stuffs, so they did the little driving. I didn’t use my car from Saturday to Monday!

    I’m biking to work a couple days of week now, which helps. It’s only about 5 miles each way. Town mileage isn’t as good, so this really helps.

    Super for all those who aren’t having trouble affording the many price increases that people are dealing with. Aren’t you special?

  82. Craig says:

    Actually drove more this weekend than I would have otherwise thanks to family visiting 2 hours away. Gas prices ($4.30 here) aren’t changing my driving habits, but they’re definitely making me rethink the car I’ll be buying at the end of the year.

  83. Mira Mi Huevo!!! says:

    I am driving 69% less by carpooling to work every day. I think all that are able should do this and see if a gas demand drop makes the prices drop too. This gas situation suck ass noodles!

  84. htrout13 says:

    Drove the requisit 85 miles to shore, then an inpromptu round trip to a bbq (yeah – add 150 round trip) then back from the shore – another 85 miles. And of course – had two cars… only one made the trip to the bbq though…

    So a total of 490 miles on two cars – and close to 100 miles on two bikes as we bike everywhere once we get to the shore!

  85. cronomorph says:

    I almost didn’t make a trip to my parents hiouse with fiancee and the youngin’ in tow, but my parents said they’d pay for half the gas, so we made the drive.

    It was worth it too. We ate well and my mom bought that little boy some Thomas toys and 5 new outfits from Gymboree. Plus it was nice to spend time with my folks, especially since they adore my fiancee and her little boy.

  86. mradequate says:


    I did two things this past weekend: 1. Chillin’. 2. Grillin’.

    Oh yeah, and lots of drinking.

  87. Donathius says:

    Well specifically no, the gas prices didn’t make me stay home. I just didn’t go anywhere. Plus I had to move into a new apartment on Monday.

  88. $4 for a gallon of gas.
    $6.50 for a 12 pack of High Life.

    Which do you think i chose this weekend?

  89. warf0x0r says:

    Yes, and I saved a bunch of money I would have spent on goods and services.

    Ah the self-perpetuating cycle…

  90. Orv says:

    I never go anywhere on Memorial Day Weekend, for the same reason I never go to a movie on opening night. I hate crowds.

  91. I drove from NJ to mid-state NY about 500 miles round trip. Think I spent close to like $125 in gas. Didn’t care. Well I certainly wish it would’ve been less but was I going to pass up a chance to go camping on a 3 day weekend because gas was gonna cost me more? Umm… no. I have a life. It doesn’t end because of trouble in the middle east. (or whatever the real reason is that gas is 3.79 where I live)

  92. Smaugster says:

    High Life 6.50 for a 12 pack? Wow! I’ve seen it go from 2.99 for a 16 oz 6 pack now at 5.35!
    Yeah, I did not drive any further than the liquor store this weekend. Had ribs, sausages{ahhh, sausages} and steak in the fridge. Fed anyone who came by, but it was BYOB!

  93. amyschiff says:

    I was part of the bridal party for a wedding in Ohio this weekend so i had no choice but to do the driving from Michigan to there.

    Thankfully, I live in a small town and all the activities for the wedding were very near my house.

  94. munkles says:

    @Git Em SteveDave: I mean you no offense, but I did notice your “get real” math neglected to include the rising costs of everything else. The dollar is worth only approx. 80% of what it was circa 2000-2001*. Multiplied across several thousands of dollars it really does add up. A $4000 week-long trip in 2000 now costs about $5000, and that extra $1000 is NOT being offset by payroll raises. Makes staying at home, kicking your feet up, and saving an extra $1000 that much more palatable, given the clear economic instability we now enjoy.

    *(when Republican oilman George W. Bush took office and Republican oilman Vice President Richard Cheney had his secret Energy Meetings with the Republican heads of the oil companies, just around the time the Republican-led government played dead while Republican-party led oil companies were given free reign to loot everything in sight, screwing up the economy and giving us this mess we’re in in the first place, thank you very much party of John McCain the Savings & Loan looter)

  95. Triterion says:

    Because of the crazy gas prices we discovered the Metro! It took like half the time to go places, and we saved $11 not having to park at Universal City!! whoohoo also we saved some tiny, tiny part of the planet. High gas prices are good for the planet! who knew?

  96. synergy says:

    I made an 800mi roundtrip into Mexico. Then again, I can do that because I don’t use my car to go to work or just much in general. It also gets about 29mpg.

  97. synergy says:

    By the way, the ~800mi trip’s gas cost “before” and “after”?

    11/2001: ~$25
    05/2008: ~$100

  98. maines19 says:

    We bagged our planned holiday road trip. Yeah, we could have managed to afford the difference in gas price, but it just wasn’t worth it to us. Rather have that money in my pocket than an oil company’s. We have other things we’d rather spend our money on.

  99. Wubbytoes says:

    I stayed home and played video games all weekend.

  100. legwork says:

    @chewiemeat: “Why are people acting like every penny increase in gas is actually a dollar increase? get a grip on yourselves.”

    Yah. “It’s only 90 degrees,” said the frog in the now toasty frying pan. “No problem. I can’t see getting stressed over a little warm weather.”

    It’s all about change and tolerance.

    At $2/gal I complained for conversation. At $4/gal it affects my planning.

  101. battra92 says:

    I get 36mpg in my Elantra so no, it didn’t affect me all that much.

    My grandmother having her gallbladder out did as I had to basically help take care of her house and what not.

  102. battra92 says:

    @chewiemeat: As for food. What are you guys smoking? Or maybe you live in some sort of impossible to get to region of the country, because I’m not having any trouble finding food at the store and it’s not absurdly expensive. It might be slightly more expensive than last year (maybe) but I wouldn’t know for sure. I definitely haven’t noticed it while shopping though.

    Dittos. Granted, we shop a lot more at BJs than we used to. We’re getting pork ribs at $2 a lb and hamburg not much more. Heck, we even got steaks for not much more than that.

    Oh and rice being out of control? They had a 25 lb back for around $22 for Jasmine.

    The drive-by media wants this economy to be bad and have everyone panicked. If you guys want a recession, that’s your business. I will not participate.

  103. RagingBoehner says:

    Nope! Drove 1,200 miles round trip in my SUV, thanks much!

  104. IndyJaws says:

    Family drove from Indy to Chicago over the weekend. Have to say…gas is obviously keeping a lot of people at home. The Skyway and Dan Ryan Expressway were empty coming up and going home – made record time! Up and back on one tank of gas ~ $65 – cheaper than taking the train.

    Plus, the Cubs won. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  105. erratapage says:

    My husband and I began carpooling to work. When I have to drive separately, I buy only the gas needed to get me to my destination.

    We are combining errands and doing as much shopping as possible on Thursday nights.

    We try to use the Toyota ECHO when we drive instead of my Suburu Forester. The ECHO gets 41 mpg, and while it’s not that comfortable, I’ll live.

    This weekend, we chose to stay in instead of going out to the movies. We did visit friends, but we traveled together and combined trips.

    I’m not so sure it’s completely about the price of gas. It’s also about the price of food and everything else that has eroded our budget.

  106. ajn007 says:

    @Git Em SteveDave:
    That logic only works if all you do is drive to go on vacation. Problem is, every time you fill up your car, the rising cost of gasoline is taking money away from that which you could have spent on vacation. So it isn’t just the $100 bucks extra to drive somewhere on vacation, but the money that is being pulled out of your vacation fund to pay for the rising cost of gasoline, food, energy, etc.

  107. jpd1821 says:

    Gas by me was $4.18, I stayed in town instead of going up north camping, most of my friends did also.

  108. SumitaNerva says:

    @Git Em SteveDave:
    If your not concerned about the gas prices or the economy you must be somebody with plenty of money? Or maybe you are one of those making money off the gas prices?
    That extra $100.00 that would have been spent on gas could have been put towards an extra night in a hotel room.
    At this time people have a hard time putting gas in their vehicles to make it to their jobs. Not to mention buying groceries for their family.
    If we keep dishing out the money for the high priced gas it will only keep going up. If everyone would stick together & refuse to go on their vacations maybe we would see prices drop.

  109. smokinfoo says:

    Despite trying not to drive anywhere all weekend my genius of a girlfriend decided to go for a drive for 3 hours wasting about half the gas I just put in the car.