New York City Issues Firm Warning Over Fatal Toad-Venom Aphrodisiac

According to the AP, NYC health officials are warning people to stay away from an illegal aphrodisiac made from toad venom after a man who ingested the substance died earlier this month. The product which goes by names such as: Piedra, Love Stone, Jamaican Stone, Black Stone and Chinese Rock is available at certain neighborhood stores and sex shops but is banned by the FDA. Details, inside…

City health officials said the victim, whose identity was not released, was admitted to the hospital complaining of chest and abdominal pain. He died two days later.

Health officials said the hardened resin, made with venom from toads of the Bufo genus, contains chemicals that can disrupt heart rhythms.

The aphrodisiac was supposed to have been applied to the skin, not eaten, but authorities said even that use can be harmful. “There is no definitely safe way to use it,” said Dr. Robert Hoffman, director of the city’s poison control center. “Don’t buy it. Don’t sell it. If you have it, don’t use it. Throw it out.”

The same type of product killed a 40-year-old man in Brooklyn in 2002 and at least four New Yorkers in the early 1990s. A 17-year-old boy also fell seriously ill, but survived following hours of aggressive treatment.

Following that outbreak, city investigators went looking for the poison and found it was being sold sporadically in grocery stores, smoke shops and from street vendors. Inspectors have been on the lookout for the stuff ever since, but identifying it isn’t always easy. It is sometimes sold in packaging labeled only in foreign languages.

It isn’t clear how available the aphrodisiac is elsewhere in the U.S., although some similar products have been seized from suspected drug traffickers in other East Coast cities, authorities said.

We’re not aware of any hard and fast rules regarding aphrodisiacs but we’re thinking that anything containing “venom” should probably be avoided. Ebay, which seems to be content nowadays catering to scammers and general riffraff, lists similar products up for auction, however, none of the descriptions specifically mention toad venom.

NYC issues warning after aphrodisiac kills man [AP]
(Photo: AP)


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  1. m1k3g says:

    “hard and fast rules regarding aphrodisiacs”… seems appropriate :-)

  2. SuffolkHouse says:

    Why is this banned? Why does government have to get involved in everything. Why not let the free market figure this out. I’m sure that once the corner Santaria store figures out it is killing its patrons, it will ban it on its own.

    No to big government. Yes to toad poison.

  3. Pro-Pain says:

    I’m an AMERICAN and I want my Goddamned toad poison! It’s MY RIGHT!!!!

  4. statnut says:

    Got to give it up, give up the toad.

  5. Trai_Dep says:

    Wow, so many ways to comment on this story, my fingers are trembling!

    * Exactly why is a seventeen-year-old male chasing after aphrodisiacs? Jeebezus, the wind shifting direction should be enough to make his Mr. Happy stand at attention. Coals, deliver thyself to Newcastle.
    * But licking toads is still kosher, right?
    * Living in a world where there are 14 different kinds of pharma boner pills advertised on Saturday morning cartoon shows weekly, people still slaughter animals for organs? It’s better these idiots eat poison toad glands until they die, thus removing themselves from the market for tiger and rhinoceros penises.
    Mr. Toad’s sacrifice is appreciated by Tony the Tiger. And Tony’s willy.

  6. reiyaku says:

    sweet! toad-licking is the new fad!

  7. cmdrsass says:

    How dumb do you have to be to believe that an aphrodisiac made from animal parts would actually work?

  8. UnStatusTheQuo says:

    Wasn’t this a Family Guy episode?

  9. WarOtter - I went to Japan and all I got was this tumor. says:

    This is Darwinism at work. Let it slide.

  10. chartrule says:

    2 points for WarOtter

    i was thinking the same way

  11. RandoX says:

    But… does it work?

  12. CPC24 says:

    Lando Griffin taught me that this is not cool!

  13. RedSonSuperDave says:

    +1 to the Darwinism comments.

  14. SBR249 says:

    I thought the toad venom aphrodisiac was supposed to be applied to the skin?

  15. mariospants says:

    OK, can we just officially ban anything without a decent label?

  16. adamondi says:

    I’m with WarOtter. I have no sympathy when someone is dumb enough to try something like this and then dies. I just hope that they haven’t peed in the gene pool yet.

  17. nardo218 says:

    Wonder if this was the stuff in House, with the gay mobster?

  18. Trai_Dep says:

    Personally, I’m waiting for the suppository version.

  19. theblackdog says:

    I don’t want to know where he had to rub it.

  20. bnorton says:

    All glory to the Hypnotoad

  21. superlayne says:

    @nardo218: Nah, the stuff he took had estrogen in you, you know, so it messed up their diagnostic? Good episode, though.

    On topic, why are men dying from aphrodisiacs? I thought they were the success-fictional, consentual alternative to date rape?