New "Checkpoint Friendly" Laptop Cases Will Help Travelers Breeze Through Security

According to the USA Today, the Transportation Security Administration is likely to approve new “checkpoint friendly” laptop cases which would allow passengers to put their laptops through x-ray machines without removing them from the case. The new policy, designed to streamline airport security, is likely to be enacted within a few months. Details, inside…

Currently, laptops must be removed from their cases so that security screeners can search for weapons or explosives, a delay responsible for significant slowdowns at airport security checkpoints. The TSA is currently testing several laptop case prototypes that when unopened would allow screeners to get clear look at the laptop without the clutter of cords and accessories that typically disturb an x-ray image. The new cases employ a clamshell design which travelers would unfold and lay flat on the conveyor belt, thus separating the laptop from cables and accessories.

Targus and Skooba will be the first two companies to offer the new design. Targus has designed 4 prototypes thus far. “Heavy travelers will be the first adopters of this,” said Al Giazzon, Targus’ marketing chief. Michael Hess of Skooba said, “Anything that speeds up the process and reduces the burden on travelers and screeners will improve the deteriorating travel situation.”

We’re pleased to see that efforts are being made to reduce security delays. To us, these new cases make sense. Not having to remove the laptop from the case means less chance for accidental damage and tampering, an added benefit.

Have laptop, will breeze through security? [USA Today]
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