Everydaydeals Bribes User To Remove Neutral Feedback

Here’s yet another story of an online store bribing customers to remove less-than-stellar feedback.
After receiving two defective “new” headsets and a third one that was missing packaging materials, Lance left EveryDayDeals neutral feedback. EverydayDeals then offered to give Lance a partial refund, but only if he withdrew his non-thumbs-up feedback. Lance’s email, and EveryDayDeals bribe note, inside…

I left neutral feedback after trying to buy a jawbone headset from [EverydayDeals]. The first one I received was “new” but callers could not hear me. The second one they sent me was an obvious refurb and fell apart after charging it (was held together by superglue even) and the third one finally worked but came without the box or any other things that you’d typically find with a “new” item. Quite possibly used. I left a friggin’ neutral after all this BS, and they still want to bribe a feedback withdrawal out of of me.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Erik Faraldo
Date: May 16, 2008 1:25:06 PM CDT
To: *********@charter.net
Subject: Everydaydeals Online
Reply-To: everydaydealsllc@yahoo.com

Hello Mr. ****,

I’m willing to give you a partial refund if you are willing to do the mutual withdrawal process no later than Sunday May 18th 2008. Please contact us for further details.

Everydaydeals, LLC

Sleazy moves like this undermine the ability of consumers to judge retailers based on others’ experiences. If you can’t trust an aggregation of anonymous opinions, who can you trust these days?

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