Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of No Audio

Reader Brenden went to see the new Indiana Jones movie last night, and spent the last 10 minutes of the movie watching it with no audio. Rather than stopping the movie and handing out free passes, the theater just let it play with no sound, then refused to rewind it.

Brenden writes:

I went to see Indian Jones at the Showcase Cinemas in Woburn MA. I won’t comment on the movie, for those who haven’t seen it, but 10 minutes from the end, at the big climax the sound goes out. Totally. The movie is still playing, but now in silent mode. The house lights flicker for a second, then stay off. After a moment of audience murmurs someone comes in the back of the theater and announces “We just lost power for a minute. (there had been a storm going on), we’re going to re-wind it to the point the sound shut off”. That seemed to work for everyone, so we quieted down.

A minute later we started to realize they weren’t shutting off the movie, they just let it play. The longer this went on the more people were talking. They let it play right to the credits, when someone finally got up and asked again. Then they told us they wouldn’t be rewinding it. Luckily there was another theater that started a half hour after our show, so most of us went there, and afterwards lined up at the customer service counter and got a free ticket.. but still.. Come on!

Well, that’s just not how you handle that at all. Boo.

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