This Is What I'm Spending Less On

I decided recently that I’m spending too much money and decided to cut back on some discretionary items. Here are a few things I reduced, or changes I’ve made in my spending habits:

Monthly Reductions
Took off text message packet from cellphone (I only had added it for a now defunct text/cellphone pic heavy project). Savings: $10/month
Cut piano lessons from weekly to bi-weekly.
Savings: $100/month
Reduced Netflix plan from four-at-a-time to two-at-a-time.
Savings: $13/month
Eating out less, cooking more.
Savings: ~$100/month

Fought harder for Commerce Bank fees than I might have normally.
Savings: $45
Had to replace broken cellphone. Opted for cheap model on eBay instead of getting the same semi-nice one.
Savings: $140
Going to hit up WaMu for their one per year courtesy fee waiver.
Savings: $35

One-time savings total: $215
Monthly savings: $223
Yearly savings: $2,891

Going to hold a tag sale this Sunday as well. Have you adjusted your spending habits lately? What are you doing to save more or spend less money?

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