Contact Information For Chase CEOs

Here’s the contact info for the CEOs of major Chase divisions:

Chase Executive Management Hierarchy
Jamie Dimon Chairman & Ceo
Phone: 212-270-1111
Fax : 212-270-1121
E-Mail Address:

Charlie Scharf CEO Retail Financial Services
Phone: 212-270-5447
Fax: 212-270-5448
E-Mail Address:

Gerald A. Smith CEO Credit Card Services
Phone: 302-282-3100
Fax: 302-282-3939
E-Mail Address:

Marc Sheinbaum CEO-Retail Auto and Education Finance
Phone: 516-745-3838
Fax: 516-745-4040
E-Mail Address:

David B. Lowman CEO Home Lending
Phone: 636-735-2121
Fax: 314-256-2800
E-Mail Address:

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  1. unohoo says:

    Thanks!. I have a couple of credit cards with them and have had excellent service to date–including prompt support in a dispute that they found in my favor within a week of my mailing the paperwork–but it’s always good to have this info available.

  2. Boatski says:

    I like their credit card service, but they aren’t willing to lower my 20% apr card >.< I’ve spoke with gerald also.

  3. Streakist says:

    Some guy in India offered to lower my 26% APR by a pathetic 1% even though I have a great credit score and a make good money.

    Thanks for the info Consumerist I let you know if this contact info gets me anywhere.

  4. Ken says:

    Chase is offering me 5.99% APR. I tried to get my other card 7.99% down to that rate and they won’t let me.

    They gave me a combined 62K credit line on those two credit cards.

    I have filed a few disputes, but other than the hassle of filling out a form, they are pretty good.

    Overall they are pretty good.

  5. turi319 says:

    blowman heehee

  6. vancedecker says:

    OMG, wow, whoever did this, is there any way you can post Sprint’s Contact information?

    please…… :)

  7. Chase. LOL! Every morning when i have to drop our store’s deposit off at chase they always hassle me to get a checking account there. And since they won’t stop bugging me, I started bugging them by making them promises that I’ll be back later in the day to open up an account. Then i laugh.

  8. OsbornKaplode says:

    Thanks for the contact Info. I have had pretty good relations with Chase Bank USA, NA. I have 3 chase chase cards 2 of them carrying balances at 2.99%. The third card I disputed a charge on it, Chase sat on the dispute for 4 months and is now trying to make me pay the dispute completely ignoring the FCBA laws that govern them. The have been a nightmare at best. The have been totally arrogant and very uncooperative. They refuse to provide information as the the investigation they never made. Federal law on FTC website states if creditor fails to follow the rules of the law the obligator owes none of the disputed amount. Chase refuses to abide by the law. The regulates national banks, that is where you send a complaint. Google FCBA and FCRA read the brochures. One way to protest is to send a letter stating facts as to why you are not making a payment. Do that on the receipt of the statement, you only have 10 days. Doing this they must tell the credit bureau that you refuse to pay a disputed charge. If they fail to do that they are in violation of the FCRA.

    Hope this helps any of you that are having problems. Well now I have more email and FAXES to send off plus some phone calls, LOL

  9. Anonymous says:

    I need an address to send a letter to cease all calls to my hiome from the collectors at chase credit card… does anyone have one? I am getting 15-25 calls EVERY DAY and Itell them the same thing over and over… I need help making my payments…

  10. KMan13 still wants a Pontiac G8 says:

    using these for an EECB tomorrow for some credit card fees.

    • olderbudwizer says:

      @KMan13 still wants a Pontiac G8: I read they were doing that, so I contacted their Exec Cust Care group. They lowered my APR on existing balance but wouldn’t change it for new purchases. I accepted, but have since escalated this back to ask why I can’t get the lowered APR on new purchases. Wtg for reply, expect it this week.

  11. Anonymous says:

    hey guys — My wife didn’t receive her statement and was charged a 30 dollar late fee for not paying her balance on time. She called customer service twice speaking to a customer service rep and a manager. Neither would do anything to change the fee as it seemed like an honest mistake. She has never been late in the past.

    I was so ticked, I called Gordon in the morning and by the end of the day the charge was reversed! Its amazing how this works. Definitely definitely definitely call these people if you have a legitimate dispute of a charge. It really helps! Thank you consumerist!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Chase recently hiked my payment from $330 to $850 by increasing the payments from 2% to 5%. They refuse to allow me to “opt out” which means we are considering filing bankruptcy as we will never be able to make the increased payment. We have never made a late payment, are not near our limit and we have not added to the debt since making the balance transfers on the account.

  13. Toomad says:

    I am extremely upset with chase! They have policies in place which will allow anyone you have previously set up an automatic payment with to continue to access your account regardless of your request. Unless you pay them to prevent unauthorized access to your account they will continue to allow access even after contacting the involved party and the bank about the matter.

    How does a bank charge you to prevent unauthorized access to your account? They forced me to close my account. I will never bank with chase again. I wish they had folded with the other worthless banks.