Comcast DVR Cuts Off American Idol Results, Sopranos Finale Style

Reader Bill, who sends in this video of what his DVR recorded during last night’s American Idol finale, says:

“Just thought you would like to see for yourself the kind of service Comcast delivers for a $150 a month.”

You know, Bill. This happens to me every time I record football on CBS. (Full disclosure: I don’t have Comcast.) I’m always having to record 60 minutes, too. It used to bug me, but I’m starting to like 60 minutes more and more every year… their consumer reporting is really interesting… I think it’s a deliberate plot.

Anyway, you’re not alone, we found another poor Comcast user whose DVR cut out. And another one. And another one. And it wasn’t just Comcast either…

Personally, as someone who liked the Sopranos finale, I think it’s almost better this way.