Comcast DVR Cuts Off American Idol Results, Sopranos Finale Style

Reader Bill, who sends in this video of what his DVR recorded during last night’s American Idol finale, says:

“Just thought you would like to see for yourself the kind of service Comcast delivers for a $150 a month.”

You know, Bill. This happens to me every time I record football on CBS. (Full disclosure: I don’t have Comcast.) I’m always having to record 60 minutes, too. It used to bug me, but I’m starting to like 60 minutes more and more every year… their consumer reporting is really interesting… I think it’s a deliberate plot.

Anyway, you’re not alone, we found another poor Comcast user whose DVR cut out. And another one. And another one. And it wasn’t just Comcast either…

Personally, as someone who liked the Sopranos finale, I think it’s almost better this way.


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  1. crabbyman6 says:

    I wonder if this is like NBC’s American Gladiators thing where they were using the broadcast flag and for some reason the DVRs recognized it.

  2. billbillbillbill says:

    Thats awesome, My Tivo (got it free so might as well use it) always prompts me when I am recording a live show and asked how much extra time I would like to record. My Dad with Comcast always records the next show when recording sports. Pretty handy most of the time.

  3. Kounji says:

    HAH! Yeah you really need to just record into other shows thats the way to get around that.

  4. OminousG says:

    Its American Idol…I think the DVR service did the right thing.

  5. Mayor McRib says:

    This happened to me too…it was a bit of a downer at the time, but I woke up and was still alive so all is good.

  6. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    @billbillbillbill: Which is part of why people who have Tivo love it.

    Everyone within earshot when I express my love of Tivo looks at me like a Heaven’s Gate cultist, but, those “throwaway” DVRs don’t hold a candle.

  7. Mayor McRib says:

    P.S. Bill, some dude named David won.

  8. tomok97 says:

    It’s a live show that has a 7 season history of running long. That doesn’t make it suck any less, but c’mon…

  9. Sekai says:

    You could just as easily blame Ryan Seacrest for capping 2 hours worth of needless live programming by taking a minute and a half to get 15 words out.

  10. gqcarrick says:

    This happens with every DVR, its set for certain hours, its not programmed to know a show runs 5 mins over. My girlfriend did the same thing, Idol ran 5 mins over and she missed it. She had to call her mom for the results.

  11. Eatmode4life says:

    I recorded the next thing just in case his happened…My wife would have gone nuts!!!

  12. semanticantics says:

    My Comcast DVR lets me alter the recording time to end 1 minute up to 2 hours later than the scheduled end time of a program.

    Learn how to use your DVR.

  13. Anonymous says:

    My Cablevision iO DVR does this to my gf’s Intervention episodes ALL THE TIME. Every episode, no matter what time slot. It has to do with the DVR being set for a specific time and either the show running over time or the channel not being synced up time wise.

  14. Diet-Orange-Soda says:

    I’ve been getting the butt end of *your* American Idol in *my* Hell’s Kitchen. This shit needs to stop now!

  15. Whoa! A woman who watches football? Even more, watches it enough that she DVRs games? Your my new favorite Meg.
    On topic: That sucks Bill, same shit happens to me when I record SNL. (I do have comcrapstic)
    Go Seahawks!

  16. mblackburn says:

    This happened in the Tampabay, FL market for Bright House Networks too. However, most people had the “record all episodes during this time slot” option, which is only slated until 10 or 10:01 or whatever the hour is depending on where you live. The show ran over and therefore it was lost. Next time set a manual recording from say xx:xx to XX:05 to give yourself that run over time.

  17. B says:

    My parents have a Comcast (Motorola) DVR that can be set to record 5 minutes before and after the shows they record. I have a different Comcast (Scientific Atlanta) DVR and I don’t have that option.

  18. tedyc03 says:

    Money says that American Idol ended something like 30 seconds overtime last night…the DVR will cut off if that happens.

  19. B says:

    @Coven: I have that problem with shows recorded on Comedy Central. I’m kinda sick of missing the last 30 seconds of the Colbert Report.

  20. HeartBurnKid says:

    Don’t blame Comcast on this one; blame Fox for screwing up their scheduling. Unfortunately, this is the downside to being a DVR user; occasionally, your DVR is going to cut off the last minute because the networks can’t schedule their shows to start and stop at the proper time.

    If I were an American Idol viewer, and seeing the results was really that important to me, I’d set the recording options to stop recording a few minutes later. Then again, I don’t know if the Comcast DVR can do that; I’m on a Tivo myself.

  21. I’m surprised DVRs don’t just let you specify your own time in some sort of advanced options menu or something. Not that a time specification is advanced or anything…

  22. KRF says:

    I think this is just as much FOX’s fault as Comcast’s – AI has been running over for just about every episode this year. They either need to make the show run on time, or allow for it in their programming.

    However, if I set an ABC show to record, they’ll already know if something is going to run over, and adjust their times accordingly. I’ve grown used to Lost starting at 10:02.

  23. DashTheHand says:

    It happens because the time of the show ran over what was actually scheduled for the DVR to record. I always have to set shows to record manually by placing the time 2-3 minutes over at the beginning and 5 or so minutes over at the end otherwise a bit gets cut off. Its the DVR + guide working against each other, not Comcast just cackling madly.

  24. DashTheHand says:

    @cedarpointfan: They do.

  25. bpotterr says:

    This is hardly Comcast’s fault. I hate them just as much as the next guy, but this would happen with any DVR recording a live show that ran over its scheduled time slot.

  26. B says:

    @tedyc03: I don’t watch AI, but what annoys me is they’re doing it on purpose.

  27. lucky_topher says:

    This happened to me last night as well… “The winner is Davi”…..

    The girlfriend said “i hate your tv, i hate comcast, i hate that box, i hate everything plugged into that wall over there”…

  28. hamsangwich says:

    happened on cablevision too. It’s not their fault, American Idol can’t keep on time. They had to waste too much time on a 20 minute George Michael song…

  29. juri squared says:

    This happened to me last year (with TiVo) so this year I just set it to record an extra half-hour.

  30. ludwigk says:

    Can’t you define a post-pad duration on your DVR? Like always add 3 minutes to the end? Every DVR I’ve worked with can do this.

  31. Smooooth says:

    Actually, same thing happened to me on Time Warner Cable too, so I’d blame FOX.

  32. warf0x0r says:

    I came downstairs from playing games and my gf and her mother were watching this show. I commented on how funny it would be if the dvr cut of the ending… 20 minutes later they were pissed as hell at me. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  33. jdmba says:

    Oh gosh yes – this happens to me ALL the time, and not just on shows where the network decides to end it at 10:02 (which is fairly annoying).

    I find that MOST of the ends of the shows I DVR from Time Warner can be found, instead, at the beginning of the next episode. If I am not ‘taping’ anything after that, I usually have to set the DVR to end “1 minute later”

    It really stinks.

  34. Aaron Pratt says:

    I wish my DVR would let me record only the last 3 minutes of American Idol, whenever that would be. Then I wouldn’t even have to fast forward through the hours worth of fluff to get the results.

  35. AaronZ says:

    David won.

    Now STFU.

    If this was taped on a DVR, and the last 2 minutes was cut off, then by definition the show was over and the results were on every internet news site on the web. Take 30 seconds and google it. Don’t piss to Consumerist.

    Oh, and Consumerist, boo on you for running this. You did it not because it was a real story, but because “comcast” was in the title.

    Sometimes you’re just as much of a media whore as the companies you try to knock.

    Last week my Tivo cut off the coming attractions to next week’s Lost. Post that as a story.

  36. B says:

    @KRF: Fox is doing it on purpose so you’ll watch AI live instead of recording it and watching it later (and skipping the ads)

  37. rdm says:

    Just like a VCR would have done 10 years ago if you didn’t let it run long.

  38. MeOhMy says:

    Don’t think this was Comcast, looks like the show ran over. Most DVRs let you pad the beginning and the end.

    @Meg Marco: YES! I have complained about CBS’s absurd broadcast practices when it comes to football! They only allot 3 hours in the schedule and instead of pre-empting 60 Minutes (don’t want to alienate the senior crowd, I guess…I thought 60 Minutes was just the dinner break between the 4:00 game and the 8:00 game. I think last season there was only TWO weeks where football did not run over and cascade through the entire schedule. I always have to record Cold Case to make sure I get all of Amazing Race, but of course in reality Cold Case runs opposite Desperate Housewives and Family Guy/American Dad so because of CBS’s ridiculous behavior, while Amazing Race runs, I have to give up American Dad and Family Guy in order to preserve the sanctity of my marriage. MAKES ME SO MAD TO START WATCHING MY RECORDING OF THE AMAZING RACE AND GET A BIG FACEFUL OF ANDY ROONEY! Actually I kinda like Andy Rooney, but when I see Rooney, I know everything is screwed up….AGAIN.

    Sorry…sore spot for me.

  39. dlynch says:

    this is a non-story. just because the user didn’t set his DVR to record correctly doesn’t mean there is some sort of conspiracy.

  40. Buran says:

    So this guy doesn’t set his recording to run a few minutes later, and whines about it? It’s called AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL.

    My TiVo would cut off the end of a show regularly. I fixed it by adding an extra minute to the end of the recording. I didn’t whine to “consumer affairs” websites. How is that a consumer problem? It was mine for not doing something about it — until I did something about it.

  41. Buran says:

    @Troy F.: I like Cold Case and hate football. I don’t want that crap cluttering up my detective stories.

    Moral: someone’s gonna be unhappy no matter what.

    Isn’t this sort of thing why we have dedicated sports channels!?

  42. egosub2 says:

    Bill also reported that watching American Idol has made him “deeply, profoundly, and permanently lame.”

    Said Bill, “I can’t believe Comcast airs this drek. Don’t they know I’m enough of a toolbag to watch it, religiously? Now, thanks to Comcast, I’m about as cool as Paula is lucid.”

  43. jasezero says:

    Quit your whining and learn how to use your DVR. Seriously?? American F’ing IDOL??? And this is making the main page!!! This is just sad.

  44. chrisfromnl says:

    Which David won?

  45. sondhead says:


    Look at the last screen. The recording was 2 hours. That DVR recorded everything it was supposed to. That is Idol’s fault, not Comcast’s.

  46. BoomerFive says:

    The tall one

  47. MeOhMy says:

    @Buran: I’m sorry that you like Cold Case ( :-) ) but you and I are unhappy for the same reason – CBS needs to either just allot more time for football and start primetime programming a little later (it’s not like in the unlikely circumstance football runs less than 3.5 hrs they can’t fill the spot with highlights, analysis, CSI reruns and other mindless banter). Seems like everyone would be happy, even the remaining 400 bluehairs that actually watch 60 Minutes. Win win win!

  48. mayrc87 says:

    I have RCN and it happened to me too.
    Last season I had time warner cable and it also happened.
    I think is FOX faulty for passing the 10pm time slot.

  49. AceKicker says:

    I don’t care about American Idol, but my friend does and she recorded it while the rest of us watched a DVD. We both have Comcast. She goes and checks the result,

    “And the winner of American Idol Season 7 is…”


    That was worth a hearty gut laugh.

  50. wickedpixel says:

    my favorite is how the allotted broadcast time for a major league baseball game is an hour and a half. if i don’t remember to override the recording time on my DVR the game gets cut off in the 6th.

  51. dotcomrade says:

    Hey Meg,

    Off topic: If you like 60 Minutes, you’ll get a kick out of this video (Safe for work)

    The problem is not limited to Comcast-I have Cablevision and my DVR routinely cuts off the last minute or two of most everything I record. For the “Season Pass” programs, (I’m a former TIVO user) such as The Colbert Report, I have to schedule a manual recording to add extra minutes. And that doesn’t always work because you end up with recording conflicts-you cannot record more than two shows at any one time.

  52. evslin says:

    It wouldn’t have been any different if you set a VCR to stop recording at 10:00. That’s not Comcast’s fault, or your DVR’s fault, or anybody else’s fault but your own.

    ALWAYS extend your recording times by 5-15 minutes, just to play it safe.

  53. lowercase says:

    I agree that this is a complete non-story- an increasing phenomenon here, which is starting to impact how often I come by.

    The original submitter is probably one of those who won’t let anyone talk about last week’s episodes of shows for like 6 days until he catches up.

  54. mrbluejello says:

    My TiVo Series 3 experience was actually WORSE. I was in shock when this happened. Very similar situation, except Seacrest actually got to the part where he was saying the name of the winner, and it cut off immediately after he said the name “David” (immediatly before saying the last name!).

    It was a serious cliffhanger!

    Good thing CNN had an article up about the winner…

  55. basket548 says:

    But won’t someone please explain why this happened? I mean, why would a DVR not record an entire show? I wish several different posters would explain this issue.

  56. stacye says:

    I don’t have a Comcast DVR, but I do have TiVO, and it has this neat little feature that allows you to stop the recording later than the program. We stop football, live tv show, or anything we are super interested in catching the ending on, anywhere from 15 minutes – 2 hours AFTER the recording is supposed to stop.

    @dotcomrade: I have to do that for the Report, also. But TiVO has made it so that the other shows record – they just start late.

  57. rhsim747 says:

    I’m no fan of Comcast but as others have said this is not their issue. At worst they need to provide better instructions with their DVRs… Even before I figured out that I could extend the recording time I knew that I had to record whatever was on after live events just in case.

  58. krom says:

    Hey kids… If it doesn’t *say* TiVo, it’s *not* TiVo.

  59. krom says:

    @basket548: Because the show ran over the time slot, I guess. Or a case of the Comcast-owned DVR being set to the incorrect time (no doubt by Comcast).

  60. BigElectricCat says:

    @mblackburn: “Next time set a manual recording from say xx:xx to XX:05 to give yourself that run over time.”

    Agree. This is especially critical in Hawaii, where I used to live. The TV stations out there insert extra commercials into prime-time programming (they have to tape-delay everything because there’s no live Hawaiian network feed), so the 10 o’clock local news usually doesn’t come on until around 10:07 PM.

    If you don’t account for it, you miss the last few minutes of your show. Locals learn to make allowances for that kind of thing.

  61. midwestkel says:

    1) Who cares, it American Idol.
    2) The DVR records based on the shows schedule, its not Comcast’s fault that it ran over the aloted time.
    3) You can change it manually to record 5 minutes before and after, thats what I did.
    4) Because of American Idol they decided to cut some of Two and a Half Men, and that sucked because I have only see that episode 4 times all the way through.
    5) Every news show was playing the clip over and over.
    6) It is all over the internet.

    Nuff said…

  62. SuffolkHouse says:

    Anyone else remember when Perry picked up the fumble against the Detriot Lions and was running for a defensive touchdown when the news broke in to tell us Reagan walked away from negotiations in Rejkevik?

  63. DreamWalker81 says:

    my Charter DVR did the same exact thing pissed me off

  64. Landru says:

    My Dish Network did the same thing.

  65. pianos101 says:

    @basket548: Doesn’t look like anyone really “answered” what happened here…. Every cable box that has a guide in it (comcast, tw, cablevision, dtv, dish, verizon, cablevision, etc…) gets the guide data from a THIRD-PARTY. In the case of tivo, they get the data from Tribune Media. For some reason Tribune’s data is much better than everyone else’s, thus why tivo’s are usually correct. However, AI was only SCHEDULED from 8-10pm. The guide data cannot be changed on the fly because “whoops! we’re going over!!!” You just have to “know” what shows might go over (sports, live tv, etc) and pad the dvr for it. The DVR DID record the whole entire show; what it thought was the entire show wasn’t actually, but it did record the entire show. This is not (insert cable co.’s name here) fault. It’s a combination of the networks, the guide data providers, and users who don’t know that AI will not last for only 2 hours…

  66. jjeeff says:

    Comcast is not at fault!

  67. mantari says:


    “The winner of …. is…. David [STOPPED]

    Right in between the first and last name. You don’t know which David won. The suspense and upset at that point was amazing.

  68. jeblis says:


    My tivo did that too!
    Had to go look it up on the web.

  69. marsneedsrabbits says:

    If it helps, the guy with the bad haircut won.

    /Didn’t watch it.

    //Comcast is awful.

  70. Ayo says:


    Ha, I agree with Kounji… But its not Comcast’s fault you didn’t tell the device to record a few minutes over for a LIVE television broadcast. Get mad at American Idol for running the show longer and not managing their time well.

  71. Buran says:

    @Troy F.: Or use the sports channels for sports and the channel for everything else for everything else.

  72. Uriel says:

    yeah, I hate to say it, but I don;t think Comcast is at fault here. I’m sure that their DVR can only record a show for its allotted time-slot, so cut-offs are fairly common for live-shows, or shows that ran long. of course, you can always manually set your DVR to record for an extra X amount of minutes. If American Idol usually runs from 9-10pm Est, set it to record to something like 10:10PM. Even when it does end reasonably, it usually cuts off the ending song, or the “NEXT TIME!” clip.

  73. RagingTowers says:

    That’s what you get for watching American Idol

  74. It is quite simple to set your DVR to run longer. Any live show should probably be set to run an extra few minutes just in case.

  75. chrisexv6 says:

    Had nothing to do with the DVR, everything to do with the fact they couldnt fit everything into 2 hours. I mean come on, it takes a whole bunch of time to announce a winner out of 2 remaining people.

    FOX should be shot for keeping the show on the air, much less dragging it out into 42 episodes, making 1 and 2 hour episodes out of 3 or 4 remaining contestants and pre-empting actual good shows like House.

  76. justinleon says:

    @RagingTowers: Exactly! American Idol sucks.

    Its one of the main reasons why the music industry is in the shitter.

    Good job CommmunistCast!

  77. rioja951 - Why, oh why must I be assigned to the vehicle maintenance when my specialty is demolitions? says:

    If that was my DVR it would be entombed with all the nuclear waste. I consider American Idol and such shows as waste of my valuable time and money.
    Then again, It’s not mine and you have your show preference.

    In any case, any live show I record is always set to record at least 15 minutes more than what would be the exact finish time. Anybody with a DVR does this with sports.

  78. KD17 says:

    I hate it when shows that are not live run past their scheduled time. It doesn’t seem as bad now but I know a season or two ago on Lost the comcast guide would say 8-9pm but actually run to 9:01 or :02. That annoys me. It seems you see more shows with accurate times now. Still when it happens it’s very annoying.

  79. pgh9fan says:

    I would think cutting off American Idol would make people like Comcast a lot more. I mean, really. It’s freakin’ American Idol.

  80. rbcat says:

    My wife said our living room TiVo did the same thing. “winner is…. David–*bong*”

  81. Me - now with more humidity says:

    The show didn’t finish until 3 minutes after the hour. No big mystery here, folks.

  82. KashmirKong says:

    His DVR was getting payback for making it record American Idol.

  83. meadandale says:

    My Cox DVR did the exact same thing but it made it about 3 seconds farther into the broadcast where Ryan said, “The winner is David…” and then it cut off.

    The problems for this lie mostly with the broadcasters running over (either occasionally or habitually–on purpose just to screw with DVR users) their time slot.

  84. emt888 says:

    This is why I resisted joining the 21st century for so long. With my VCR I could set the time I wanted and I always set it a few minutes later than when the show was supposed to end.

  85. ageekymom says:

    My Comcast box is 2 minutes behind real time. It drives my son crazy when South Park recordings end just before the show ends.

  86. quagmire0 says:

    I’ve got Dish. We saw the results, but missed the final performance. So it’s most likely Fox’s fault for going over.

  87. irfan says:

    @emt888: thats a shame you think you cant do that in the 21st century with DVRs.

  88. Blame the network, not Comcast. My DVR always cuts off the last few seconds of The Soup on Fridays. Do I complain about Cablevision? Nope. It’s E! that’s to blame.

    I’ve actually tried to add a couple minutes to the recording time at the end, but it never takes. Haven’t really been determined enough to find out why. It’s not like it’s Lost or Reaper or something like that.

    Honestly, if you’re DVRing American Idol, you’ve got a whole bunch of problems apart from Comcast anyway…

  89. kyle4 says:

    I don’t get this post. The show ran over it’s time limit, hence the PVR not picking it up. Why is the guy whining about Comcast service? I always set it for about five minutes after a show just to be safe, as this has happened numerous times with my Rogers PVR. It’s the show going over the limit, not Comcast.

  90. Not Alvis says:

    Even my Dish 7100 DVR from 1999 can extend recordings slightly past the scheduled time.

  91. Lambasted says:

    I really hope you are an elderly 70 year old to excuse you not figuring this out for yourself. Then again, if you are this mad over American Idol something tells me age is not the problem here.

    Quit your whining. Most shows are off schedule by a minute or two nowadays. Either pad your recording time or cross your fingers. Sheesh, why is this so hard to figure out? This problem isn’t new. I’ve been padding my recording times since my VCR days when I manually set up recording times.

    Padding can cause a timing overlap problem if you want to record something else on a different channel that begins before the overlap ends. I can record up to two channels at the same time so usually the overlap isn’t a problem for me.

    You want real recording headaches try recording during football season. Everything is always off schedule. I end up having to record the entire evening line-up till about midnight just to make sure I get everything.

  92. ShadowFalls says:

    My Brighthouse DVR has the same interface, probably from Scientific Atlanta as well. I just set it to record 2 minutes before it starts and 2 minutes after. You can configure this easily, you would have thought this person would have figured it out by now.

  93. nadmonk says:

    Yet again, by Time Warner box did the same thing. Also a Scientific Altantic. Really they couldn’t have planned an edit that good. I half expected to see a message pop up saying that if you wanted to see the results, get out your credit card and go to

  94. majortom1029 says:

    ugh . It ran late thats why it cut it off. No reason to bash comcast . for something like this ALWAYS manually program it.

  95. psuchad says:

    I just don’t understand how a two hour show of filler can go long.

  96. ElizabethD says:

    Way before anyone could record from their TVs…. Am I the only one here old enough to remember “the Heidi game”? Talk about a broadcasting fiasco!

  97. IrisMR says:

    I guess this has to do something with shows sometimes lasting more than the usual time. For instance, sometimes a show ends at 10:02.

  98. tortcat says:

    Yes not a comcast issue..its the show itself that ran long. To avoid you shoudl always set up a manual recording and add 10-15 mins or more on critical shows…( Id add an hour to sports game to be sure you get the whole game)

  99. blkhrt1 says:

    DVRs are only as smart as the person who programs it to record :D

  100. bravo369 says:

    people watch american idol? must be other parts of the country because i do not know a single person in the tristate area that watches that or Survivor.

  101. nazgul00 says:

    My VZ motorola box cut off early, too. looks like show ran over. I’ve learned to record the next program (or 2) when I noticed that Versus never allowed enough time for an NHL playoff game. My daughter asked why I recorded Professional Bullriding! Game 2 or 3 of the Flyers/Pens series went 45 minutes longer than the VS timeslot.

  102. theblackdog says:

    You actually used the Tragic tag for this?

    This is why I don’t miss cable.

  103. Lambasted says:

    @bravo369: Survivor is getting a bit old but it still holds my attention. But I don’t watch the gimmick seasons like when they had teams divided by race competing against each other. Talk about stooping low for ratings. It was disgraceful and I refused to watch it. I also hate all-star seasons when they bring back the supposed popular people. Yuck. Seeing them once is enough for me.

    The Amazing Race remains my favorite. Love that show. CBS was a fool to put it up against Sunday Night Football.

  104. Balisong says:

    @B: That is EXACTLY what I was going to say! These things always made me miss the moment of zen and Colbert saying goodnight.

  105. gmss0205 says:

    This is not Comcast’s fault. The DVR will record the show for the time that it is scheduled for. It is a machine. It doesn’t “know” that a live show is going to go long. This is the subscribers fault for not programming his DVR to record an extra few minues. If a baseball game is “scheduled” to be on from 7:30 until 10:30 and the game goes to extra innings and doesn’t end until 11 is it the cable company’s fault that it went long. Come on! This isn’t even a story. It is just a stupid reader who is complaining.

  106. This isn’t about Comcast. The show ran over. Anyone who didn’t account for that possibility in their recording preferences had their recording cut off.

  107. also: []

  108. Justin42 says:

    Why is everyone blaming Fox? They provided a show jam packed with entertainment– so much so that it ran over because they just couldn’t fit all of the stuff they had to show. I mean, there was … that.. erm, ad for that movie… oh, and there was that really cool time when .. uh… that guy came out and sang… and then there was when George Michael sang for 3 hours… and… erm… Ryan Seacrest!

    Seriously, though, this is NOT a story. I don’t know why AI doesn’t just get scheduled to run long like every other show on TV (i.e., Lost always shows up on my DVR as running 10:02-11:00, or 10:00-11:01, etc), maybe Fox doesn’t want to mess with local affiliates? But blaming Comcast is like blaming American Airlines when you’re snowed in at the airport and no flights can get out. There are plenty of legitimate things to complain about with these companies and fluff pieces like this dilute that message.

  109. stre says:

    wow, welcome to the conversation. this has been an issue since DVRs were invented. if the show says 8-9, they record 8-9. if the show goes over because someone thought it would be cool to add 2 minutes, then you’re SOL. this is why the Comcast DVR has the option of recording as much as 15 minutes into the next show or the show before what you want to watch. mark it down: stupid consumer.

  110. jbohanon says:

    The exact same thing happened last year. Sure the cable companies are retarded to not allow flexibility here, but it’s mostly Idol’s fault. It really makes you wonder if we needed to see Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr singing with a vintage Gladys Knight.

  111. Channing says:

    I blame it on Seacrest.

  112. Kat says:

    A friend of mine has a Comcast DVR. Instead of just blindly hitting the “record” button, she goes down to “view the settings for this recording” and sets it to start a few minutes early and stop a few minutes late. It works.

  113. Larr1mus says:

    This is clearly a result of the broadcast from Fox running past the normal time the show would end. The DVRs offered by Comcast actually allow you to record over the scheduled time (1 minute to 2 hours after) so you can avoid issues such as this. As a rule of thumb it is best to set any type of recording for a live show, a finale or sports event to go at least 15 minutes over (maybe more for a sports event). By default a DVR records by what the time on the guide shows. It does not have the ability to know if a show or event is going to go beyond that. Just like any device, it is best to read the manual before using it. If ever needed you can see most of Comcast’s manuals here –> [] (DVR guides are on the left)

  114. basket548 says:


    WAAY after the fact, but I was being completely sarcastic. There’s like 10 explanations of what happened.

  115. SJActress says:

    My TiVo was worse than that…it got ALL THE WAY TO THE WORD DAVID, and then it was done recording.

    Not really a big deal–I only watch the last minute of each show anyway, but man!

  116. Smashville says:

    This is serious blame the messenger. How is it Comcast’s fault that a show ran long?

  117. radiochief says:

    Could this just be one of those off time issues? Some shows do the ‘super-sized’ (9:00-10:15) or the ‘off-sized’ (9:00-10:02) shows?

    This was a big reason why I got rid off all my DVR/PVR setups… It’s just easier now to use T.E.D. …

  118. speer320 says:

    Umm has anyone thought its maybe Fox’s/American Idols fault for running it over the 2 hours?

  119. Alan Thomas says:


    I have two TiVos. I signed up for Season Passes for AI, so it never asked me to extend the recording time.

    My old TV upstairs cut out right after the word “Cook” in the finale.

    My shiny new Series 3 HD TiVo cut out right after the word “David” and before “cook”.

    TiVo isn’t magic, folks.