How to Negotiate a Better Deal on a Home

It’s not new news that in most U.S. cities it’s a buyer’s market in real estate. But even though buyers are very likely to get a great home purchase versus even just two years ago, there are a few simple steps they can take to get an even better deal. Smart Money suggests the following as steps to paying as little as possible:

  • Assess the seller’s situation
  • Research comparable homes
  • Find out how long the home’s been for sale
  • Request other financial incentives
  • Take a different tack with new construction

Sure, sellers can still rebuff a decent offer even if these steps are followed, but coming armed with the facts makes it much harder for them to do so. Furthermore, with so many similar properties on the market as competition, most sellers will be at the mercy of a well-educated buyer.

5 Ways to Negotiate a Better Deal on a Home [Smart Money]


(Photo: improbcat)

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