IHOP Serves You Nasty-Tasting Blueberry Pancakes

Reader Loren decided to get her midnight breakfast on with some pancakes at IHOP, but when she got home something tasted a bit off. She looked down and to her disgust, discovered what she thought to be a large area of mold engulfing the blueberries on the pancakes. Her letter and the not-safe-for-breakfast pictures, inside…

Dear Consumerist,

About two weeks ago I went to IHOP with a couple of friends. The place was 3/4 full, but the waiters were very laid back and entertaining. When the waiter took our groups order, I ordered the double blueberry pancakes.

After about ten minutes the waiter served everyone their food, except mine. I thought maybe my pancakes might be taking longer (but why would they?), but after a ten minutes of waiting the waiter told me he had forgotten to put in my order (all of my friends were on different tickets). He was overly sorry for forgetting my order and I had told him it was alright. My friends had almost finished eating and I was still hungry so I ordered the pancakes to go.

About 10 minutes later I got my pancakes to go. They looked really good and hot. I departed from the group of friends to go enjoy my pancakes. I was sitting at home beginning to cut the pancakes. I started eating and after a few bites I noticed a really rank taste. I looked down at my pancakes and the blueberries in the pancakes were moldy. Not just a little moldy, they were sitting-for-hours-under-a-humid-heat-lamp moldy. I had first thought the blueberries had just faded the pancakes an odd blue green, but the taste was so nasty.

I was so angry about my pancakes. IHOP forgot my order and then gave me a moldy one to go. I would have thrown a fit, but by the time this was all said and done it was 2:00am (it has kinda been a tradition to go out late and eat with the friends during the weekend). I can’t believe IHOP would serve me moldy pancakes, they had to know they were moldy before giving them to me. UNBELIEVABLE!

I’m questioning if I will ever go back.

I can still taste them,

Boise, Idaho

IHOP was in Boise on Eagle and Fairview.

You know what, those are exactly how blueberry pancakes are supposed to look. The taste you experienced might have been caused by some other defect. Someone in the comments suggested rogue buttermilk could be the culprit.

However, if you want to send a complaint to IHOP via the web you can use this web page. Additionally, you can use this contact info: IHOP Corp. 450 N. Brand Blvd. Glendale, CA 91203-4415 Tel: 818-240-6055 Fax: 818-637-3131. On the bright side, we’re confident that your blueberry pancake breakfast will soon become self-aware so that you can keep it as gross, gooey pet.

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