Fuel Prices Force Southern Skyways To Abandon Flights

Brian writes in to let us know that Southern Skyways has fallen partially victim to soaring fuel costs:

It seems the fuel prices are about to consume another airline. We are taking our daughter to Disney in June, the first time for any of us. We booked 3 round-trip tickets on Southern Skyways back in March for our trip.

I started getting very nervous when a few airlines went bust out West, then I really started to sweat when SkyBus went SkyBust, but I had started to get a little more comfortable as of late. I guess I should have known, as today I received this e-mail from Southern Skyways “Customer Service” explaining that they no longer intend to serve me as a customer.

Here’s the email Brian received from Southern Skyways:

Dear Southern Skyways passenger:

Everyone is very aware of the constant rise in the price of fuel. Oil is now over $125 a barrel and aviation fuel is over $4 per gallon and increasing every day. Given the rise in fuel prices Southern Skyways will be unable to operate flights from/to either Charleston, WV or Orlando-Sanford, FL this summer.

We fully understand that this is an inconvenience in your travel plans and that other arrangements will be needed for travel to Orlando from Charleston or to Charleston from Orlando. We recommend that you contact Allegiant Air for which has service at the Huntington Airport.There fares are competitive with ours. While a short drive is required, Allegiant Air’s schedule operates flights on many of the same days you were scheduled to travel. Seats are available, but limited, on most flights and you should be able to find a suitable schedule for your trip.

You may check schedules for flights online at http://www.allegiantair.com.

Southern Skyways will automatically process a full refund which will be credited to your account. This process normally takes up to one week for the credit to appear. All passenger funds are held in an escrow account for your protection in accordance with federal regulations so you can be certain of a refund.

Again we apologize for this necessary action. The price of fuel has exceeded all expectations not only for us in the airline industry but for everyone at the gas pump everywhere. Your patronage is appreciated.

Southern Skyways
Customer Service

Brian adds,

I’m at least in the good fortune to have almost a month to plan alternative transportation, but what about those who were getting ready to leave? These people advertised and touted their low fares and direct flights to Orlando since the beginning of the year trying to attract customers away from the larger airports, and now they are hanging all those passengers out to dry.

Another airline headed for the inevitable. So sad.

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