Burger King To Offer Huge Burger Meant To Feed 6 People?

Continuing our occasional coverage of strange foods that US companies offer in other parts of the world (Cucumber Pepsi? Strawberry Cheetos?) meet the “coming soon” Burger King 6-pack.

UK business site Brand Republic says:

The 6 Pack, which costs £4.49 on its own or £5.69 as part of a meal, comprises one big Aberdeen Angus patty inside six rolls, stuck together to allow consumers to tear off portions. In one pair of rolls the burger is topped with ketchup, the second has a cheese topping, and the third bacon and cheese.

Supposedly, this item is going to help BK compete with “pizza.” Why not just offer 6 little burgers? Who wants to tear apart a giant patty? Can this be real? Our head hurts. Would you eat this?

Burger King launches a burger for six to share [Brand Republic]

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