Why Is CVS Selling Year-Old Expired Eye Ointment?

Raghu wants to know why CVS sold her a bottle of Tears Naturale PM that expired last year. We’re all for pushing expiration dates, but not with year-old preservative-free medicine that is meant to stay in your eye overnight.

Raghu writes:

I just came home and checked the expiration date on the Tears Naturale PM, Lubricant eye ointment.

To my surprise, it expired on May 2007 . Well, today is May 16, 2008..

WTF, this stuff goes into the EYES the whole night…

We wouldn’t worry. Our father used to give us expired medicine all the time. Six of our seven doctors now say we’re just fine!

CVS – Sold me an eye ointment one year after expiration.. [Sunday Afternoon Projects]

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