Your New, Sealed Copy Of GTA4 Contains "Boyz N Da Hood" Disc

Some scammer out there has a sense of humor (and a shrink wrap machine), because when Greg opened his apparently “new” copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, he found a used copy of “Boys N Da Hood.”

It’s sort of old news by now, but I had pre ordered Grand Theft Auto 4 (for Xbox 360) and left a $8 deposit well over a year ago at the GameStop in Hicksville NY. When I arrived at the store on Thursday 5/1/08, just 2 days after the release of the game (4/29/08), I was told that they were sold out of the game. “But I reserved a copy.” I said. I was told by the goofy teenage employee that “It is GameStop policy to only hold reserved games for 48 hours.” So I immediately went into “Where is your manager mode”. After explaining that his manager wouldn’t be in for another another hour, the employee got nervous and after what can only be described as divine intervention, found “the last copy” of the game under the counter. I said great, thanked him and left with my game.

When I opened the package minutes later, untampered security seal and all, I found that the original game was replaced with a used and worn gangster rap CD. (see image attached). I quickly brought it back to the store, and after the kid giddily took a few pics with his camera phone (“Dude, holy shit, I’ve never seen anything like that.”), I was told again that I had received the last copy of the game and that he was in no position to issue me a refund. If I hadn’t foreseen this becoming a huge pain in my ass, I would had thought it was pretty damn funny – my friends certainly did! Boyz N Da Hood, really?

Now a LONG story made somewhat shorter – I made several phone calls to Take 2 Interactive, the manufacturer of the game, while I waited for the GameStop manager to arrive. While dealing with Take 2 I was given a 2 hour royal runaround, however almost everyone I spoke to had a very pleasant British accent. After speaking with everyone from the shipping department to a frustrated Scotsman in the Technical Support department, I realized this could only end with an abrupt and unsatisfying dead end. Eventually I gathered that I would have to take it up with the retailer.

After speaking with the store manager, who was no help, he told me I need to take it up with the manufacturer. Already tried that! I asked for his corporate number and his district manager’s phone number as well. I tried the corporate number first where I was told that they could do nothing for me, and I would have to get in touch with the DM. After leaving a few messages with the District Manger over several days, I finally got a hold of him. I have to say, when I did finally get a hold of him he was begrudgingly willing to get me a new copy of the game. Can’t say that he believed my story at all, but none the less I was happily carjacking on my TV later that night!

Thanks for your time, hope this is useful for your site, which I love!

Oh, we love you too, Greg. We have to say that the District Manager of that Game Stop is a nice guy. It’s always good to hear about these stories getting resolved without anyone crying and pulling their hair out.

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