The Florida AG is fining Verizon up to $6.5 million for what he says is the telephone company’s willful violation of service laws, in particular, taking too long to repair customer’s landlines. [The Tampa Tribune]


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  1. Nighthawke says:

    Now that is your Goverment at work. 6.5 mill maybe chickenfeed to a megacorp like verizon, but it does send a clear message that their sloppiness is not going to be overlooked. Telephone lines are regulated items, meaning the telcom has to obey whatever rules the state PUC lays down regarding them. This ranges from how much they can charge for the service, to the quality of service. The latter verizon dropped the ball on and Florida dropped the hammer on them for it.

  2. Remind me to give the first Verizon guy I see within 1 kilometer of my house an earful. For some reason, I see FiOS lines all over the place. The guys ONE block up have FiOS. But do we? No…

  3. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    Hey, looks like someone found out you can generate revenue via methods other than speed traps & traffic cameras.

  4. boss_lady says:

    @Papa Midnight: Well, fiber would actually have to be run to where you are for you to get it. If they are run to the people a block from you, that may be as far as it goes right now. If fiber is availabe to others in your area, eventually it will be available to you, too. It’s not as though a Verizon field tech has any say where fiber is going to be buried/ran next, so I suggest NOT giving him/her an earful unless you want them to screw around with your phone service, etc. on purpose.

  5. and this is how you, as a customer, get back at verizon: []
    (i think this is the same guy who draws the XKCD comics)

  6. u1itn0w2day says:

    Since the union seems to advocating action my guess is Verizon is laying off and cutting back hours or overtime let alone not budgeting for copper wire land line.

    I’ve seen speculation here and else where that they ‘want’ to push FIOS.They’re probably using the FIOS related work as an excuse.Since FIOS is probably considered an optional service and not plain old telephone service(POTS line) it would be subject to less regulation including billing/revenue.

    With fiber much of the power cost for dailtone would be shifted to the consumer and fiber can tolerate more water than copper=less maintenance/less employees to provide maintenance.

    Many of the baby bells formed after the break up in 1980s still think like a monopoly-do what they want.I’ve heard stories that to this very day pre break-up employees haven’t gotten over the break-up;the company feels entitled to the revenue and the employees/union feel entitled to the work.In this case I think the company doesnt’ want to pay the union/employees to do the work and yet doesn’t want to sell off the landline there and else where because that old plant still leaves them prepositioned for FIOS/related revenues.

    This “they’ll just have to wait attitude” comes from their days as a monopoly.