What's The First Thing That Pops Into Your Head When You Think Of Dell? Or Sprint?

Companies spend a lot of money on marketing, but ultimately, a brand is what people think it is. Meet Brandtags.net — a site where you can tag brands with one word or phrase that best represents how you feel when you see their logo. It seems that Dell has its work cut out for it–some of the top tags people are using for that brand include:

Old and

…and then of course Comcast:
Bad Service
Broken Bullshit
TV and

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Sprint?

BrandTags [via BuzzFeed ]


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  1. Kajj says:

    “No Signal”

  2. missdona says:


  3. highmodulus says:


    Given the money woes, T-mobile takeover interest, big lay-offs, customer losses ect, my first thought (as a 3 year+ customer) is bankruptcy. Not if, but when. I think they killed the company with the Nextel merger (killed both of them actually).

    Seeing I am in glorious month to month status I can leave at any time. 3G iPhone will probably be the catalyst.

  4. milk says:

    Brand new qwerty phone that I got Tuesday. I’ve been a customer of theirs for seven years and never had a problem. I guess I’m just lucky.

  5. Toof_75_75 says:


  6. dtmoore says:

    “I have a better cheaper phone plan than any of you sprint hating suckers.”

    (SERO rocks)

  7. Pro-Pain says:

    @highmodulus: You’re going to go to AT&T just for a phone? Good luck with that buddy. Three words – You’ll be sorry…

  8. Caroofikus says:


  9. chrispiss says:

    Sprint: needle

    Dell: cheap

  10. Pro-Pain says:

    @dtmoore: Ditto, totally ditto. We listen to people bitch about Sprint while we write our $35 a month checks to Sprint for great cell service. Some people are just dumb man.

  11. Trai_Dep says:

    Dell: Battered Spouse Syndrome.
    Well, three words.

  12. Fatty Shcock says:


  13. Dell: Dude, you’re getting a cell(after the Dell dude got busted for pot)

    Sprint: That creepy trench coat guy.

  14. Parting says:

    @Trai_Dep: Actually, all my Dell’s worked pretty much well. In the same time, I don’t expect as much of it as of Mac. It’s just : you get what you pay for. I get cheap computers/laptops, and when I’m tired of them, I just get a new one.

  15. Sasquatch says:


  16. Ninjanice says:

    I used to work for Sprint. I left because they treated their customers horribly and wanted me to do the same. I couldn’t lie to people, add stuff to their account without their authorization, sell too many lines of service to people that I knew couldn’t afford it, tell people they had to go through insurance for their malfunctioning phone (even though it was still under warranty), or any of the other things they wanted us to do. I said it would bite them in the asses and I guess it is!

  17. savvy9999 says:

    I hear Dell, I think of “Austin”
    I hear Sprint, I think of “Mistake”

  18. FLEB says:

    I’d love to see a game made out of this– just present the tags (weighted as shown) and try to guess the brand (multiple choice, most likely).

  19. B says:

    Dell: Hell
    Sprint: At least it’s not Verizon.

  20. weakdome says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that one of Dell’s tags is “India”

  21. Buran says:

    Shitty service.

  22. SlappySquirrel says:

    I loved the person who tagged Red Lobster with “Zoidberg!”

    Much geeky joy.

  23. rougebob says:

    Cheap… sero here as well :)

  24. graymulligan says:

    Dell: please hold while I transfer you…again
    Sprint: Pin drop. I still remember those commercials

    @ Weakdome: I laughed at that as well.

  25. jgb11 says:

    Sprint has the following business plan, Step 1: Hire some moron for obscene amounts of money to continue to run the company into the ground. Step 2: Pay said idiot even more money to, for the love of god, go away. Step 3: Fire as many employees as needed to cover it. Step 4: Repeat.

  26. simplegreen says:

    a lot of these sentiments go to describe crappy tag site as well..

  27. Starfury says:

    Dell: Crap
    Comcast: Slow/expensive
    Sprint: Don’t care

  28. Love SERO I challenge anyone to find a better deal. I’VE only had one billing problem with them which took one call to fix. They also have me enough credits to get about 3 months free. I don’t understand the have. My family and friends use sprint no major complaints

  29. SOhp101 says:

    Bad, but cheap.

  30. weakdome says:

    ooo… and you can search companies by tag – that’s nifty. I love that nearly every company on the list is “crap”

    I love Hilton Hotels’ results:

  31. sp00nix says:

    “Can you hear-…. hello? Crap.

  32. chrylis says:

    I’ve actually had almost uniformly good service with Sprint and am a satisfied customer. (I have had to slap their hands for trying to extend my contract without my approval, but they didn’t try to contradict me.)

    For Dell, I’m sure that they’d prefer this to some of the other tags, but my first association is and for a long time will be: Dude!

  33. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    First thing that pops into my head..

    Dell: stackable coupons
    Sprint: who uses Sprint?

  34. Sprint: Gets off to a fast start, pulls up lame.

  35. Coelacanth says:


    Actually, ditto that for Dell as well.

    Maybe I’m just accustomed to horrible customer service, which is likely the case, but I’ve been with Sprint for 5 years, and in the odd instance they’ve screwed up my bill, they fixed the issue promptly.

    As for my Dell, it’s worked pretty reliably, and I got an excellent deal for the features. When my A/C adapter crapped out, they sent out a replacement next-day for free on their basic 1-year warranty plan. Yes, I had to spend an hour on the phone going through a few inane diagnostics, but my issue was resolved.

    Hopefully my experience remains the same. As long as I don’t test my luck, I feel that if I leave them alone, I’ll manage just fine.

    *Knocks on wood*

  36. Murph1908 says:

    Applying for a credit for a dropped call.

    “thank you for calling Spri…”
    “Your account will be credited for one minute…”
    Hang up

    Had to do that so often I knew the multi-step process by heart.

    “I am thanking you so much for calling Dell, my name will be Tony. How am I assisting you on today?”

  37. celticgina says:

    Dell…..Perfect example of how to ruin a company with a great reputation for customer service by NOT providing any customer service!

    Sprint…My part time job….(calling them to correct my account is my part time job!!)

  38. theblackdog says:

    Blocked at work.

    Anyone have the tags for WebSense?

  39. jeffjohnvol says:

    They won’t let you change your credit card over the phone. You MUST do it online or get paperwork. What a bunch of clowns.

  40. Zombilina says:

    “Sons of bitches.”

  41. Angryrider says:

    That guy from the ad Captain Jack would be all over

  42. nrich239 says:

    @theblackdog: WebSense is not listed

    The W’s
    “Wachovia // Wal Mart // Wall Street Journal // Wendys // Westin //
    Whole Foods // Wikipedia // Windows // Wired // WordPress //”

  43. JustaConsumer says:

    That was fun.

  44. moore850 says:

    @highmodulus: I second Bankruptcy, and add “cant_turn_a_profit”

  45. Serpephone says:


  46. that’s fun!

  47. sprocket79 says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, I love my Sprint phone and I get excellent service.

  48. Awesome post! :)

    Dell: cheap, immediately followed by Michael Dell and his billions. Quite the contradiction, eh?

    Sprint: obsolete

  49. KD17 says:

    Sprint = Dog shit.

  50. thomanjones says:

    Sprint = eep…badawk..burk..blip..yep..ark?

  51. Idiots.

    I had one of their phones about 8 years ago go bad, and called CS. They had to work on it, and when they figured out the problem called THAT CELL PHONE. I had to call two days later when I didnt hear back from them only to have them tell me they left the message on the bad phone. Pure genius.

  52. Triterion says:

    I like the ones for ticketmaster:
    rip off

  53. gruffydd says:

    Dell = cheap
    Sprint = annoying (direct-connect walkie talkie)

  54. Kerkira says:

    Run away!

  55. Tzepish says:


  56. sgodun says:


    Sprint = I got nothin’. Never been a customer.

  57. ViperBorg says:

    Dell: Kindling to start fire.
    Sprint: Toss in fire.

  58. iMe2 says:

    you get what you pay for

  59. ViperBorg says:

    @gruffydd: Uh… Direct Connect is Nextel. At least it was before Sprint got their grubby hands on it. And it’s the best out there in my opinion, it’s the only reason I still deal with those idiots. Don’t hate the tech, hate the moron user who doesn’t know how to mute the speaker while in a DC call. The rest of us enjoy it, thank you.

  60. mike says:

    I love it!! I’m del.icio.us-ing this right now…

  61. Carencey says:

    bwahaha! so how long will it take someone to start peddling a “de-tagging” service like the one “link removal” service that Consumerist messed with awhile back?

  62. Beetlicious says:

    Cheap cell service.

  63. speer320 says:

    “Sprint – Clear Across America”

    “Sprint. Power Up.”

    “Sprint, Together with Nextel”

    “Sprint: The Now Network”

  64. RobertW.TX says:

    I use Dell exclusively for computers, printers, etc. and Sprint exclusively for my phone. No problems with either. I think the trick is use Online tools don’t call them.

    Dell’s support chat rocks.

    In my experience you normally get someone in Texas or Oklahoma, not India. Normally takes me less than 10 minutes to get them to send out a technician or replacement part.

    As for Sprint. I have had their service for 3 years and a total of 3 support problem (all billing related, I made the mistake of ordering on the phone. Should have ordered on the web.) All 3 were taken care of via support e-mails on sprint.com. I was totally impressed when the first message came back, “We see the problem and it is now resolved.” Quite a few companies will send your back a response like, “We would be happy to help you with that please call. . . “

    The the moral of the story. Give up phone support the IM / E-Mail age is here. Bonus, you have a written record of everything if something does go wrong.

    My $0.02

  65. kaizoku80 says:


    Just got my bill, $34.90 for 500 AT, Unlim data/text, Pick 3 and handset insurance and I use an old Sanyo that lets me have undetectable free PAM.

    Definitely SERO…and outsourcing.

  66. Sprint? = indecisive.

    Of course, this is along with every other big company out there. No one can ever make up their mind and run a business correctly.

  67. klusta says:

    Hm….what about this one:

    A nice little gem stuck between “fake” and “information”

  68. rolla says:

    more phones damnit

  69. Jeff asks: "WTF could you possibly have been thinking? says:

    Screwed Nextel

  70. jennieblue22 says:

    @weakdome: I don’t. Why the h is India on there? For one thing almost every rep I know about is from OKLAHOMA or TEXAS and also the other (my family is from India and I know people who worked as reps before) is that the reps are TOLD what to say by the crappy American service – WHY THE H should THEY be blamed for what they are TOLD to do? I am even prettyy offended by the implication that Indians are crappy and cheap like Dell is – we’re not. And unlike crappy AMERICAN companies like Dell, Sprint, Wal-Mart, Comcast, Charter… (this is NOT to say that all of them are crappy) Indian companies actually have pretty service. In fact (I live in America) my long distance service is actually provided by Airtel, an Indian company, and not only do I get cheaper and better phone rates, but I also have some of the best customer service ever, and that says a lot – I’ve gone through MANY phone companies before making this (last) switch.

  71. Silversmok3 says:


    Bill overages…lies…clear reception…thats all I can think of right now

  72. RE Sprint you might want to take look at


  73. adriadne says:

    roaming everywhere — even next to their store

  74. pigeonpenelope says:

    “dude, you’re getting a dell” pops into my head when i think of dell…

  75. pigeonpenelope says:

    perhaps i’m a moron but can anyone tell me what “sero” means?

  76. RandomZero says:

    Sprint? Precious Wilson.

    Bit of background here: Precious Wilson was something of a bogeywoman in my Nextel/Sprint days. Seems that she called in, on a regular basis, for up to seven abusive hours at a time. Couldn’t entirely blame her, though; it seems that she had severe dissociative personality disorder, with at least 9 documented personalities. Some scumbag salesman had sold her a phone for each one, and so she’d call on a regular basis, bitching that eight fraudulent phones were on her account. I don’t think anything was ever done; she was sold to an OCA before I started, though we still got calls.

  77. oDOODLERo says:

    $5 grandfathered unlimited EVDO vision rocks my socks.

    sprint FTW in my opinion, never had a problem

  78. Hopanoe says:

    I love what they have for Internet Explorer:


    Scroll down a bit…

  79. stacy75 says:

    30 days ago: Overpriced
    Now: happy

  80. FHJay says:

    It’s not one word, but: non-existent service.

    No matter where I am it’s debatable that I’ll even be able to send a text message, much less continue a phone call for over 10 minutes. They have the cheapest rates, but as they say, you get what you pay for.

  81. klusta says:

    @pigeonpenelope: sprint employee referral offer. Check out sprint.com/sero then google around a bit for more info.

  82. pigeonpenelope says:

    @klusta:ahh thanks!

  83. DuckSeason says:

    Hilariously, there’s a company that does a good bit of the tech support/customer service for BOTH of these companies… they’re called eTelecare Global Solutions. Coincidence?

  84. lovelygirl says:

    Dell– the Dell Dude! lol

    But I like Dell. I have called the tech support a few times and the Indian accents can be kinda annoying but they really do try hard and are very polite.

  85. ottawa_guy says:

    Dell residential, yes you do get India.

    Dell business support. I love that! 3 year standard NBD warranty on your machine, and nice friendly tech support reps.

    I had to call them yesterday because my DVD-RAM drive crapped out, and the total length of that call with 3 minutes of hold was 12 minutes. They are shipping me a new DVD-RAM drive no questions asked.

    I will definitely buy another Latitude from Dell business when my warranty expires next year.

  86. ViperBorg says:

    @Psychodad1961: Agreed.

  87. axiomatic says:

    Sprint = Bad customer service

    Dell = ho-hum products

  88. PCSuser says:

    Sprint = GREAT DEALS, superior coverage (in my area at least) to Verizon or AT&T, good customer service (if you know who to call), and Nextel DirectConnect (walkie-talkie)

    Dell = poor CS, and crappy locked-down computers

  89. RobertW.TX says:

    @jennieblue22: I apologize for the perceived insult. My problem with most support group outside the US has more to do with their business model than anything else. If you get a rep in the US for Dell they are typically a Dell employee. Overseas reps are generally subcontractors. There is a real push for these 3rd parties to approve as little repair work and parts as possible. I know I was on the over site side of a major computer manufacturer a while back working with 3rd party call centers. When you work for for the company the working environment is just different.

    It’s by no mean the fault of the 3rd party call center but if I have a choice I prefer US call centers because 4 out of 5 times they will be employees of the company who sold you your product.

  90. Parsifal says:

    @Pro-Pain: I second that. I have been a customer of theirs for years. 3 phone lines on a chunky shared plan+extra options for $60 a month + my 25% corporate discount means I’m pretty happy where I am:)

  91. gatorjk says:

    I have several choice tags for Sprint, however I really shouldn’t use those types of words here…

    I think everyone did a great job on the tags already, but here is another one anyway.

    Sprint = Painful