Dish Network Adds 22 Channels, Issues Bragging Press Release, Then Yanks 15

Want to convince people you offer as much HD as DirecTV without, you know, having to actually do it? Add 22 HD channels, issue a press release bragging about it, then yank 15 of your older channels while the press isn’t looking. That’s what Dish Network did according to

The satcaster issued a press release on Monday saying it would add 22 High-Definition channels this week. The announcement appeared to put Dish on par with high-def programming leader DIRECTV, which carries 95 national HD channels.

And if you weren’t clear about that, Dish underscored the point in the release by including this quote from Eric Sahl, the company’s senior vice president of programming:

“We are excited to extend our competitiveness in HD by enhancing our already comprehensive HD lineup with these 22 channels, bringing our total HD lineup to over 95 channels,” Sahl said.

Problem is — at the very moment when the press release was issued — Dish Network was preparing to remove 15 Voom HD channels from its high-def lineup, starting Monday night.

And, by Tuesday night, all 15 Voom HD channels were gone, leaving Dish Network with around 80 national HD channels


Dish Network Expands ‘Chutzpah Capacity’
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