United Airlines Talking Merger With US Airways, Keeping Continental On The Side

United Airlines is a slut. The airline has been talking merger with US Airways, even going so far as to make it clear that US Airways CEO Doug “I’m OK To Drive” Parker can be the CEO of the combined company when United boss Glenn Tilton retires, says Reuters. Meanwhile, while the airline has been talking marriage, family and kids with Parker, it has been negotiating with Continental on the side — trying to form an “alliance” of some kind. Continental, of course, is already dating American AND British Airways!

From the AP:

Continental is also still in discussions about an alliance with AMR Corp.’s American Airlines and British Airways, said an official with knowledge of those talks. That person also was not authorized to discuss the matter and requested anonymity.

The official said it would not be unusual for Continental to be considering alternatives, but that the British Airways-Continental-American talks are progressing and don’t appear in jeopardy.

Nasty, airlines. Nasty.

United’s Tilton to give Parker a shot at top job-FT [Reuters]
AP source: United, Continental in alliance talks [AP]
(Photo: Zonaphoto )


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  1. Chairman-Meow says:


    Shit….meet stick. Don’t forget to hand the bad end to customer.

  2. highmodulus says:

    Seems like they are trying to form “crappy Airline Voltron”

    They just need Delta, then they can form the Blazing Bag of Peanuts and smote the Southwest Ro-beast.

  3. hiland says:

    anything that touches US AIRWAYS gets written off immediately in my book.

  4. 737900er says:

    The aircraft in the picture is not a United aircraft, it is a SkyWest aircraft.