NFL Star Says Walmart Was Mean To Underprivileged Kids

Houston Texans Wide Receiver Andre Johnson said his foundation ordered 750 bikes from Walmart that were to be given to underprivileged kids, and in return the retailer offered to provide ice and water for the event. TMZ says something got messed up with the order and so Walmart said “No water for you.”

Johnson ordered 750 bicycles to be given to underprivileged kids at an event sponsored by the Andre Johnson Foundation — in return for the purchase, Wal-Mart agreed to donate water and ice for the May 3 event.

But there was a problem with the order, so Johnson ended up buying fewer bikes than planned. Wal-Mart countered by not giving the water and ice as promised. That’s cold.

Wal-Mart is trying to rectify the situation. They tell TMZ, “We are reaching out to the Andre Johnson Foundation as we speak to rectify the situation. It’s disappointing that this happened.”

Wow, Walmart. Why don’t you just laugh and twirl your mustache while you’re refusing to give free water to needy children.


NFL Star: Wal-Mart Left Kids Out in the Cold [TMZ]

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