Sony: Go Ahead And Buy An XBOX "Their Support Isn't Much Better"

Reader Adrian’s PS3 is broken and since the console was a gift that didn’t come with a receipt, Sony is denying warranty coverage. Where it gets tricky is that there’s a “manufactured on” sticker on the back of the machine indicating that it is clearly less than a year old — meaning that there’s no possible way it could be out of warranty coverage. Adrian tried explaining this concept to Sony, but they weren’t interested. No receipt. No warranty. When Adrian threatened to switch to XBOX, Sony’s only answer was that “their support wasn’t much better.”

Adrian writes:

It’s Sunday, so it is the one day I have to take care of my personal business, and relax. My PS3 crapped out on me a few days ago, and sadly, I cannot get anyone at Sony to fix the problem. The thing is, the PS3 was a gift to me for Christmas. The receipt is nowhere to be found (not by me, but by the person who bought it for me) all she has is a credit card statement. Instead of going to the store and demanding someone give us a receipt for the transaction, I decided to call Sony and see if they would take it under warranty because, for starters it was bought in December, and it was manufactured in July 2007. When I spoke with someone at Sony, I was basically told that they don’t go off of the manufacturing dates, but rather, on the date of purchase.

Fair enough I would think, but if the playstation was manufactured less than a year ago, it would be hard to lie about it’s validity of the warranty anyways. No matter how I went at this, the rep couldn’t help me. Basically he said, no receipt, $150. I am outraged that Sony won’t make themselves responsible on an item which is CLEARLY less than a year old. Their own label on the PS3 clearly shows that it was made in July 2007, 3 months shy of the year mark. Why would they even place that label on there, if it wasn’t any good to them? I’m just angry that a receipt would still be needed, even though I can clearly prove that it should STILL be under warranty.

I tried arguing with the guy telling him I would switch to a Wii, or an Xbox 360, and he just laughed and said, “their support isn’t much better.” I told him I would tell all my friends about Sony and not to buy a Ps3, and he simply said, “that’s totally up to you, but we are gaining momentum right now with customers.” Basically, he was a jerk, my PS3 is shit, and nobody seems to want to help me. That is where you come in. Perhaps someone higher up will see the absurdness in this.

Adrian, we think you’re probably expecting a little too much of Sony. They’re simply not equipped to deal with this situation logically, and CSRs aren’t allowed to make decisions that require independent thought.

Therefore, our advice to you would be to call the friend that gave you the PS3 and ask her to contact her credit card company and see if they’ll repair or replace your PS3 under their extended warranty protection. This process should be fairly painless compared with the task you’ve set for yourself– convincing a huge multinational corporation to think like a rational human being.

Good luck.

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