Sony: Go Ahead And Buy An XBOX "Their Support Isn't Much Better"

Reader Adrian’s PS3 is broken and since the console was a gift that didn’t come with a receipt, Sony is denying warranty coverage. Where it gets tricky is that there’s a “manufactured on” sticker on the back of the machine indicating that it is clearly less than a year old — meaning that there’s no possible way it could be out of warranty coverage. Adrian tried explaining this concept to Sony, but they weren’t interested. No receipt. No warranty. When Adrian threatened to switch to XBOX, Sony’s only answer was that “their support wasn’t much better.”

Adrian writes:

It’s Sunday, so it is the one day I have to take care of my personal business, and relax. My PS3 crapped out on me a few days ago, and sadly, I cannot get anyone at Sony to fix the problem. The thing is, the PS3 was a gift to me for Christmas. The receipt is nowhere to be found (not by me, but by the person who bought it for me) all she has is a credit card statement. Instead of going to the store and demanding someone give us a receipt for the transaction, I decided to call Sony and see if they would take it under warranty because, for starters it was bought in December, and it was manufactured in July 2007. When I spoke with someone at Sony, I was basically told that they don’t go off of the manufacturing dates, but rather, on the date of purchase.

Fair enough I would think, but if the playstation was manufactured less than a year ago, it would be hard to lie about it’s validity of the warranty anyways. No matter how I went at this, the rep couldn’t help me. Basically he said, no receipt, $150. I am outraged that Sony won’t make themselves responsible on an item which is CLEARLY less than a year old. Their own label on the PS3 clearly shows that it was made in July 2007, 3 months shy of the year mark. Why would they even place that label on there, if it wasn’t any good to them? I’m just angry that a receipt would still be needed, even though I can clearly prove that it should STILL be under warranty.

I tried arguing with the guy telling him I would switch to a Wii, or an Xbox 360, and he just laughed and said, “their support isn’t much better.” I told him I would tell all my friends about Sony and not to buy a Ps3, and he simply said, “that’s totally up to you, but we are gaining momentum right now with customers.” Basically, he was a jerk, my PS3 is shit, and nobody seems to want to help me. That is where you come in. Perhaps someone higher up will see the absurdness in this.

Adrian, we think you’re probably expecting a little too much of Sony. They’re simply not equipped to deal with this situation logically, and CSRs aren’t allowed to make decisions that require independent thought.

Therefore, our advice to you would be to call the friend that gave you the PS3 and ask her to contact her credit card company and see if they’ll repair or replace your PS3 under their extended warranty protection. This process should be fairly painless compared with the task you’ve set for yourself– convincing a huge multinational corporation to think like a rational human being.

Good luck.


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  1. Erwos says:

    Well, to be fair, you can have a PS3 that’s less than a year old and out of warranty – it could be a refurb.

  2. Throtex says:

    In this respect, Microsoft’s support is infinitely better. Their website tracks whether you’re still in-warranty, so there’s never a need to provide a receipt.

    Not that I have any preference for either massive corporation, especially after having two 360s fail on me, but oddly enough any time I’ve ever had to deal with Microsoft customer service it’s been very painless. YMM (and likely will) V.

  3. Coder4Life says:

    They should can that rep…

  4. ChipMcDougal says:

    It’s always interesting to see how logic and reason are trumped by a little piece of paper. Clearly instead of wanting to assuage your problem, they would rather kick you to the curb on a technicality.

  5. Coder4Life says:

    @Erwos: With the serial # they shoudl know if this is a refurbished model or not. They do not need for the customer to show a receipt for that…

  6. LJKelley says:

    LOL. Ya I never had Microsoft ask me for my receipt. Honestly, the stores forward the sales date for each serial number IMHO.

    The second problem with Sony and I noticed this with my PSP and PS3 that if you take it home and try to register it that day it will REFUSE your serial number. I think I did finally register my PSP after they appearently got an update that the serial number was valid… Same thing happened when I bought my PS3 a few weeks ago for Blu-ray, it said my Serial number was not valid. This reminds me I need to try to register again.

  7. @Erwos: it could be a refurb.

    Or a theft, obviously.

  8. CrazyCrabSandwich says:

    I had a similar issue occur with my 60GB PS3 a few months ago – it crapped out (after less than two months) and I was unable to locate my receipt. My solution was to ask the CSR if a credit card statement would be a sufficient proof of purchase, and I was informed that it would be. I asked them to document this fact in my case, and sent my PS3 back in the Sony-provided box. Despite the fact that my statement only had the retailer and cost of the purchase, Sony completed the transaction, and I got a repaired PS3 in a couple short weeks.

    Maybe I just got a sympathetic CSR, but I felt like Sony provided decent service considering the circumstances.

  9. SuffolkHouse says:

    Glad to know it breaks after less than a year. I’ll buy the Wii.

  10. @Ash78: Indeed. I hate to play Devil’s advocate, especially with Sony (PS2 D.R.E. anyone?) but this is one situation where I must point out that a lot of stories about PS3’s all seem to be “gifts”.

  11. Nakko says:

    Sounds like something a customer support person would say. Who knows, maybe that guy had an Xbox or two die on him. (Or her.)

  12. lilspooky says:

    About 3 months ago my PS3’s video card died. Since the PS3 was from eBay, Sony wasn’t too ecstatic about offering a warranty. To say the least we paid the 160 bucks. Good news though it came back in about a week, and they gave us new controllers, case, and wires. At least when you buy a PS3 your not “waiting” for a Red ring of death.

  13. watduck says:

    Why can’t the author just go ask the original gift-giver for the receipt? I mean, it’s not too difficult if it’s a relative right? “Hi Auntie, my PS3 is broken and I’m sorry to bother you for the receipt.” Right….

  14. highmodulus says:

    @Papa Midnight: Good point! It is getting to be the “this is for a friend” of complaints.

    Who is giving somone PS3’s as gifts, and why aren’t they related to me?

  15. axiomatic says:

    This should be able to be resolved by Sony easily. PLEASE stop making apologies for Sony’s inability to do customer support. It just makes you look like a douche.

  16. mac-phisto says:

    @crice: -3 reading comprehension. OP states: The receipt is nowhere to be found (not by me, but by the person who bought it for me) all she has is a credit card statement.

    i would have the gift buyer contact their credit card company & ask for a copy request of the receipt. the retailer should be able to comply with that request (& if they can’t, guess what’s free!).

  17. Most stores these days can re-issue receipts if the original buyer takes their card back to the store.

    So we really need to be reading this story on before, IMHO.

  18. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    @Papa Midnight:
    Or they bought it at a fucking pawn shop. It doesn’t really matter, does it? The fact is Sony has made a piece of known-to-be-flaky hardware & refuses to stand behind it as they should. I know 5 people that own a PS3. All but one has had to be returned as defective.

    You should try reading the entire article.

  19. 602086 says:

    The problem with growing corporations is that it devoids any person of individual thinking. They are just parts of the machine, they arent encouraged to think, just to read from FAQs.

  20. sega8800 says:

    I thought if the serial number and registration process is involved in warranty, then customers shouldn’t need to do any extra work to prove that they bought the product. Oh, and how would the credit card company able to provide a copy of the original receipt? If he needs one, his aunt has to get it from the story where she bought it right?

  21. diddy0071 says:

    I’m Adrian Thank you Very Much! No, The PS3 is not a refurb, or Stolen, and it was a gift, from an Aunt for Christmas. I know alot of these stories now adays include the “gift” scenario, but you have to understand that the PS3, and any other gaming system has been a popular purchase during the christmas rush, because they are highly wanted items, and parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents buy these for their children/nephews, grandsons, etc. I don’t feel the need to defend myself because I know that I am not a thief, and if it was stolen/refurbished etc, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to try to send it back to Sony.

  22. Knight-Zero says:

    What does he expect?
    lets go with the wii and it gets damaged or is defective
    Wii : “My Wii broke can I have another?”
    Rep “Sure when we get in an extra”

    360 : “I don’t have a receipt”
    Rep : “Want to buy an elite and 8 months of gold?”

  23. Nighthawke says:

    EECB this one straight to the top of the ladder. Include the ticket # and a transcript of the chat. I’d love to see that insensitive clod get its due.

  24. Techguy1138 says:

    I can’t believe the rep.

    Seriously it makes no sense at all.
    It may be a company policy but I can’t believe that a CS rep would say “we are gaining momentum”

    Please get that guy fired. He serious should never treat you like that. I hope never to get him as a support person.

    It doesn’t matter if Sony is first or last. If the policy sucks they simply need to state it. If you threaten to go to another company it doesn’t mater to him. He’s a lowly paid csr in some warehouse full of phones. All he has to say is it’s your choice.

  25. javi0084 says:


    What are you talking about?

  26. Triterion says:

    @Jaysyn: Your friends probably stole theirs too

  27. WingZero987 says:

    Ok, here’s something that Sony kept telling me over phone support, but I do not understand- they argue that I possibly could’ve bought it from a non-authorized retailer and they cannot guarantee that it is less than a year old.

    1 – Why does it matter where it was purchased? Is there a warranty on it? Is it for a year? (Note – mine was purchased at with cash at a national retailer).

    2 – 40 GB PS3s haven’t existed for a year. Unless I own a time machine, this PS3 is less than a year old. If I did own a time machine, my PS3 warranty would not be the first thing on my “to do” list.

    PS – Re-introduce cut-out windows on your boxes, Sony. Because of this receipt thing, many friends who work at retailers find people trying to “switch out” PS3s. While the onus is on the employee to check, brining back the window and re-packaging the system also works.

  28. watduck says:

    @mac-phisto: I fail.

    Umm, I’ll spin it for the other ps3 gift receivers who don’t have receipts then. :(

  29. ajn007 says:

    I know it is unpopular to not have a problem with Sony, but the fact is I buy a lot of Sony products and the two times I’ve had to call customer service (both times in relationship to problems I had with Vaios) since I bought my first Sony product (back in the early 1990s) have been painless (surprisingly short waits) and helpful (both reps solved my problem). I’m not about to say Sony is perfect. Far from it. But when it comes to Sony I always detect an irrational and intense hatred for them when other electronics companies are far worse. Personally, I’d prefer a company that make solid electronics and has some customer service issues over a company that makes total crap but is nice to me over the phone.

  30. TacoDave says:

    I say it again – not everyone keeps receipts. I keep every receipt I get. I still have receipts showing I bought a chicken sandwich in 1998. They’re all in bags in my closet. But not everyone does it.

  31. jp182 says:

    @highmodulus: i know right! Shit I need friends like that.

    @WingZero987: I think they are worried that there may be a problem with it that would be the cause of a non-authorized retailer (modifications and what not)

    By the way, if anyone wants to become my friend and buy me expensive gifts, PLEASE do so.

  32. sp00nix says:

    Its to keep people from stealing electronics and trying to service them

  33. WingZero987 says:

    @jp182: They can check for any modifications that would void the 1 year warranty.

    I don’t want to come off as an elitist prick, but when you’ve gone to school and studied reason or logic, you know how to structure an argument and/or statement. While I maintain a professional demeanor with CS reps because they’re the ones whom I’m asking to help me, their logic and argument fallacies make me want to blow my brains out.

  34. diddy0071 says:

    @ajn007: I used to NEVER have problems with Sony Either, until this time. I mean, I’ve been a loyal to the Sony brand (I mean, i even had the Minidisc in 96!!, I’m ashamed, lol) but the problem is not so much that they don’t want to fix it, it’s more or less the WHY they don’t want to fix it. I mean, the sticker clearly indicates the manufacturing date, isn’t that proof enough for me? I mean, they are losing more money by not fixing it, because I could be buying more games (GT4 I yearn!) and soon enough I would like to purchase Metal Gear Solid and Gran Turismo, but without a PS3 to play them on, I’m not making the purchase. And I’ll be damned if I have to get another PS3, when I have one that should be fixed with me!

  35. EricaKane says:

    Yeah I lost a receipt for an in window air conditioner unit and didn’t keep the receipt, the service company repaired because the date of manafactur was within a year..Sony is full of it.

  36. diddy0071 says:

    You can’t see the Serial number on there, but i have proof that the Manufactered date was on July 2007.

  37. carbonmade says:

    He clearly needs a new adverb.

  38. valthun says:

    the big thing is, don’t threaten a CSR that you will go somewhere else for business, in most cases they just don’t care if you say that. Especially when they are doing what they are told by their management.

  39. diddy0071 says:

    @valthun: Yeah I guess they really don’t care what I tell them at that point. It’s all a joke to them.

  40. sgodun says:

    Y’know, I feel for the guy and I’m on his side here, but here’s the thing. It’s not like the concept of “hold on to the receipt so you can prove it” is such an alien concept, particularly in this day and age when consumer electronics are sold literally alongside gumballs on every other street corner.

    Why is it so hard for people to hang on to receipts?

    Hey, here’s a tip for Consumerist. Do what I do: Go to Staples and buy yourself a pack of adhesive CD holders. These are clear plastic envelopes that are designed to be affixed to a book cover or other firm surface, and you can slip a CD or DVD inside. Buy it, then stick one on the back or bottom of every sufficiently large enough piece of consumer electronics that you have. Right now I have one (each) under my PS2 and DVD player, plus one (each) affixed to the back of both my TVs. Then, stick the original receipt AND A PHOTOCOPY (in case the original is on thermal paper) in the sleeve. Voila — done. If your shit breaks, the receipt is right there.

  41. Paranoid2000 says:

    Go buy a new PS/3, make a copy of the receipt, return the new (unopened) PS/3 for refund. You now have a receipt. You may have to get creative with a scanner and photoshop to make the serial #’s match.

    You’re entitled to warranty coverage as the PS/3 is less than a year old. If some CSR insists on a receipt, make one.

  42. glass says:

    @LJKelley: LOL. Ya I never had Microsoft ask me for my receipt.

    Yes, because they know they’re all going to break. It’s easier to just deal with the millions of repairs.


    Glad to know it breaks after less than a year. I’ll buy the Wii.

    That’s like saying, “Glad to now the new Accord has some problems. I’ll buy a trike.”

    Chances are, this guy didn’t steal the PS3, or get it from a pawn shop. But Sony has no way of knowing that. He needs to just contact the giver and have them get a receipt, as many people here have pointed out. This isn’t some strange horrible business practice Sony invented. We could start posting all sorts of stories about any manufacturer in regards to a situation like this.

    Get the receipt, you’ll get a repair. End of story.

  43. CharlieInSeattle says:

    Maybe there’s hope, since someone else had the same issue, and Sony resolved it.


  44. diddy0071 says:

    @Paranoid2000:can you email me a copy then? just include a few digits of the Serial (so I can photoshop it according to the font, style, etc.) and it has to be a 60 gigabyte model.

  45. Techguy1138 says:

    Well if you have been reading the consumerist..yes. That rep doesn’t care.

    That CSR doesn’t care if you own an xbox.
    If you were Bill Gates calling about a ps3 the csr wouldn’t give him the runaround if he was being helpful.

    Many CSR’s aren’t vested in the company. The work there this week.
    It sucks but you have to be courteous and clear headed to get the help you want.

    Be sure to document each time you call , what time, who you got, their rep number, extension if you can get it. Write what you will ask ahead of time.
    If you are unsatisfied with the resolution ask for a mailing address to write a higher up.

    They should resolve this issue for you. It will however take work.

  46. mac-phisto says:

    @diddy0071: i think that’s the biggest indicator of why this csr is such a flaming hole.

    his opinion is “we got your cash, so if you want to jump ship, go for it.” in reality, the console isn’t the cash grab. it’s the accessories, games (& d/l content once psn gets fully integrated).

    i spent $349.99 on a 360. since then:
    2 xbl 1-year cards ($49.99 ea.)
    1 rechargable battery & cable ($19.99)
    4 crap-ass headsets ($19.99 ea.)
    ~10 1600pt. xbl cards ($19.99 ea.)
    @ least 20 games (probably more)

    that’s $400 in additional income generated from me alone over 2 1/2 years, excluding the games. add the games (assuming microsoft pulls in ~$10/game plus more for in-house titles like halo) & we’re well over $600.

    so yeah, good job training your reps to be ignorant d-bags, sony. excellent business model you have there.

  47. Techguy1138 says:

    Wait why can’t you get a legit receipt again?

    Forging documents shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  48. parad0x360 says:

    @mac-phisto: Why did you pay $20 for 4 bad headsets when you could have gotten the really nice Plantronics one for $14.99 at gamestop?

    Now Sony saying MS’s support isnt much better is silly. For once thing if you dont have a receipt and your 360 gets RROD they will base it on Manufacture date OR what date you registered your console..if you remember to.

    Next MS has great support so long as you call on a weekday when the American offices are open. I have called a few times about various things from console repair to getting points refunded and ever single time I had my issue resolved in under 20 min with no need to keep calling back. Its when they are closed and you get the Indian call centers that the problems come up.

    Also MS is very responsive to BBB complaints unlike Sony.

  49. exkon says:

    Making threats? Don’t really work that well.

    Basically without the receipt you can’t “prove” that you bought it. Think of how many people could/would abuse the system if they would just repair consoles without a receipt?

  50. diddy0071 says:

    @Techguy1138: because my aunt doesn’t have it. I was going to ask her to head out to the store and see if she can get a copy of it, but I felt best not to bother her with that, if there was a way around the reciept issue (which I would think would be). The fact is, I have proof it is under a year old, I’m not asking for them to give me a free game every day for the rest of my life, or anything, I just want something fixed that shouldn’t be breaking to begin with, especially after less than a year. Keep in mind it’s been down for 2 months now, my aunt finally got back to me 2 weeks ago regarding the receipt that she couldn’t find. I was JOKING on the sending me a receipt thing. I guess sarcasm can’t be seen through a computer screen. The great news is that my story is posted on here, meaning that hundreds if not thousands will see this story. If sony cares about it’s customers (Which as any corporation, really doesn’t, only the money they spend) they will have to find a way to end this in a manner which shows that they can be good to it’s consumers. There may be a lot of bad PR following this. The Ball is in their court now.

  51. Scuba Steve says:

    Unfortunately that’s the policy. I had a launch system that broke down last september. I had to pay 150 bucks because I misplaced my receipt.

    You have to remember, of all the crap that you try, they save money for every repair they charge you. Its a huge incentive for this type of horrible policy.

    And about christmas time I finally found the receipt. Crazy.

  52. Goodnightbabytron says:

    @carbonmade: No, he basically needs a new adverb.

  53. flamincheney says:

    This would be really easy for Sony to check, as I assume they are the ones who would have refurbed the unit in the first place.

    With or without receipt Sony should stand behind their product as long as it is within the warranty period.

  54. mariospants says:

    I don’t understand, since when do you need a receipt in order to obtain warranty coverage? Call them up, tell them you have a broken PS3 that’s still under warranty and continue from there.

    Did you register your PS3 when you first started using it? Why not?

    Anyway, the CSR’s comments makes no sense, when my Wii went tits up, they just looked up my serial # and knew instantly how much time was left on my warranty (plus, they extend your warranty by – what was it? 30, 90 days? – if you register).

  55. diddy0071 says:

    @mariospants: PS3 is registered, but the guy never asked me much. As soon as he asked if I had a receipt, and I said no, he blew me off.

  56. Forge42 says:

    Well, I know for a fact that the CSR is wrong about Nintendo’s customer service not being any better. My Wii developed a drive problem a few months ago. It may (or may not) have been related to my 3 year old occasionally sticking things into the disc slot.

    I called Nintendo, confessed I might have been responsible for it breaking or I might not have, and expected to be charged for the repair. Instead, the CSR told me I was still under warranty (by about two weeks(!!)) and that theyw would be happy to repair it, free of charge. They even paid for this shipping.

    I loves me some Nintendo.

  57. fuchikoma says:

    Sony is pretty good if you get someone who isn’t braindead.

    Escalate. Then escalate again. Talk to his boss’s boss’s boss… keep going until you find someone who can understand “Are you telling me I bought this before it was made?” I don’t think you should have to go far.

    I do help desk work as part of my job and it’s frustrating not being able to tell a customer what they need to hear either due to policies or just not having been informed myself. This guy doesn’t have the authority to do it without a receipt, but you can bet someone higher does.

    …and BTW, this isn’t a Sony thing – by all means, use this technique wherever customer service is subpar. Just be mindful that the guy below may catch an earful if his higher-up takes it the wrong way, so try not to blame him unless he was a real jerk to you.

  58. mac-phisto says:

    @parad0x360: funny, i didn’t know they had one. last time i replaced my headset, i had to go to no less than 6 stores before i even found one (3 gamestops i went to only had the wireless p.o.s. in stock).

    thanks for the tip, i’ll look for the plantronics next time – #4 is starting to go already (~2 months old).

  59. Ringl says:

    @Forge42: I can hear that. I was having remote issues and the support rep was not only helpful, but courteous and friendly.

  60. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    So why doesnt Sony just start telling people to go through their credit czrd companies?

    I had to do it, He has to do it. What is the god damn point of the manufacturers warranty if you are going to be forced to get your credit card company to replace the system MANUFACTURED by sony!

    but BTW some (visa’a) cc Comapanies require that you be out of the manufactureres warranty period in order to covered, In my situation Sony dragged it on for so long they actually waited until my warranty was up, then did nothing about it.

    I would reccomend calling sony corporate and giving them a piece of your mind, they wont help you….. trust me….. they told me mine was “too dusty”…. but i would at least want to file a complaint, I beleive their corporate # was 650 655 8000 or 5000, The person i spoke with’s name was neil i beleive his phone number was 650 655 5552 but again, dont expect any help of any logical sort. These people believe logic=policy. This is why i will never purchase another sony product again, and also why i will soon be burning my old PS3 at the stake and putting it on youTube

  61. WingZero987 says:

    @diddy0071: Don’t bother with techguy. With such helpful hints as “dude get a reprint from the retailer,” he treated me like I was a drooling 4 year old in the last thread and I think is actually trying some odd trolling technique.

  62. WingZero987 says:

    @exkon: How could you abuse this system if they went by the manufacture date?

    Goddamn do people feel they’re entitled to an opinion on the internet.

  63. gnoswal says:

    I don’t care if I did steal the damn thing. If the sticker says the unit is within the warranty period, they should service the unit. A company should stand behind its product. Anything else like no receipt, bought from un-authorized seller…are all just bullshit excuses for them to deny the claim. I give a big f’you to any company whose bottom line comes at the cost of the consumer.

  64. Daniel-Bham says:

    I didn’t have problems with Microsoft doing support with my 360.

    I didn’t even register it for support until it was broken after a year of ownership.

    I wouldn’t put it past Sony to train their CSRs this way because then they can point at Microsoft and laugh that Microsoft has more consoles going through repair than they do.

    At least they are going through…

  65. mongocrush says:

    Take them to small claims court and sue them for the amount it would cost to replace the PS3. Then go and buy a Wii or a XBox360.

  66. MrEvil says:

    Look up the full text of the Magnusson-Moss warranty act. I think as long as you can verify the date of manufacture or purchase, you don’t neccessarily need a merchant receipt. Now going by the manufacture date on the system isn’t in your best interest, but if it’s all you got it’s all you got.

  67. Radoman says:

    @diddy0071: Is your PS3 giving you a hardrive error? We discussed the ease of replacing the PS3s harddrive in another thread. It would cost a lot less than $150 bucks to get a new drive with much more capacity if you don’t mind changing it out yourself. There’s an access panel to the PS3’s drive on the left side of the unit. (when looking at it from the front.)

    That is, if that’s your PS3’s problem.

    My PS3 was a gift that I have no receipt for, and you can believe if it gives me trouble I will fight them on this too. Knowingly defrauding paying customers should NEVER be “company policy”.

    Good luck to you.

  68. diddy0071 says:

    @Radoman: No, Unfortunately I think my Disc Drive Crapped out. I was playing COD4 and it froze, reset the thing and nothing would load. I tried a Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, Game, you name it I tried. Nothing reads.

  69. mac-phisto says:

    @WingZero987: the big thing that sucks about going by manufacturing date is that many products aren’t even on the shelf until 6 months after manufacture. this is a perfect case – manufactured in june & purchased in december.

    @diddy0071: seriously, ask your aunt to contact her cc company & request a copy of the receipt. she shouldn’t have any trouble with that.

  70. Buran says:

    @Jaysyn: So far, mine is fine, but I don’t push it much. It’s for movie viewing only. I got it around Feb. or so. How long did your friends’ last?

    Fortunately, I do have the receipt. I guess this is an antitheft thing, though it is still dumb to merely point to it as proof of you still being in warranty considering the thing was made too recently for that to be the case

    If it’s an antitheft thing, they shoudl just say so.

  71. Buran says:

    @diddy0071: I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s some sort of standard form-factor disk drive. See if you can find a takeapart guide somewhere, if you have no luck getting them to support yours. You might be able to buy an off the shelf replacement part for it. I’ve done that with Tivos before.

  72. Wreckoner says:

    I sent my Wii in to Nintendo for a repair a week or so ago, got it back. No fuss, it was all free. I just made sure I registered my Wii on when I bought it.

  73. Lambasted says:

    What’s with all these PS3’s breaking? Every time I turn around it’s another story about a repair. Do they really break as often as it seems?

  74. Techguy1138 says:

    While it may seem basic to you most people don’t think of the basics.

    Most people may not know you can simply go back to a store and get a reprint of a receipt.

    If you really tried all of the basic consumer tactics and still didn’t get a good resolution from Sony you should have a feature story here.

  75. Techguy1138 says:

    I know it shouldn’t be an issue of her finding the receipt but if it was recent enough you may be able to try and get satisfaction from the store your aunt bought the system from.

    You may also be able to try and go through the CC extended warranty.

    I agree that they should just fix it for you but remember that you have many avenues of attack for getting this fixed. Ps3’s are expensive don’t just let it slide.

  76. Jaysyn was banned for: says:


    No, but 2 of them *were* gifts, jackass.

  77. whorfin says:

    +1 on the nintendo raves. I got lucky and got an Amazon Wii back when they first came out, got it, hooked it up a few days before the big day, and no workee.
    got on the phone with Nintendo, despite it being Friday Evening, and had a new Wii in time for Xmas morning. Oh, and the replacement box had the return label for the busted one inside.

  78. BrianH says:

    Ever since the Sony DRM/rootkit fiasco, the only thing I buy with Sony’s likeness is toilet paper.

  79. WingZero987 says:

    @Techguy1138: I wrote Consumerist once, with a perfect story involving Best Buy’s reward zone and how they constantly mix up customer information. Hell, check out and their forums. For being company owned, they’re nothing but people complaining about the same problem.

    My problem got ignored by Consumerist and that’ll probably be the last piece I ever write in an attempt to get on this blog.

  80. Paranoid2000 says:

    Nope, you’re on your own. First, I don’t own a PS/3, and likely never will based on Sony’s arrogance with their customers. Second, I gave you one idea to solve the problem, I’m not going to do it for you. Sure, it could be considered unethical. Just like Sony is unethical for not repairing a product that is proven in warranty by their own labeling info.

  81. InThrees says:

    This makes me want to rush right out and buy Sony products for myself, and as gifts for family and friends.

    Oh wait, no it doesn’t.

  82. Pro-Pain says:

    Sony, wow, what a great company! NOT. I haven’t bought a sony branded product in over a decade, screw Sony.

  83. AtlantaLawyer says:

    With a little effort you can get Sony to fix the problem. He has the credit card receipt and the Ps3. He should just go ahead and sue them in small claims court. IT doesn’t cost much, he can get his fees back if he wins, and Sony will likely just pay his costs rather than deal with it. If they really think they are right, they can defend in small claims or appeal the decision to the superior court (depending on your states rules).

    Just sue on the warranty, that’s a contract that they have breached (based on the OP’s statements above).

    Good luck!

  84. Evopanda says:

    Just because one stupid support person doesn’t mean that the whole company is at fault. Sometimes Consumerist I wonder why you put junk like this on the internet.

  85. Dmarr says:

    I have a Xbox 360 and I got the ring of death. When I call Microsoft the person ask some personal questions then ask for my Xbox serial number and told me that a box will arrive for my Xbox. In the next 2 days a box came UPS style. I send my Xbox to Microsoft and in a couple of weeks later my Xbox came back as new as if I just had bought. Don’t believe that Microsoft is he same “Sony”. So do get yourself an Xbox 360.

  86. yikechiu says:

    I’m a little confused. Sony says receipt is not needed if I don’t have one on there warranties memo when I bought my ps3. They’ll check the serial numbers and when it was sold. I don’t live in America though, but I think there should be no difference. And I check the warranties on the U.S. website, they don’t mention that receipt is needed. How come this would happen?

  87. xerent says:

    Nintendo’s customer service is amazing.

    I had a broken DS, the touch screen would be all distorted, which really sucked, because I was getting near the end of Phantom Hourglass.

    I went on Nintendo’s website, registered the serial number of my DS, and Nintendo sent me a box and a UPS label. I mailed it out, and 5 days later, I received my DS back, good as new.

    It was all free, and they didn’t require a receipt or proof of purchase.

    The best part is that I have worked at a Gamestop for a time after this happened. I would talk to families who were shopping for a DS or PSP for their child, and I would tell them my story of amazing customer service, and they would opt for the DS, always.

    And now the consumerist has given me a story to tell future families about Sony.

  88. grimparrot says:

    Find out where the deck was bought and Sony can and will call to verify the purchase. I manage a Game Crazy store and I have gotten calls from Sony, I confirm the purchase date, and the customer gets their service.

  89. Porcelina says:

    I live in Las Vegas. There is an outsourced call center company called “Client Logic” ..(sometimes goes by Sitel) and they handle all the customer service for Sony PS3. They pay shit and most of their employees are the most ghetto people you will ever meet. Ever wonder why Amp’d mobile went bankrupt? My husband used to work for them and if I were you guys, I would NEVER give out any personal info to those people.