Five-seveN Gun Blows Up In Owner's Hand, Manufacturer Indifferent

UPDATE: FNH Gun Blew Up In Owner’s Hand Because He Used Reloaded Ammo

A gun exploded in a customer’s hands and the manufacturer doesn’t seem to care, according to a graphic post by f3rr37 in the FivesevenForums. He wrote, “On the 2nd round I realigned my sights, slowly pulled the trigger, and all hell broke loose. I saw bits and pieces of the top of the slide cover blow. My first reaction was, “Oh crap what just happened.” My second reaction was, how are my hands?” F3rr37 sough medical attention and two days later contacted Five-seveN customer support. After a series of followup calls, Five-seveN said they were sending out a pre-paid packing slip for the gun and would inspect it, destroy it, and give f3rr37 a “deep discount” on a new gun. A month later, none of these promises have materialized. F3rr37 thinks the problem with the gun is that it fired “out of battery,” and that the problem with Five-seveN is that they just wish he would go away. Which is odd, considering that they are supposed to have a great reputation for being customer friendly. F3rr37 pledges, “Until they make this right, I will never buy another FN product again and will continue to share my experience with what happens when a FiveseveN fires out-of-battery.”

FN FiveseveN Warning [FivesevenForum]

UPDATE: F3rr37 reports that Five-seveN has contacted him and promises they’re sending a pre-paid packing slip and will be sending him a new handgun free of charge.

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