ResellerRatings Cracks Down On's Review Bribing

The CEO of ResellerRatings, Scott Wainner, emailed us to say they’re busting TheCellShop for bribing customers to submit perfect reviews on his site. He wrote:

ResellerRatings does not condone fake reviews. For the past 13 years, we have worked hard to develop anti-fraud tools, both automated and manual, and we disable fraudulent reviews every day. When we heard about the Cell Shop’s actions, we immediately began contacting all Cell Shop reviewers to verify that they were not, in fact, offered money for their positive reviews, and to obtain proof of their valid transactions (order invoices, credit card statements, etc) and we have disabled reviews where money was offered for positive reviews.

Word up Steve-o, make them go outside and pick out their own switch from the hickory tree.

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  1. Parting says:

    Well, that was kind of predictable, since ResellersRating want to keep their own reputation for honest reviews.

  2. Lambasted says:

    It’s good to see some review policing happening. I have become very skeptical when reading reviews. I’ve noticed fake reviews on Amazon. Sometimes it is painfully obvious the review was written by a manufacturer plant. Regular people don’t tend to talk using sales pitch-speak.

  3. socritic says:

    ResellerRatings, Kudos for being swift in response, upfront about your dealings with sites and the details about your verification. You earn major points with people who read consumer blogs and respond to good management. If you could take these policies and provide for an honest and comprehensive review site, you will be rewarded with droves of consumers starving for a trustworthy source. If you build it, we will all come!

  4. aishel says:

    “ResellerRatings does not condone fake reviews”

    Doesn’t he mean he DOES condone fake reviews?

  5. thirdbase says:

    Very nice response. Quick and thorough. (Was that review of your reviews good enough? Now send me my 5 bucks)

  6. bigbollocks2 says: does the same thing, offering coupons for favorable ratings before you even make a purchase. Then they rip people off with their mystery boxes.

  7. nursetim says:

    No, to condone means roughly to accept a situation, to go along. Clearly, they do not condone what is doing, since they dropped the hammer on them.

  8. suzy-q says:

    @aishel: Um, no.

    Props to them for sending out a quick response though. And it is nice that they contacted the reviewers individually instead of just flat out disabling it.

  9. Insder says:

    I believe he’s thinking of condemned…which means they think it’s wrong basically.

  10. world-inferno says:

    I think his response was great– the perfect gift both for anyone ages 9 to 99!

  11. sikantis says:

    It’ll come out always if the intention wasn’t genuine and real.

  12. captainleah says:

    if you are not going to let me post please delete my account

  13. Pro-Pain says:

    So is TheCellShop scammers or no?

  14. lemur says:

    @Insder: You’re probably right. “to condone” and “to condemn” confused me for a bit when I was learning English (my 2nd language).

  15. Nighthawke says:


    This forum thread should answer all your questions if they are real or no. I’d say no.

  16. jsilverj says:

    Mr Resellerratings. What about the NEGATIVE reviews written by competitors? I guess no action is taken in that case. The fact is, these Rating Companies prefer negative reviews. It makes their site interesting. What good is a site if everything is positive. Additionally, when a Customer is reading these reviews, they seem to pass all the positive reviews and read all the negative ones. They then react as if those are the only reviews defining the Company.

    It’s absurd!