Reach Chase Bank Executive Customer Service

If you have a problem that regular customer service hasn’t been able to solve, give this gal working in the Chase Bank executive customer service office a shot: 713-262-3866, Michelle Crabtree. Although, she figures in an upcoming reader complaint, and not favorably. If you have a specific credit card complaint, that info is here, and the general Chase Bank executive customer service desk is 800-242-7399.


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  1. Sherryness says:

    Good book and movie. :)

  2. Mr. Cynical says:

    Wish I had that a few months ago before Chase fucked me in arbitration and awarded a rogue moving company 1,359 dollars which Chase had originally refunded me, then over turned, when the movers sent in forged documents.

    Chase is worthless. Is AMEX better when it comes to charge disputes and fraud??

  3. xanax25mg says:

    i will say that Michelle helped me with a problem that was posted here back in September (chase essentially accused me of bank fraud for having the audacity to deposit a check into the ATM machine). Michelle was very helpful, sent me a letter exonerating me and $50 in Chase gift cards. She also apparently is a consumerist read as when she called me back she acknwoledged that Crabtree is her real name, a reply to my incredulous comment that someone outside of the Beaver’s teacher is named that

  4. Pro-Pain says:

    Mr. Cynical – Similiar problem here too. Chase is worthless. A major FAIL of a bank.

  5. tekdemon says:

    Chase sometimes eats the cost even if they end up agreeing with the retailer about a dispute, but that’s usually for smaller amounts.

  6. nsv says:

    I’ve had too many bad experiences with Chase to mention. I’ll never use them again.

  7. Coelacanth says:

    @Mr. Cynical: I’ve filed a dispute with AMEX a couple times, and they’ve been extremely prompt and professional.

  8. dweebster says:

    I’ve been pretty lucky with Chase and AMEX, everything eventually settled without major problems. But the arbitration scam they are now running is frightening, and Chase CSRs have been awfully anxious to conflict several paragraphs of their written terms – ON the record!

    Worst bank I’ve experienced has been Citibank, but it’s a pretty sure bet you can find many horror stories on any megabank. Evil is evil.

  9. ricopants says:

    eek I used to work for them in her building actually. its her real name and she’s been there for years.

    her building handles banking and not credit cards so I assume that her department specializes in banking too but i’m sure they advocate for the client all over the bank

  10. ThunderRoad says:

    Ok. The picture for this story is just tooooo great.

    Great movie too!

  11. ArgusRun says:

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  12. PhiTauBill says:

    Anyone have a fax number for Ms. Crabtree at Chase Executive Customer Service? I generally prefer to lay out my case in writing followed up by a phone call.

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Dolores DeLuise says:

    Thanks for this number!!!

  14. susan says:

    Chase bank has taken over from WAMU. WAMU utilized 2 loan numbers for the 2nd mortgage with a fixed rate of interest and afloating rate of interest. Chase is intentionally not paying monies that consumers are trying to pay on the floating portion so that the loans are never paid off. Even if you pay more than the minimum you have to really check your statement or an error might be being made.

  15. Bretjerrys says:

    We have a 9.5% Mgt. with major escorw over chrages 2 years of complaing and is still not right, An insurance laspe a year ago, insurance aquired going forward. We pay 950 for full coverage inside and out they bought coverage for a period of time gone by for 4025, Then they deducted it from our escrow(which is only for taxes). I could not get insurance for a period gone by anywhere and was laughed at by the 3 big insurers how did they. We have had people writing and calling from the Exec. office in Ohio and this is the 3rd week after I made a phone call that nothing has been looked into. The attorney for Chase in Buffalo has now gone to Jail for mortgage Fraud, Robert Goods. Call after call odd thing happen. In the same day they sent us a loan modification application and denial in the same day. One office in Ohio wanted 10,000 to refi with the same bank. We have an 85,000 9.5% Mgt and the want, after the insurance issue 1545.00 a month. I have not paid that amount I only pay 1192.85 so to get even with me they hold monies in suspense accounts till they get theres. I have never been late on a payment but this mess has made a mess of my credit report. I have sent letter to all our polticians and the AG of NY, Nancy Pelosi and no one cares to help can You?

    Bret Runyon
    78 Warner Rd
    Depew NY 14043

  16. dvdcowboy says:

    Well I called the 800-242-7399 number and they said they were unwilling to help me since I was not active military. Called Ms. Crabtree and her voicemail said to call the 800-242-7399 number. I left a voicemail with Ms. Crabtree and if she is reading this, my zip is 79109.

    I feel silly in saying it, but it kind of looks like I need to enlist and then fight the taliban before I can get off the mailing list. I suspect by the time my tour of duty is over, I will have tons of these offers I will need to shred.