Circuit City Sells Employee Busted Floor Model TV, Refuses To Accept Return

Anthony paid Circuit City $1,271 for a new 40″ Samsung LN40A550, but what he received was a “scratched up, dinged to hell, beaten and abused FLOOR MODEL OPEN BOX” LN40A330. As a Circuit City employee, Anthony thought exchanging the TV or receiving a refund would be a cinch. Boy, was he wrong.

We make it back to the Duluth store (Store 3220) and the floor manager Mike Jones starts giving Anthony crap about returning the TV, saying that “we wont take that TV, sorry but I have a store to run. You can take it back to Athens.”

How about we just get our money back? I mean, we got the wrong TV, we should at LEAST get a refund. We had the receipt and everything.

Nope. No refund. Mike tells us that we can “leave the TV on the curb for all he cares, he’s not taking the TV back and not refunding the money.”

Anthony is (rightfully) livid, and calls his manager, his manager’s manager, anyone he can to get this thing resolved and us leaving with either the correct TV or a refund.

No dice.

Upper management decrees that Anthony must take this busted ass floor model with him to Athens so that his district manager can sort the whole sordid affair out. It appears that Mike Jones is under the impression that Anthony is trying to pull a fast one on the Duluth store, by walking out of there with the correct TV and attempting to return a busted floor model as if that was the one he received when he was there eariler.

So what does that mean for Anthony? He’s currently out $1200, he’s being accused of lying, and has a busted ass floor model of a TV to show for it.

Doesn’t seem all that new. How’d Anthony pay?Had Anthony charged the entire balance to his credit card, he would have been able to end the situation by filing a chargeback, or, if the television wasn’t a piece of busted junk, possibly doubled the manufacturer’s warranty.

Circuit City appears to have resolved the situation. His friend says only, “The whole fiasco is over. Anthony has the TV. Case closed. gg Circuit City.” Yes, gg, Circuit City.

F*ck Circuit City [The Hansen Family Website]