eHarmony Doesn't Believe You're Really Divorced

eHarmony won’t let Morgan’s mom join until she proves that she’s really divorced. She tried to join last year, but was rejected because she was only separated for seven years, and not divorced. Now that her divorce is final, she wants to register without spending another hour filling out eHarmony’s “scientifically proven” matching questionnaire.

Morgan writes:

Hello Consumerist. My mother, separated for around 7 years, applied to join eHarmony last year. She took the hour-and-some long questionnaire only to find she was rejected because she hadn’t gotten the divorce yet. Well the divorce was finalized last year, and my mom was interested in joining eHarmony again. She sent them the following message:

To EHarmony

I was rejected when I was separated. Now I’m divorced. How can I change my status without retaking the questionnaire?

Thank you for contacting eHarmony Customer Care.

We’re so happy to hear that you are thinking of using our service. It’s a pleasure to assist you in changing your marital status. Since you are divorced, please reply with the county and state of your divorce proceedings, the name of the judge, and the date your divorce was finalized. We hope you understand that this information is very important in order to protect the integrity of our matching process. Once this information is received, we will be very happy to reset your Relationship Questionnaire for you. You will need to retake the questionnaire so that we can accurately assess your relationship needs and provide matches who are deeply compatible with you.

We look forward to helping you find the love of your life.


Yan V.
Customer Care

To EHarmony

Wow. Nevermind.

“Wow” is right! I guess those commercials weren’t exaggerating!


Anyone want to date Morgan’s mom?

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