There is a man in Brooklyn who is investigating everything he purchases.

The Mission: A year-long effort to meet the laborers and craftsmen who build what I buy – and put a human face on consumption. For every transaction, there must be a personal connection with someone along the production chain.

Sounds tiring. [Gothamist]


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  1. Tightlines says:

    Does he speak Chinese?

  2. SacraBos says:

    @Tightlines: Better yet, does he speak binary. So many things are made by machines these days. Part of the reason most products lack craftsmanship.

  3. Techguy1138 says:

    Please keep tracking this story and blog. I think it relevant to the readership here.

    I’d like to read more about this.

  4. DrGirlfriend says:

    Sounds tiring, but at least he gives a crap.

  5. mammalpants says:

    what an awesome idea.