Bush On The Recession: "The Average Person Doesn't Really Care What We Call It"

Do you care whether or not we’re in a recession? If so, do you care what people call whatever it is that we’re in? President Bush thinks that you don’t. He gave a press conference this morning in which he blasted congress for blocking his economy-fixing legislation, according to CNN:

“I repeatedly submitted proposal to help address the problems. Time after time, Congress chose to block them,” he said.

Bush called on Congress to send him sensible and effective bills to keep the country moving forward before taking questions from reporters.

Asked if he was premature in saying the economy is not in a recession, Bush said “the average person doesn’t really care what we call it.”

“The average person wants to know whether or not we know that they’re paying higher gasoline prices and they’re worried about staying in their homes,” he said.

Bush then went on to explain that he wants to end farm subsidies and give the government more authority to purchase student loans. Do you care what Bush calls the “economic slowdown”? Or is it enough that Alan Greenspan told CNBC that “we are in the throes of a recession?”

Bush says Congress blocking progress [CNN]

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