Apple Sends You Replacement Laptop With Broken Keyboard, Apologizes Wtih Free Sims 2

Terry writes:

I work in an IT dept at a tech company in Utah and we have about half Apple computers and half PCs. We had a 17″ MacBook Pro with a bad hard drive, so I sent it in with AppleCare and got it back within a couple days. They sent it back with a new hard drive, a new battery, and a broken keyboard! There was tape covering the tab, caps lock, and shift keys and when I lifted it off, the caps lock key came with it! (see picture)…

Also, many of the keys around the caps lock key were very sticky. So, one of the repair techs probably spilled something on the keyboard and then tried to clean it off, but took out the caps lock key in the process. So, I called them back and they were great! They said they wanted to make it up to me by giving me some free stuff. The rep offered me an Apple shirt, or a hat, or some software. I considered Adobe CS3 Premium, but figured that was pushing my luck. My wife wanted The Sims 2 for her MacBook, so asked for that. The next morning, it was at my desk! Apple has 2 new very impressed customers.

thesims2.jpgApple once again demonstrates the 3 stages of good customer service when something goes wrong
1. Apologize
2. Fix problem for reals
3. Offer item of material value to show you’re really sorry.

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