U.S. Debt Collecting Being Outsourced To India

The New York Times looks at the blossoming foreign market for debt collection services, and describes a call center in India where the employees are reminded to bring up the 2008 stimulus checks when they call U.S. households, and where everyone claps three times when the first “deal” of the day is made (“”Rajesh, for $35 a month for three months,” the supervisor yells across the center.)

So far the market is still small—maybe 5% of collections—but the Times says more contracts are in the pipeline, and that companies are also looking to Mexico, Romania, and the Phillipines. Delinquent mortgage loans will probably continue to be handled in the U.S. because they involve complex state and federal laws, but “credit card, auto and other debt are prime candidates for collection overseas.”

“Debt Collection Done From India Appeals to U.S. Agencies “ [New York Times] (Thanks to SSH!)
(Photo: Getty)

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