Spirit Air Burns Woman's Luggage

Sean writes, “Lost luggage? That’s so 1990’s… Spirit Air’s all about burning bags instead.”

According to the TampaBays10 news,

On a recent trip to Atlantic City aboard Spirit Airlines, [Barbara Blewitt] couldn’t believe what she saw when she arrived at baggage claim.
“I looked and there on the floor was my luggage,” says Blewitt who discovered her bag had been mysteriously burned.
“I said what does that mean, what happened here? My clothes are burned!”
Spirit Airlines gave Blewitt a “Baggage Irregularity Receipt” last month at the airport. She says she hasn’t heard from anyone at the airline since.

You know what this means: a new “No Luggage Burning” fee when you purchase your ticket. Otherwise they’re going to apparently use it as a cheap replacement for fuel.
“Passenger says airline BURNED her baggage” [TampaBays10]
(Photo: tampabays10.com)

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