McDonald's Employee Won't Let You Have It "Your Way" — Shoots You

The News On 6 in Tulsa, OK. reports that customer Jeff Cox was placed in intensive care after being shot by McDonald’s employee Erick Thurman at a Tulsa McDonald’s. The chain of unfortunate events began to unfold at approximately 2am on Sunday, April 13th. After waiting nearly an hour for her order, customer Makayla Hall returned to the drive-thru window to ask for a refund…

She was greeted by an angry, belligerent manager who cursed at her and then the two traded words. At approximately 3am an off-duty employee, Erick Thurman, got involved. “He then tried to come outside and charge us at the window,” Hall said. At which point, the apparently intoxicated Thurman began to escalate the confrontation. She recalls, “He (Thurman) was yelling obscenities at us, and asking us to do sexual things for him, and just calling us names, and things like that. Well we hear from the back, from the car behind us, hey, hey, you know, trying to get his attention.” The person in the car behind her was Jeff Cox. With his attention now on Cox, Thurman fired nine rounds into Cox’s car, hitting Cox, and thus landing him in intensive care. Hall believes the diversion by Cox saved her life, “I feel like an angel was over us. And he was our angel. But at the same time, where was his, you know? It’s just really emotional, really emotional,” said Hall. The shooter Erick Thurman, who has admitted to the crime, was arrested a few hours after the incident.

There are many good ways to professionally deal with customer complaints when things go wrong. Small weapons fire is not one of them.

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(Photo: The Joy Of The Mundane)