Comcast Decentralizing Network Support Groups?

A Comcast insider part of a network operations group tells me that Comcast is doing some behind the scenes reorganization and decentralization so as not to suck as much. The insider says:

“We used to be split into main support groups, East Noc/West Noc, one in Denver, one in Bishop’s Gate NJ. Most of that work is getting pushed out to local groups. The national groups are getting scaled down. Local groups getting scaled up. Should be better support all around for the network. It’s by no means a perfect company, no company is, but this is a good move for all. It’s giving the first responders the ability to do what needs to be done. Before we were the middle man in a wild chain of escalation. I can now personally take ownership of an issue should one occur in my market.”

If true, this a good move for Comcast that should improve network performance.

(Photo: largeprime)

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