"Apple Gave Me Back The Wrong Laptop!"

Jeff says an Apple Genius gave his girlfriend back the wrong computer!

When my girlfriend encountered problems turning on her laptop, she was frustrated with yet another problem. 6 months ago, her hard drive crashed and she had to have it turned over a couple days of repair at the Genius Bar at the King of Prussia, PA.

She also at that time bought the extended warranty for the computer.
So when we went to the Genius Bar on yesterday for service, we were surprised/confused that the invoice they had produced with the serial number of the computer was completely inaccurate. It contained an address and phone number of a person completely different than her computer.
On top of that, the warranty that she registered for her computer with Apple was not showing!
To me, it’s clear that they mixed up the computers. I don’t think my girlfriend should be responsible for the other persons wear-and-tear.
Also, I have no qualms about this becoming a story on the Consumerist. The Apple at King of Prussia needs to be called out for its horrible service and inadequate retail space.
footnote: I’m handling this for my girlfriend b/c she is super busy with work/school and is having a hard enough time adjusting to life without a working computer.

First of all, we think it’s hilarious to slight an Apple store for not having adequate retail space, since every Apple store we’ve been in has been about 80% bare wooden tabletop, 5% mechandise, and 15% zombified shoppers ogling the industrial design porn. But that’s beside the point, so here’s our advice:
Try to contact the person listed on the invoice. Explain the situation to him, and try to compare serial numbers. If he’s (rightfully) suspicious of giving you any information over the phone, you could simply ask him to call the Apple store to give them his serial number, or look online, to see whether or not the laptop he’s in possession of matches his warranty info. Chances are if you can reach this person, he’ll also have a vested interest in sorting out the mix-up.
If you don’t have the customer’s contact info and the Genius bar won’t give it to you, ask them to call on your behalf.
Readers, any other suggestions?
(Photo: Apple)

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