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  • Amazon: Bestselling Canon SD850 IS 8MP Camera $215 Shipped
  • Wall Street Journal: 75% off Wall Street Journal Subscription + up to 8 Free Weeks
  • Meritline: 2GB SD Card $10, 4GB SHDC $17, 2GB microSD $11 Shipped & More


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  1. b612markt says:

    For EVERYONE’S info – Meritline has a terrible track record of filling orders. They have great prices, but don’t place an order with them if you need the item urgently. Total rubbish customer support as well.

  2. lgg-777 says:

    After years of buying and eating Breyer’s Ice Cream, we have been forced to change brands.

    We always had atleast three different kinds of Breyer’s in our freezer at all times.

    Now they cut the size of the container and charge more for the ice cream.

    Sorry Breyer”s. You have lost a good customer.