James At Verizon Fiber Solutions Center Deserves A Cold Beer

James at Verizon Fiber Solutions Center, this is The Consumerist calling to say that you deserve a beer. One of our readers shared with us a story about how you went above and beyond the call of duty to get his router fixed. You could have just left Jeff with “the tech should arrive,” but instead you took a personal interest in Jeff’s case and got his problem solved. You rule. Jeff’s story, inside…

So I had an issue with FIOS – my router just seemed to go bad. I called in Friday night and spoke with “Eric” who confirmed that and set up a dispatch to get me a new router. “Eric” told me someone would be there between 8 and noon on Saturday. I got an automated call from Verizon around 9am asking me to call them regarding my “cannot connect” issue. I called back and got James at the Fiber Solutions Center. He wasn’t sure why that call came in, but he took a look at my ticket and suggested I wait for the tech as it was still early in the window. His first act of awesome customer service happened when I asked about ordering new services. He said that department was closed, but he would have someone give me a call in about an hour, when they opened.

An hour later, phone rings, and it’s James. He greets me by name and has someone from the orders department on the phone. He introduces us and then drops off. I was already amazed by that level of personal service.

Around 12:15p I started thinking about calling Verizon back, since it was now after my scheduled window. About five minutes later, the phone rings. It’s James again. Again, he greets me by name. He tells me he was looking at my ticket again and noticed that the dispatch was not set up correctly. He apologizes profusely (even though he didn’t set it up) and tells me they will have someone out there that day. He asks for my cell phone because he doesn’t want to inconvenience me any more than necessary and tells me that we can leave the house if we need to – he’ll have the tech call when he’s 20-30 minutes out.

James amazes me again! About five minutes after I hang up with James, I get a call from a cell phone. It’s the repair tech. He asks if we are home and tells me that he can be at my house within 15 minutes. He shows up about 10 minutes later, switches out the power adapter for the router, and we’re in business! All in all, that level of customer service was amazing! Unfortunately, it’s few and far between, but James certainly went the extra mile several times. He could have easily left it as the first call, and I probably would not have thought bad about him. After all that effort though, that man deserves a raise.. or at least a cold beer!

– Jeff

(Photo: Cayusa)


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  1. rochec says:

    Story must be fake. Verizon spy or something.

  2. homerjay says:

    I’d believe this if it happened in my area (northern MA) I’d believe it. Verizon around here is top notch.

  3. Wess says:

    Now if we just had a bigillion of those what u call “james” at verizon.

  4. mac-phisto says:

    sounds to me like in this tough job market, there’s no such thing as being “overqualified”.

    now if only james was promoted to a level where he could disseminate his jedi customer service skills, balance would be restored…

  5. rochec says:


    That seems to be the exact problem. Those who tend to do their jobs well get promoted to positions where they don’t have direct customer relations often and those who are causing all the problems are the ones who answer the phone.

    James needs a raise, not a promotion.

  6. Half Beast says:

    From one CSR/TSR to another, I raise my flagon to you James.

  7. overbysara says:

    the sad thing is… he will probably get in trouble for going around “procedures” or not getting more money out of the customer in fees. meaning james will move on to other pastures and verizon will still suck.

  8. Cyfun says:


    I second that. We need to keep the good techs on the phones, and not promoted into positions where they’re less useful to us.

  9. world-inferno says:

    i worked there (new england fios) doing the same job as ‘james’. it’s union job, and if you are good at matching the products with customer’s needs, you can make 80K+ and the benefits are amazing.

    i know when you call 1st level dsl tech support or verizon wireless you are dealing with an ill-equipped indian. but the business end and the residential and fiber are staffed with fairly smart and hard working people.

  10. Rachacha says:

    I have to agree with Homerjay, Verizon FIoS support has been awesome. I had a tech at my house trying to replicate an intermittent problem, spent a couple of hours checking signal lebels and every connection in the house, and was unable to replicate the issue. He left his card and asked me to call him back if there were any issues. About 1 hour later, the problem returned, and I called the tech’s cell phone. I fully expected to get “You will have to call customer service and schedule another appointment”, but what I got was “I’ll come back right after I finish up on this current job. Will you be there in an hour, or would it be more convenient for you if I came back later in the day?”.

    Verizon FIoS reps have always taken a personal interest in my problems (relating to FIoS that is…I pay my shrink for the other issues.)

  11. Hoss says:

    Jeff is very patient. I would have preferred that they let me bring the router to the local Verizon for replacement. Instead they make an appointment for him and screw it up. The “news” part of the story is that James is a nice person?

  12. mac-phisto says:

    @rochec: but you’re talking promotion in the sense that someone without his abilities will replace him & he will have no ability to affect real change among his subordinates.

    i’m talking promotion in the sense that he imparts & monitors these novel ideas of “returning phone calls” & “mobilizing company resources” for the benefit of the customers (& the company) to techs.

    it’s great that james is good at his job, but he’s using techniques that (while simple in concept) are rare in the industry. i would much rather see james train a dozen workers to respond in his manner than just have a single james answering the phone for the 1/100th of 1% of customers that call.

  13. STrRedWolf says:

    Definitely a beer of his choice!

  14. bvita says:

    I’ll bet that James worked for an outsourced vendor that provides support for Verizon. I don’t think tha thier corporate mentality would provide that level of training!

  15. flyingphotog says:

    My FIOS tech gave my their local direct-line for tech service, instead of making me call their “call center”. Always got through on 1-2 rings and always got spectacular service.

  16. heavylee-again says:

    Cheers to James.

  17. sgodun says:

    It’s a sad, sad day when what I would expect to be a reasonable level of support is lauded as being exceptionally outstanding.

  18. picardia says:

    James = argument for cloning.

  19. ThunderRoad says:

    Hey Verizon – This is how you KEEP customers and get new ones!

    Hey Verizon – NOT this is how you lose customers and NEVER get new ones!

    Pretty simple, you’d think.

  20. Jonax says:

    Back when I used to do a similar job in a seperate industry, it surprisingly became easier to help others when I took an active interest in solving their issues. Once they realised I gave a damn, clients became more open about issues, and down the line it helped keep them with us and praising the support.

    From a former CSR to an existing one, I raise my glass to James.

  21. manus manum lavat says:

    @bvita: “I’ll bet that James worked for an outsourced vendor that provides support for Verizon. I don’t think tha thier corporate mentality would provide that level of training!”

    Nope, he’s not outsourced, I work in the same Verizon Fios center he does. He’s a good guy and deserves all the lauds he’s currently getting. Go, James!

  22. schnoodle says:

    Oh James, where were you when I needed someone, anyone at Verizon who cared. Perhaps the FIOS folks here in Texas were out-to-lunch while I waited on hold for ONE HOUR before hanging up. Or maybe it was their completely screwed up billing system that put me in the queue to nowhere. That’s right – that hard copy FIOS bill with my (divorced and current) name and account number on it? Let me count the number of times I was told that’s an invalid number. Oh but they could locate a defunct account for me in my former married name. And let’s talk about Roy – the smart mouthed rep whose managers were all conveniently in a “meeting”. That’s OK because Roy was quick to point out that even though their billing system is hosed, they’re not idiots I am because I should have known everything is tied to a home phone #. That’s why that’s the first question you’re asked. I should’ve called them and had my accounts disassociated from that number before transferring it over to AT&T. What Roy didn’t know was I went to AT&T after the debacle that is Verizon Voice Wing. Oh I could go on for pages about the joys of dealing with Verizon but alas, I switched to Time Warner today.

  23. easydoesit says:

    Way to go James, keep up the good work, represent