James At Verizon Fiber Solutions Center Deserves A Cold Beer

James at Verizon Fiber Solutions Center, this is The Consumerist calling to say that you deserve a beer. One of our readers shared with us a story about how you went above and beyond the call of duty to get his router fixed. You could have just left Jeff with “the tech should arrive,” but instead you took a personal interest in Jeff’s case and got his problem solved. You rule. Jeff’s story, inside…

So I had an issue with FIOS – my router just seemed to go bad. I called in Friday night and spoke with “Eric” who confirmed that and set up a dispatch to get me a new router. “Eric” told me someone would be there between 8 and noon on Saturday. I got an automated call from Verizon around 9am asking me to call them regarding my “cannot connect” issue. I called back and got James at the Fiber Solutions Center. He wasn’t sure why that call came in, but he took a look at my ticket and suggested I wait for the tech as it was still early in the window. His first act of awesome customer service happened when I asked about ordering new services. He said that department was closed, but he would have someone give me a call in about an hour, when they opened.

An hour later, phone rings, and it’s James. He greets me by name and has someone from the orders department on the phone. He introduces us and then drops off. I was already amazed by that level of personal service.

Around 12:15p I started thinking about calling Verizon back, since it was now after my scheduled window. About five minutes later, the phone rings. It’s James again. Again, he greets me by name. He tells me he was looking at my ticket again and noticed that the dispatch was not set up correctly. He apologizes profusely (even though he didn’t set it up) and tells me they will have someone out there that day. He asks for my cell phone because he doesn’t want to inconvenience me any more than necessary and tells me that we can leave the house if we need to – he’ll have the tech call when he’s 20-30 minutes out.

James amazes me again! About five minutes after I hang up with James, I get a call from a cell phone. It’s the repair tech. He asks if we are home and tells me that he can be at my house within 15 minutes. He shows up about 10 minutes later, switches out the power adapter for the router, and we’re in business! All in all, that level of customer service was amazing! Unfortunately, it’s few and far between, but James certainly went the extra mile several times. He could have easily left it as the first call, and I probably would not have thought bad about him. After all that effort though, that man deserves a raise.. or at least a cold beer!

– Jeff

(Photo: Cayusa)