Comcast Trawling Blogs And Twitter For Customer Complaints

The sometimes customer service deficient cable company Comcast has a new “fireman” whose job is to respond when people blog or Twitter their customer complaints. Frank Eliason’s unenviable task is to watch the blogosphere and reach out to posters when they kvetch about Comcast. He’s a nice guy, he’s reached out to help some our reader’s posted complaints, but he’s not omnipotent. This article covers two people customers contacted by Eliason. One of them got their problem solved within a day, the other was still waiting for a solution a work-week later. It is Comcast, after all. Still, if regular customer service isn’t helping you, try blogging or Twittering your problem and maybe the magic customer service fairy will visit you! Also, his Twitter profile is comcastcares and his email is

Comcast’s big push to repair its image []