Let Best Buy 'Professionally Install' Your XBox Games

Are you one of the tens of customers who has trouble inserting their XBox 360 games? Do you find the whole concept of optical media frightening? Well, Best Buy has a service for you! For a low, low price, Best Buy will come to your home and professionally install those complex XBox games.

Tipster Michael writes:

Apparently the local Best Buy has an unbeatable service option for you. Looks like they will come to your house and insert your game to your 360 for you. Wonder how much they would charge to turn it on and put the controller in my hand?

Fie on anyone who says these signs are misplaced. This is a revolutionary new service that will do for game installation what Game Genie did for gameplay. Just you wait and see…


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  1. scottyboy218 says:

    I can’t believe this is an actual post. Best Buy just re-uses those shells for many things, such as PC software.

  2. TheNinja256 says:

    Amazing! Will they bring snacks?

  3. phanstar70 says:

    Now there is a service I’d buy!!! I always forget to let go of the damn disc when I put it in. I sure could use the professionals at Best Buy to show me proper “releasing of disc” techniques.

    I work at Circuit City and even WE wouldn’t be so dumb as to do that…though maybe we’re missing out on a huge potential market…hmmmmm…I better go tell my managers!

  4. mejimmy says:

    if the local best buy has the service here i am so going to do it just prove my laziness even more to my friends as to how they shit when i bought a harmony 1000

  5. WhiteRabbit says:

    I’d love to see someone actually take them up on that offer, just to be an ass. LOL.

  6. meltyman says:

    Damn, i wish i had this when i had my ps1 and NES, who knows, maybe i wouldnt have had to blow so many cartridges or turn the ps over so many time when I could have had a professional install the games

  7. Myotheralt says:

    the 360 uses a tray, now the ps3 and wii have a slotload

  8. Nate00 says:

    i dont know what tops my hate for best buy….besides best buy itself. Geek squad are a bunch of idiots, the employee’s usually dont know a lick of anything that has to do with computers. Plus the fact that they try to sell their warranties up the ass. The fact i have to say NO more then 3 times is unexceptable. Let us install all the updates on your pc for 40 bucks, yea…ok…you wanna spoon feed me my lunch too? how much are you charging to do that? because god knows i cant do it myself.

  9. TheFlamingCarrot says:

    I agree with scottyboy218. Anyone could have put these on anything and claimed they offer this service. If this were say, April 1st posting this as news would be funny. But if Kotaku is a venue for people to read “real” gaming news then maybe you need some journalists who will check sources.

  10. Dobernala says:

    So did anyone actually ask for this service to see how much it costs??

  11. zomgorly says:

    Best Buy staff probably do this as a joke.

  12. highfloydelity says:

    @Obsolete Model: What “sources” need checked? It’s a picture and the post is meant to be funny. Lighten up, it’s Sunday.

  13. Anonymous says:

    @Obsolete Model: First off, this is not Kotaku, this is Consumerist. Secondly, this post isn’t trying to emulate Woodward and Bernstein, it is a funny piece and something that definitely falls under the wide umbrella of Consumerist and Kotaku. Relax.

  14. zomgorly says:

    Best Buy staff probably do this as a joke just to see if anyone would be willing to ask for this service.

  15. TC says:

    Well this packaging would make sense on PS3 games sadly. Just looks like a company reusing PC software packaging on their games – fascinating stuff.

  16. ptkdude says:

    I do actually tend to try to put the dics in my Wii wrong side “up”, since the slot in vertical instead of horizontal.

  17. arkangel318 says:

    I dunno, this might lead to future topics, like “Best Buy Tech Gets Big Greasy Fingerprint On Your Game Disc During ‘Professional Install’, Scratches It During Cleaning, Refuses To Replace It.”

  18. Ulquiorra Schiffer says:

    Silly Best buy…

  19. scoosdad says:


    Plus the fact that they try to sell their warranties up the ass.

    I look at it this way (and I’m not defending Best Buy or others for selling them): Those warranties are almost pure profit for those guys. They’re optional, and if selling those warranties to a few clueless people means that the rest of the products can be sold for just a little bit less money to the rest of us who don’t buy them, then what’s the big deal unless you’re the sucker who fell for it.

  20. Rachacha says:

    Call me when BestBuy starts placing “Let Us Open It” stickers on products sold in blister packs.

  21. nequam says:

    I’m embarrassed (almost) to say that I can’t stop laughing about this.

  22. Trai_Dep says:

    I laughed at Grandma when she came into the living room with her shiny new Orange Box box and the blue-shirted guy put the controller in her arthritic hands to show how to select a low-ping server.
    Now I cry bitter tears of shame as her Pyro burns my Spy to a smoking husk. Every. Damned. TIME!!

  23. badhatharry says:

    Cool. I wonder if I can get them to install other things, like toothpaste, toilet paper, or condoms.

  24. thirdbase says:

    @ scottyboy and the flaming carrot: I guess it’s fie on you

  25. @Rachacha: That’s funny! I should Photoshop some stickers like that and head to my local BB.

  26. grimparrot says:

    I wouldn’t laugh too hard if I were you. I manage a Game Crazy store and a couple weeks ago I had a customer who was a disabled vet living alone who, while he could play games fine, couldn’t physically set up the deck.

    Of course I set it up for him for free because we just like our customers, but there probably is some small demand for such a service and since they have the mobile geek squad “service” infrastructure in place its not a bad idea.

  27. Ragman says:

    And after they “install” my game, they can hold my drink, give me game hints, and handle the bedpan so I don’t have to pause the game.

    Think South Park WOW episode. :P

  28. Vulpine says:

    To grimparrot:

    I’m not going to laugh when it’s someone who really needs such a service, but when a company has become so laughable not only at their so-obvious lack of attention but their even worse reputation for abusing what should have been a true feature for their business, you really have to wonder what the company management has to think about their employees.

    I really can’t believe that it is company policy to put game disks in sleeves designed for PC software; even if the jewel cases are the same size. This reeks of lazy, lackadaisical work by the employees and even worse management. It has turned a company that was once lauded for its electronic knowledge into one people tend to ignore unless they can’t find what they want anywhere else.

  29. akalish says:

    @WhiteRabbit: I want to see someone take them up on their offer and then complain that the “installation” wasn’t done correctly. Could you imagine? Lol.

  30. BlueModred says:

    These cases are also used for PC/laptop ram.
    No story.

  31. Buran says:

    @BlueModred: And “let us install it” has been offered for various software by various big box stores for years. What’s new here?

  32. silentnight913 says:

    A few years ago I purchased an external hard drive from Best Buy that had one of these stickers on the box. I was slightly amused because there was a plug and play label on the box too.

  33. Xkeeper says:

    @scottyboy218: It’s a Sunday (i.e., slow news day). Heh.

  34. pssshwhatever says:

    @BlueModred: I was just about to say that. I’m a line-level Best Buy employee (and college student) and it’s a complete waste of my time to scrape stickers off of cases when we have to use them for a different product, particularly since everyone complains about the service at Best Buy anyway. Although some days I’d much rather be sitting in the warehouse with some Goo Gone and a razor blade scraping stickers than talking to some of our mouth-breathing customers…

  35. ChuckECheese says:

    On behalf of those of us whose arms are painted on, I applaud The Consumerist for bringing this essential service to our attention.

  36. taken says:

    Sorry guys, gonna be a party pooper here, the title doesn’t quite match the contents of the post itself. Xbox and Xbox 360 are quite different products which have been marketed and advertised at different times and under different conditions. When referring to simply “Xbox” you’re referring to a family of products instead of just one line, i.e “Xbox”. The article’s body only refers to Xbox 360 which is a product line, not a product family as is depicted in the title.

  37. Decaye says:

    Haha, I sent in basically this story a month or two ago, with The Darkness. PC games/Operating Systems wouldn’t fit in those cases, so it’s just games that go in them. Geek Squad is just populated by very stupid people.


  38. BugMeNot2 says:

    I could have sworn I’ve already seen a post like this months ago with comments explaining that these cases are reused for all kinds of products, including ones that require “real” installation.. Maybe it was on Digg or Reddit..

  39. mobbo says:

    I’m getting pretty sick of people saying “Geek Squad is full of stupid people”. I very recently left Geek Squad for a higher paying IT Manager position with a large company. While I was at Geek Squad I received multiple professional certifications, repaired THOUSANDS of computers with only a handful of complaints (mostly the customer’s fault), and I received priceless experience that I pull from every day to save my current employer tons of money and lost productivity. The co-workers I left behind were young college students just trying to make ends meet doing something they love and they are damn good at what they do. I owe Geek Squad a lot considering the amount of crap I put up with from STUPID customers and their kiddie-porn infested PC’s with LimeWire and 8 IE toolbars wondering why they have viruses and spyware. Um… could it be that you always hit “Yes” to every ActiveX control you see?

    Please refrain from making blanket statements about a service just because SOME people in the service probably shouldn’t be there. I guarantee every office has some idiot or two that should not be there… but wouldn’t you be offended if someone called your entire company “a bunch of stupid people”? But how is that the fault of the talented agents? Do they deserve to be called “stupid” too?

    Also, I’m getting pretty sick of these posts berating a store for a labelling mistake. This site used to have lots of great posts that solved problems for legitimate wrong-doing… but lately it has just been sensationalist story one after the other.


  40. josh924 says:

    @phanstar70: No, of course not. Circuit City is above that kind of crap.



  41. Wreckoner says:

    @mobbo: I actually appreciate this. As someone who provided tech solutions in a former job, and with a girlfriend who works the Genius Bar at an Apple Store, I salute you.

  42. SomeoneGNU says:

    OMG! BEST BUY! *runs and gets torch* It’s a good ol’ fashion Best Buy Bashing Fest! Boy did Christmas come early.

    Seriously, for the people who are actually taking this seriously, lighten up. If this adds to your “hate” of Best Buy then I seriously feel sorry for you. Not to mention that I feel sorry for you that you have enough free time and energy in your life to “hate” a corporation with such passion.

    Guess someone solved world hunger while I slept last night, huh?

  43. wellfleet says:

    @Nate00: what’s *unacceptable* is you calling people who can spell unacceptable idiots. Look in the mirror lately? These shells are reused for many different things. These probably had RAM in them at some point. What an incredibly well-researched story. Way to keep us consumers safe!

  44. Trai_Dep says:

    @taken: I doubt geekitude of your level will be surpassed on these forums for all of 2008. Might want to reconsider your approach if you want a prayer of getting “lucky”.
    (And no, I’m not talking about luck in your WoW respawning point)

  45. pssshwhatever says:

    @ComradePhate: They also fit computer memory, which, last I checked, is not a game.

    And also, assuming that everyone that works at Best Buy is stupid because you’ve had a bad experience is like implying that every commenter here is a moron because every now and then, you run across one that’s absolutely retarded.

    Not that I’m intimating anything.

  46. chenry says:

    In Best Buy’s defense, I think they just stuck those stickers on every security case. ‘Cos PC software is coming in those thin dvd boxes.

    Or, Best Buy really is that dumb.

  47. oregongal says:

    Yeah but do they do back/neck rubs when your body gets all knotted up from inactivity? Mmmm yeah that might almost make it worth it lol.

    Oh and yeah its Sunday, lighten up folks geez.

  48. spinachdip says:

    I understand why that happens – those plastic shells are used for different types of product. From a consumer standpoint, other than a chance to have a cheap laugh, it’s not a big deal.

    But from an aesthetic, and more crucially, branding point of view, they’re horrible. Video game companies spend a not-insignificant amount of resources to create the package design because, for the same reason that Apple forgoes money from Intel by not participating in the “Intel Inside” sticker program, they clearly see value in how their product is presented in the store. So they should be mildly pissed that a retailer is obscuring the packaging with store branding, branding that’s completely unrelated to the product at that.

    So it’s not so much about Best Buy being stupid, but more about Best Buy not caring about its suppliers.

  49. Pink Puppet says:

    @mobbo: As a general rule, Geek Squad is horribly ineffective, rather corrupt, and quite over-priced. (It isn’t even necessarily the fault of the Geeks in question, but bad management.) I don’t think anyone intends to say every single employee fits that criteria, and thusly you shouldn’t take it as an insult to yourself or your coworkers.

    I was once a Sprint CSR, and I think we all know how much THOSE are hated. I know I wasn’t a horrible person that caused troubles for my customers, but that doesn’t negate the fact that many of my coworkers fit the stereotype.

    Just remember they aren’t talking about you. And congrats on the new job. <3

  50. Rask says:

    It’s a good thing Best Buy doesn’t sell condoms…

  51. Trai_Dep says:

    @Rask: Phew indeed. That’s an awfully large sticker considering the national average…
    Well, it’s Sunday. I’ll leave the rest unsaid.

  52. nequam says:

    @mobbo: Your reference to stupid customers validates your entire comment.

    The reason a person goes to Geek Squad is because they don’t understand what went (or what they did) wrong.

    If the posts and comments of this site were all to be qualified by your “one rotten apple doesn’t spoil the bunch” rule, there would be hardly nothing here at all. I think the readers are bright enough to recognize truly isolated incidents. And, frankly, the criticism of Geek Squad is corroborated by the many articles (lest us not forget the file stealing scandal, which was company-wide).

    Clearly you are intelligent. And obviously Best Buy is not staffed by morons. But that’s just the point. The Geek Squad problems are newsworthy and troubling because the employees are intelligent — and, thus, should know better. Similarly, this post is funny because a presumably literate person placed these stickers on these game packages without recognizing the senselessness. It’s such a simple matter, that the error is hard to dismiss without a chuckle.

  53. nequam says:

    @nequam: “lest WE”

  54. bohemian says:

    @mobbo: Uh mobbo what “professional” certifications would that be that you got through Geek Squad?

  55. spinachdip says:

    @mobbo: I think, individually, Geek Squad employees may not be total fucktards, but it’s not unreasonable to say that the company suffers from institutional stupidity that affects the entire business, down to the techs. It’s not easy to run a tech support division that isn’t a loss leader without ripping customers off, and Best Buy has tried to do it by cutting corners and emphasizing salespeople over engineers. That leads to lower morale, unqualified techs, diminished commitment to customer service, and ultimately, stupidity.

  56. dasunst3r says:

    I think that this belongs to the “funny” category. This is not exactly bad.

  57. Trai_Dep says:

    @bohemian: Theft, larceny & fraud (certified by local constabulary and the NYC State Attorney General).

  58. ophmarketing says:

    Even if it was supposed to go on a regular software package, how does “let us install it” enter into the picture? I mean, do they come over to your house, double click the “Install” icon, press “Accept” and walk away?

  59. TPK says:

    This is funny… the reason, while plausible, makes no difference! They may just as well put the same sticker on their CDs and DVDs! Imagine the reaction to that.

    The fact is that it makes no sense to sell an installation for this product, and every time a low-level employee or customer notices it, and is then ignored by a manager when it is pointed out to be corrected, just reinforces all over again these sad stereotypes of Best Buy.

    If they were all that… they’d see how silly it looked and fix the problem! It’s a no brainer.

  60. I am actually the person who sent this picture in. I had no idea that so many people would take it as a serious complaint or story. I just found myself giggling when I thought “What would they do to install this a 360 game?” So I snapped a picture and sent it in.
    I don’t care for any of the big-box electronics stores, but I still shop there occasionally. I always look at it from an individual service perspective. The only time that I am really going to walk out of one of those stores is when the service people actively tell me something I know is false.
    I had a Circuit City person tell me that the difference between a DVD R- and DVD R+- is that the R+- handles stereo better. I have also had a Best Buy person tell me tell me that I needed to upgrade to Vista so that I could use a “Vista compatible” memory card. At the same time, I have had some people go above and beyond to help me find the product I needed, so I do know that your mileage may vary and I do my research ahead of time.

  61. DoktorGoku says:

    The level of white-knighting in the comments shows me that some people are a little too defensive. I wonder why…

  62. Shadowfire says:

    Wait wait wait… why are you putting the disc in the cup holder?

  63. spinachdip says:

    @DoktorGoku: For whatever reason, there are readers on this site who think every post is Very, Very Serious and an indictment against corporate America, and don’t seem to understand that some posts are meant to be simply informative, and some are just meant to be downright goofy.

  64. Pro-Pain says:

    @ mobbo – Would you like a Percocet? I have an extra…

  65. thesuperpet says:

    @scottyboy218: See I used to work at Best Buy. I used to put the games in those cases before they went out on the floor. You know what? if one had that sticker on it, I’d put it something relevent in it, not use it for games.
    Silly post, but also lazy employees.

  66. wellfleet says:

    @Shadowfire: you would be amazed… I run our GS precinct and 80% of our customers don’t know how to do something as simple as putting in a disc and hitting install. We have people buying their first ever computers, people who say they don’t like “the Veesta”, people who DO think it’s a cup holder, and a guy who didn’t realize that a disc has to click into his laptop’s optical drive, so he tried to (in his words) customize it. Yes, he sanded the middle hole bigger with a sander.
    You guys assume that everyone had a modicum of computer knowledge and it’s simply untrue.
    We have lots and lots of satisfied customers. They go home and are happy and tell some friends. The few unhappy ones complain to everyone. It’s perfectly normal, but also perfectly absurd that your poor experience equals thousands of agents being “fucktards”. I would pit my agents against any tech with confidence.
    And I couldn’t care less about our customers’ nasty taste in porn. If I want some, I can get my own.

  67. Endersion says:

    You don’t think we realize this?
    The point is how incredibly stupid Best Buy is for making this mistake. How hard would it have been to order one of your minimum wage workers to peel the stickers off your old shells so the company doesn’t look like they have no idea how a video game console works?

  68. Endersion says:

    @wellfleet: Is this guy serious? You think you have to install video games on consoles?… and you work at Best Buy? Gofigure.

  69. mockidol says:


    Haha, I sent in basically bought RAM in a case like this a month or two ago. PC RAM totally would in those cases, so it’s just obvious what happened. The Internet is just populated by very stupid people.


  70. eperez says:

    I agree with you wellfleet. I used to be a CIA Senior until I was promoted to supervisor in another department.

    Most people think that just because they can do some of the services that we offer, everyone can.

    In this case, of course Geek Squad doesn’t offer a service to install games. We reuse those cases for multiple items including RAM, which was probably what that was used for.

  71. shawnj says:

    newsflash – there actually are mothers and fathers out there who feel more comfortable paying to have someone come out and plug the system in for them.

  72. nequam says:

    @shawnj: But these are individual games.

    Place disk on retractable cup holder. That sort of thing.

  73. MyEasyTV says:

    They slap those stickers on to software and hardware – so it’s not like they thought about it (I’m assuming of course).

  74. Ragman says:

    Some of you are taking this way too seriously. Look at the tags: it’s listed under “silly”. It’s a humorous article, not an “OMFG they’re actually trying to push this service” article.

  75. FLConsumer says:

    Can we get some of those on batteries while we’re at it?

  76. Kwitch says:

    from a geek squad employee (me):

    Best buy stores receive resupply for things like those stickers about once every 8-12 weeks. max. kinda hard to tear them off those cases as well. It’s not so much a laziness thing, they’re almost asking us not to take them off. management cares about sales, we really don’t, but w/e.

    As for putting those games in those cases and people who don’t like it: tough. seriously, every single best buy regardless of neighborhood has at least 2-3 thousand dollars of shrink (see: theft) per day/week. Even these games when they ARE in the cases… We’ve caught people with duct tape lined large purses smuggling out the sensor-boxed games ten or so at a time. It’s a shame, but being a big retailer means you’re a target of theft, and you kind of have to have them in those cases.

    I would rather buy an unopened game that’s in a plastic anti-theft case than an opened dvd sleeve that someone has taken the game disk out and done who knows what with it and/or any registration info it comes with (see:EB Games).

  77. Draconianspark says:

    One of the things that’s quite funny is that, at least at the BBY I worked at, anybody who purchased, say, counterstrike, they would want us to upsell to a wireless networking setup. Makes sense with call of duty, they’d probably try to upsell a $300 wireless ‘super gaming’ install for the xbox

  78. raulcleary says:

    This is the company that lists its prices as: $159 dollars to “install” an MP3 player (or to move a working printer across the room — I called just to be sure) and $150 to program a TV remote control. While I get that these are reused cases and the post is meant to be silly, but BestBuy wouldn’t say no if you asked for the service because they’re happy to take real money from people who need a little free advice.

  79. freejazz38 says:

    The REALLY sad thing: There are morons who would actually PAY FOR THIS! The same idiots who use the Geek Squad and think they are getting a professional. Fireslog will install your GPS too! hahahahahaha Morons abound!

  80. TDubb says:

    for all you people that are making fun of this post: keep in mind that they have people who professionally install stuff in homes get the installation of their tv or computer or appliance just because they don’t want to mess with it. either that or the don’t want to go home and “work” – also sometimes you get someone’s little old gray-haired grandmother that just wants to get on her email and ebay. it’s a matter of having the service available to those that need/want it. or just plain too lazy to do otherwise.

    The whole “warranty” thing: yeah to those that worship their equipment it may not be a great deal for them. but when something DOES break(i.e. you drop your laptop) you’d be glad you had the “Performance Service Plan”

  81. Nighthawke says:

    *ElectroMouse holds up a sign:*

    “They are nuts! They have fabricated this… FICTION to keep themselves afloat! They know NOTHING!”

    To paraphrase the insane Jim Cramer of Mad Money fame…

  82. BigElectricCat says:

    If you pay for installation, are they going to try to upsell you on the extended warranty? ‘Cause, like, I can see all kinds of mischief possibilities arising from *that.*

  83. CapitalC says:

    “I keep installing my discs upside-down, I wish there was someone I could hire to help me…”

  84. Mr. Gunn says:

    Rachacha: How about installing a pizza and a 6-pack? I’d pay for that, but I’d want the extended warranty.

  85. Vroomtrap says:

    When I just graduated college (Virginia Tech) and was looking for a Job, 4 best buys turned me down. I COULDA BEEN A GAME INSTALLER!

  86. thedap says:

    @pinkpuppet: I agree with the overpricing. I started my own PC repair business on the SHEER FACT that Geek Squad is way overpriced for the average consumer. My prices are basically half of GS and I get a ton of business because of it.

  87. kelptocratic says:

    Throw in a well-made martini and I’ll consider it.

  88. dzaussome says:

    What the hell is an XBox? Surely you mean an Xbox?

  89. silyman1 says:

    I was an employee of the illustrious best buy for years. yes, the “let us install it” stickers are for Computer RAM, something that many people do need help with. Not everyone is capable or comfortable with opening up their computer. So yeah, no big deal. Just funny.

  90. Anonymous says:

    I work at Best Buy.
    We offer that for installing your Systems, as well as updating and patching your games you buy.
    It’s mainly used for when someone buys a system and a game.
    But if someone really wants us to just come and update their games they buy.
    We’ll do it.
    Don’t bash it my friend, plenty of people do it.

  91. SunayaniBattus says:

    reused security boxes – yes, probable

    Spoof photo – maybe

    photoshopped – I will kill anyone who says ‘photoshopped’

    BUT I bet there are people out there who will have trouble putting a disc into a game machine or anything else that has a CD tray slottable or not. It is the same with mobile phones, ask your parents or older colleagues what functions they use on them and it will be phone calls and SMS….. not a jot more even though it probably costs as much as a low end laptop. Same with CDs, lots of ‘young’ people assume that it is obvious what to do with the disc but it often isn’t for older people who didn’t grow up with all this tech. I’d love to see what the average 18 year old would do if I asked him to record a vinyl record onto cassette, using a home stereo circa 1982, for me…. probably F**k it up big time

  92. batsy says:

    I don’t think Consumerist is avidly touting the validity of the offer. It’s just a funny picture.