There’s a tragic shortage of special kosher-for-Passover margarine going on… which reminds us that we need to buy some delicious kosher-for-Passover Coca-Cola. No corn syrup, only delicious cane sugar. Mmmm. [WSJ]


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  1. somuch says:

    margarine? feh!

    I have 30 bottles of passover coke stockpiled already. I’ll try to get a few more after passover. I love serving it at parties.

  2. zsouthboy says:

    How do you tell if its with sugar or not?

    The cap color, right?

    I can’t remember.

  3. CyGuy says:

    Passover Coke [] is made with real sugar (sucrose), but not necessarily with cane sugar. It can also be made with beet sugar or with both beet and cane sugars. []

  4. Pinget says:

    Call a spade a spade. Coke with sugar = Old Coke. Coke with HFCS = New Coke. Yes, that’s why they did all that. You didn’t really think they’re that dumb, did you?

  5. rachaeljean says:

    Costco has been selling Mexican Coke (which my husband delights in saying he’s “smuggling”) for the past month or so, at $17 a case! Previously to this, we had been going to Cash & Carry to get our pure sugar fix, where it was $19/case.

    Also, it comes in neat glass bottles that say “Refresco! No retornable!” :)

  6. Beerad says:

    @zsouthboy: Yeah, IIRC the cap color is yellow, or at least it was in years past. For some reason I wasn’t able to find any last year. In Brooklyn. Go figure.

  7. BloggyMcBlogBlog says:

    I couldn’t find any in the Chicagoland area. Any suggestions?

  8. MsCongeniality says:

    There’s a straight up shortage of margarine, but other KP foods have been hard to find as well. This year, I’ve bought things at five different grocery stores, and searched at couple of others, to get the same foods I normally get from two stores and there’s STILL things I’m not able to find.

  9. Caduceus says:

    OOg, Passover Coke. Bought it by accident when I lived in Brooklyn.

  10. Buran says:

    @zsouthboy: The ingredient list is a big giveaway…

    I have three bottles. I need to get some more.

  11. bodah says:

    In Cincinnati the cap is white, but it does say IIRC, and the label says sucrose.

  12. boone says:

    Lots of Passover Coke to be had in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I just stocked up at the Corner Market on Wythe and Division.

  13. rmz says:

    Oh damn, thanks for the reminder. I’m going to buy a ton tonight and build a stock in my pantry.

  14. AvWuff says:

    You could just move to Canada, where pretty much all of our drinks and candies are made with real sugar, 365 days a year :)

  15. rachaeljean says:

    @AvWuff: Oooh sure, rub it in, Canuck! ;)

    Seriously, I would. But my husband is afraid of the bobbing heads. =/

  16. Indecision says:

    @Pinget: “Call a spade a spade. Coke with sugar = Old Coke. Coke with HFCS = New Coke. Yes, that’s why they did all that.”

    No, it isn’t. When New Coke was introduced, most bottlers were already using HFCS. The bottlers who weren’t did use the re-introduction of Coke Classic as an excuse to switch (since they had to modify their lines again anyway), but they would have switched to HFCS in time regardless.


    And if you don’t like Wikipedia, Snopes also has something to say about it:

    In 1980, five years before the introduction of New Coke, half the cane sugar in Coca-Cola had been replaced with high fructose corn syrup. By six months prior to New Coke’s knocking the original Coca-Cola off the shelves, there was no cane sugar in American Coca-Cola.

  17. fever says:

    You can get this any day of the year at any place serving Coke from Mexico. And yes, it does taste horrible.