Only Sirius's CEO Knows Where The Extra Tape Is

Reader Hayden had to email the CEO of Sirius radio just to get them to ship him some replacement adhesive backing for his car radio. Every homebrewed solution he tried couldn’t get his Sirius radio to stick to his dashboard. When he called Sirius, he got bounced around between disconnections, robots, people who couldn’t speak English, a guy who insisted Sirius didn’t have stock any replacement tape. So Hayden kicked it straight to the man at the top with a nice cogent complaint letter, cc’d to us, various Sirius execs, the BBB, the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, and some popular gadget blogs. Apparently that’s what it takes to get some replacement tape. His complaint letter, inside…

Mel Karmazin
Chief Executive Officer
Sirius Satellite Radio
1221 Avenue of the Americas, 36th Floor
New York, NY 10020
Phone: (212) 584-5100
Fax: (212) 584-5200

I have been a Sirius subscriber since December 2005. I added a second receiver to my subscription in 2007 (account # [redacted]).

I own two Sirius Stratus Dock & Play receivers (model# SV3TK1).

The adhesive backing that ships with these models that allows customers to mount the dock to their dashboard or windshield each failed within 1 – 3 months of my radio purchases.

I have tried every store-bought solution to re-affix my Sirius Stratus radios, including double-sided tape, crazy glue, and mounting putty. None have been effective.

I am unwilling to drill holes in my vehicle dashboards, affecting the resale value of my cars, to mount my Sirius radios, which I typically upgrade every 12 – 24 months.

I have been unable to enjoy my Sirius Stratus radios or my Sirius subscription for more than four months on one radio (ESN [redacted]) and two months on another (ESN [redacted]).

On April 14th, I contacted Sirius to inquire about shipping me a replacement adhesive backing. While the backing that shipped with my radios did fail within 1 -3 months, it did allow me to enjoy my Sirius Stratus radio and Sirius subscription in the mean time.

I contacted the Sirius sales department at 1-888-539-7474. The Hispanic female who answered my call was barely intelligible and I was unable to communicate to her exactly what I needed, even using words such as “tape”, “adhesive”, “backing”, and “vehicle mount”. Eventually I asked for the “parts department” and I was instructed to call 1-800-869-5187.

I called 1-800-869-5187 and dialed the prompt for technical support. The computer system asked me for my phone number, which I entered, but then the system prompted me to make a payment on my zero ($0) balance and gave me no other options. I dialed 0 several times and was able to reach a customer support representative, who placed me on hold and then I was disconnected.

I called 1-888-539-7474 back and was disconnected while holding for a representative.

I called 1-888-539-7474 a third time. Explaining exactly what I needed a third time, I was instructed to call 1-800-422-7142.

I called 1-800-422-7142 and spoke with Robert. He informed me that Sirius does not stock tape and even though the vehicle mount was included with my Sirius Stratus radios, it is not covered under warranty and could not be replaced.

This experience was very frustrating.

As a long-time Sirius subscriber, I would appreciate it if Sirius would kindly ship me two replacement adhesive backings for my Sirius Stratus Dock & Play radios, replace the vehicle dock part, or replace the radios completely. Please ship two of them to my home address below.

I also ask you to consider crediting my Sirius subscription service for the three months I have been unable to enjoy my Sirius Stratus radio or subscription due to your products defects and as a gesture of good will following my poor customer service experience.

As someone who regularly makes technology recommendations to friends and family, your response or lack thereof may impact whether or not I recommend Sirius satellite radio to them in the future, let alone maintain my subscription. Some of them CC’d on this email, in addition to popular consumer product and technology publications.

I look forward to your response by week’s end, Friday, April 18th. I can be reached on my cell phone at [redacted} or by email at [redacted].


Hayden [redacted]
[contact info redacted]

James E. Meyer
President, Operations and Sales

Scott Greenstein
President, Entertainment and Sports

Jim Collins
Vice President, Corporate Communications

BBB of Metro NY Complaint # 6313789
Fax: (212) 477-4912

Georgia Governors Office of Consumer Affairs
Fax: (404) 651-9018

The Consumerist

The letter was a success. Two days later, two people from Sirius contacted Hayden. One overnighted him the replacement adhesive backing, for free. The other offered him 3-months free service.

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