Trends: Kroger Offers You A Bonus If You Put Your Stimulus Check On A Gift Card

Kroger is getting into the stimulus bonus action! Unwilling to be outdone by Sears, Kroger is offering a bonus if you put your stimulus check on a Kroger gift card. They have Kroger gift cards? My what a sexy gift. Honey, you shouldn’t have.

From their press release:

“Grocery bills represent a significant expenditure for the average American family. In fact, the average family of four spends between $105 and $235 per week* on food purchased at a store and prepared at home,” said David B. Dillon, Kroger chairman and chief executive officer. “Kroger’s program allows our customers to stretch their grocery dollars further. We are excited about the opportunity to touch the lives of millions of families across the country by helping them extend their household budgets through this special program.”

We expect this sort of promotion to become annoyingly ubiquitous in the next few weeks, don’t you?

Kroger Stores Offer Customers Free Groceries (Press Release)

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