The 9 Ways to Get Rich

The personal finance blogger at Can I Get Rich on a Salary has detailed nine ways he believes people can become rich. His list includes the following:

1. Visionary
2. Ridiculous Talent
3. Blind Luck
4. Opportunistic Luck
5. Small Business Empire
6. Small Business Investment
7. Highly Aggressive Investment
8. Skilled Investor
9. Slow and Steady

These can be divided into three basic groups:

1. Extraordinary skill/ability that only a handful of people possess.
2. Luck that rivals (or is worse than) the odds of getting struck by lightning.
3. A series of tasks almost anyone can do if they are disciplined enough.

Obviously, option #3, which relates to the “slow and steady” approach, is the most viable choice for the vast majority of people. And yet there’s that issue of discipline that almost makes this solution as likely as golfing better than Tiger Woods or finding oil in your back yard. Why is that?

The 9 Or So Paths To Getting Rich–And My Purported Analysis Of Them [Can I Get Rich on a Salary]


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