Which Package Of $3.88 Bottled Water Would You Choose?

Jacob says:

I’m was browsing my local HyVee (supermarket) and found one interesting deal. You can either buy their 15 pack “Best Seller” spring water for $3.88 or if you look down you will notice that the same exact 24 pack of spring water can be bought for $3.88. I know it might get confusing to compare unit prices or price per oz, but this is just ridiculous. I like how the box for the 15 pack says “NOW” right next to it, as if getting less for the same price is actually a good thing. I guess it is harder to carry 24 bottles vs 15 bottles, so you are actually paying for the convenience.

We’re going to guess that HyVee is in the process of raising the price of their bottled water. 15 is the new 24, don’t you know?

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