Verizon Claims You Weren't Home, Decides To Grab Lunch At Applebee's?

Doree writes:

I waited all morning for Verizon to come fix our landline (our cell phones barely work in our apartment), and around 11:30 I had Sam call them from work, and they told him they had come by the apartment and no one was there so they left, and that they had called my cell phone.

Well, the whole point is that my cell phone doesn’t work in the apartment, and I was there the entire time. Chained to my desk, in fact. And they did not show up.

They said they could try to be there before 5 p.m. Um… I already wasted my morning! No thanks. Sam told them if they couldn’t come within the hour then we would cancel the phone. They offered us service at $24 a month for a year but they couldn’t offer us an appointment within the hour. So we cancelled.

Walking to the subway, I saw two Verizon repair vans parked outside of the Applebee’s at DeKalb and Flatbush. I guess they couldn’t resist that Pick N’ Pair lunch combo.

As has been previously mentioned on this blog —this happened to me once. Comcast missed 5 appointments and during the 6th one, I saw the guy outside eating a sandwich in his truck (where he thought I couldn’t see him.) He finished up, left a “sorry you weren’t home” message and left. We call this being “fuckwiched.” You, Doree, may well have been “fuckwiched.”

Oh, fuck you, Verizon [Doree Chronicles]


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  1. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    A fuckwich isn’t a fuckwich without Miracle Whip.

  2. KogeLiz says:

    is this serious?

  3. pmathews says:

    Can I get my fuckwich with mayo and cheese?

  4. KogeLiz says:


    First, who the hell is ‘sam’ ?

    Second, I don’t know if this person lives in the middle of nowhere, but in the places I’ve lived there are bound to be multiple Verizon vans and trucks in the area.

  5. Sideonecincy says:

    Should’ve went into Applebees and called them out on it.

  6. KogeLiz says:

    And also, I believe Verizon employees are entitled to a lunch break.

    NOT SURE ON THAT ONE, but just a guess.

  7. B says:

    I hope the Verizon techs got candles with their birthday cake.

  8. SaveMeJeebus says:

    @B: …and a complimentary breadstick.

  9. Gannoc says:

    I had FIOS Internet and phone service with Verizon. I signed up for TV, they failed to show up, and told me I’d have to wait a month for another appointment.

    I told them if they weren’t there by the end of the week, I’d drop everything. They said “No.” I said, “Ok” and Comcast was more than happy to sell me phone, internet and cable TV.

    I’m not a fan of Comcast, but they showed up – and in a 2 hour window on a weekend, not an 8 hour window during the workweek.

  10. mikow_k says:

    This happened to me as well with Time-Warner. They scheduled a service call for some time between 8 & 12. they never showed. My wife was at home waiting. I called them to see what was up and they said that they did not get an answer when they called to verify we still needed them to come out. My wife’s cell was off as she was not expecting any calls. I calmly explained to them how outrageous it was and was informed that I should have been told they would be calling. They didn’t even come near our home. We missed their call by 5 minutes and they couldn’t just come by, we had to reschedule a week later. But at least now I am able to access the Consumerist. It all worked out!

  11. Falconfire says:

    @KogeLiz: They are zoned. Odds are if there where two trucks in the same area, a matter of blocks from your place of residence, then one likely is the one who was supposed to be his.

    The fact that he is eating his lunch at that moment is irrelevant, the fact that he LIED and said no one is home is.

  12. rdldr1 says:

    “Applebees has rats!”

  13. Chongo says:

    Comcast has done this to me in Chicago as well. My phone was not working so I had them come to fix… they call when they are coming and if you dont answer the phone they cancel… well guess what, MY PHONE WAS BROKEN! why would they call the broken line they were coming to fix? I gave them my cell and of course they over looked it. I only realized this was happening on the third attempt when my phone line mysteriously started working for a few mins.

    I still have problems

  14. JWhizzite says:


  15. howie_in_az says:

    Would’ve been great had the fuckwicher been videotaped eating, then leaving the “sorry you weren’t home” message.

  16. mpines says:

    Comcast pulled this stunt with me in Chicago. Even though my cell phone (and only phone at the time because I had just moved) DID work in my apartment. I decided cable was just not worth dealing with comcast. The whole problem stems from using contractors or subcontractors to service the cable boxes, etc. The rep I talked to couldn’t even get the contractors on the phone when i called at the end of the service window to complain and cancel.

  17. laserjobs says:

    Just give me a internet connection. I have been using VoIP for over 5 years and can’t be happier.

  18. davebg5 says:

    I recently had Time Warner Cable over for a visit. When I set up the appointment they gave me a 2-hour window and guaranteed that if they didn’t show up on time that I’d get a free month of cable.

    Wouldn’t you know it, they showed up on time.

  19. Orv says:

    @Gannoc: Wow, how do you get that kind of service from Comcast? When I’ve called them to hook up cable TV, they’ve always given me four-hour windows, and they’ve always managed to miss them by at least half an hour.

  20. joshthephenom says:

    One time Sears was supposed to deliver and install a dishwasher to our place, and they claimed that they came and no one was home, even though my wife took the day off of classes to wait and everything.

  21. I’ve had this happen. Not verizon, but this local contractor who already gone past his “3 weeks” on my new kitchen. It was close to two months before I got on his case about it. This guy would show up for a few hours per week. Twice he left me a “Sorry, nobody was home. Call me to reschedule notice”. I WAS FREAKIN HOME, he didn’t knock. I didn’t mention it to him, because I wanted to set him up.

    After reeming him out over the phone about how long this was taking, compared to how long he first told me. He said he would get right on it. I knew the next day he was gonna leave me another note, so I waited right behind the door. I sat there for like 45 minutes, thank god for my PsP. I hear him walk up place, then run away. I open the door and catch him and he turns around like:

    “oh, I tried knocking”

    “no, you didn’t”

    “yes I did.”

    “Well I’m obviously home, come get to work.”

    “Oh well, I kind of have another job to do with someone who hasn’t paid me yet, so it is more important”.

    I took him to small claims court and purchased a shiney new top hat when I was done.

  22. OKJeff says:

    Comcast has done that to me, where they claim you weren’t home. How this instance was unique was, when I called Comcast Dispatch their records showed that the tech’s stopped by at 3:44pm. The only problem with that story was the current time was 3:33pm! You would think if Comcast had mastered time travel they’d be on time more often.

  23. munch44 says:

    no we are not zoned and we do go all over,and their is a good chance that the service rep lied when you called to make
    it look like the tech was there but what really happened was they missed another appointment and no one was really their

  24. oakie says:

    @joshthephenom: “One time Sears was supposed to deliver and install a dishwasher to our place, and they claimed that they came and no one was home, even though my wife took the day off of classes to wait and everything.”

    cuz you’re wife didnt answer the door when they came over… she was busy getting railed by the Comcast guy.

    just kidding.

  25. oakie says:

    @munch44: “no we are not zoned and we do go all over,and their is a good chance that the service rep lied when you called to make it look like the tech was there but what really happened was they missed another appointment and no one was really their”

    it’s THERE.

    no wonder you idiots lie about visits… you’re too dumb to actually know what you’re doing and are afraid of being called out.

  26. CoolTri says:

    Sounds like this issue would be perfect to install a motion sensing camera to see if they showed up and how long… even if you are home. It would be funny as hell to see them go to the front door, put a tag on and run away like a kid that just stole from a candy store.

    This is also a good reason why i have a dish now, if something is wrong i can see it, and the only use of Verizon i have is for my cell phone.

  27. @oakie: “Pot? This is kettle. You’re black.”

    *YOU’RE*. Got it?

  28. moorem2 says:

    When Insight came to hook up our internet and phone they couldn’t find our house. They called and said they were running late. Not that big of a deal, I had taken off work anyway, and the call was appreciated. They ended up not charging us for instilation.

  29. mgy says:

    This seems to be one of the few industries where outright lies are commonplace. Most other companies try to sugarcoat the situation or deceive you, but not these winners.

  30. ReverendDrGladhands says:

    Flatbuch and Dekalb is one of the busiest intersections in one of the most densely populated areas of Brooklyn. It’s very likely that neither of those vans belonged to the tech assigned to his repair.

  31. 27spots says:

    TWC is notorious as well. Once your appointment date comes, before they come, they’ll call your phone. If you don’t pick up, it’s over they don’t bother coming and they log the appointment as they came and no one was there which is insane especially if a building has a doorman!

  32. Munsoned says:

    This has got to be the single biggest issue with service calls across the United States and across service providers generally. I don’t know anybody that this HASN’T happened to at least once by one telco/cable company or another. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will–you just haven’t had enough service calls yet. I think Verizon and Comcast BOTH did this to me last year alone…

  33. FLConsumer says:

    I see quite a few suggestions on what to do…. but…

    How hard is it for companies to show up when they promise they will? Especially when they give you an 8 hour window?!?

    If it’s going to be 5 weeks, fine… I won’t be happy about it but I’ll be even less happy when I was told it’d only take 2-3 days

  34. Buran says:

    @Kilgore Trout: Uh… the post DOES say “you’re”.

  35. KogeLiz says:

    @Falconfire: “The fact that he is eating his lunch at that moment is irrelevant, the fact that he LIED and said no one is home is.”

    Yes. That’s why the title seems ridiculous.

  36. mikey07840 says:

    I hate to admit this, but Comcast came in the two hour appointment time that they promised. I’ve only had good luck with my triple play internet/cable/phone service from them. Verizon on the other hand over billed me for monthly service and has been terrible. Go figure.

  37. @mikey07840: We have our rare exceptions

  38. scoosdad says:

    @Buran: Yeah, twice even, and it’s correct both times.

  39. @Buran:

    I was apparently drunk or high when I wrote this. I could have sworn there was a “your” in there.

    As you were. Carry on, soldiers.

  40. ObtuseGoose says:

    On a positive note, at least they had the decency to end it all by eating at Applebee’s.

  41. Had similar situation with TWC. They didn’t even call to say they’d be late, just called 45 minutes after the slot was up to say there were delays and that the technician would be here in a moment. No apology, no “I’m sorry we’ve disrupted your schedule”, which would have made all the difference. I live in a house with many other women, so I put my cell phone ## on the door on a sign that clearly said TIME WARNER CABLE TECH: CALL THIS ## or RING MY APARTMENT #XX, the technician swore up and down that she didn’t have my number or know which ringer to buzz. I pointed to the sign on her way out. She said, “yeah, I didn’t read that”. Good job, TWC.

  42. Why does this happen so often? Seriously, why does this happen to everyone?

  43. evenkevin says:

    During one summer in college when I moved into a new place, I made an appointment with Comcast for later that week. “You can have 8-12 or 12-5” I had summer class until 12:20. “Can you make it 12:30-5?” “I can put a note in the system, but I can’t guarantee they’ll look at it.” When do they ever come right away, right?

    Records say he showed up at noon on the dot. Had to wait another month for the next appointment. When the guy showed up (took off class this time), he said “I remember being here awhile back and no one was here.” “Yeah, I didn’t get here until about 12:30; I had class.” “Oh, you should have told them to put a note in the system, and I would have started with another place.”

  44. guspaz says:

    Bell Canada pulls this kind of shit all the time. They also like lying about calling you. Then again, I suspect that every national telco/cableco pulls this.

  45. KarmaChameleon says:

    The most offensive part of this story is the fact they were eating at Applebee’s, when Junior’s is right across the street. Yes, Junior’s, home of the best cheesecake on planet.