Verizon Claims You Weren't Home, Decides To Grab Lunch At Applebee's?

Doree writes:

I waited all morning for Verizon to come fix our landline (our cell phones barely work in our apartment), and around 11:30 I had Sam call them from work, and they told him they had come by the apartment and no one was there so they left, and that they had called my cell phone.

Well, the whole point is that my cell phone doesn’t work in the apartment, and I was there the entire time. Chained to my desk, in fact. And they did not show up.

They said they could try to be there before 5 p.m. Um… I already wasted my morning! No thanks. Sam told them if they couldn’t come within the hour then we would cancel the phone. They offered us service at $24 a month for a year but they couldn’t offer us an appointment within the hour. So we cancelled.

Walking to the subway, I saw two Verizon repair vans parked outside of the Applebee’s at DeKalb and Flatbush. I guess they couldn’t resist that Pick N’ Pair lunch combo.

As has been previously mentioned on this blog —this happened to me once. Comcast missed 5 appointments and during the 6th one, I saw the guy outside eating a sandwich in his truck (where he thought I couldn’t see him.) He finished up, left a “sorry you weren’t home” message and left. We call this being “fuckwiched.” You, Doree, may well have been “fuckwiched.”

Oh, fuck you, Verizon [Doree Chronicles]

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