Best Buy: Only $1700 For This Awesome Broken Computer

Reader Scott says:

I was wandering around Best Buy yesterday here in Missouri when we came across this. Essentially, the back of this “open box” tagged computer was completely broken off. I realize that this may indeed be the nature of “open box” product, but seriously… 1700 dollars for a computer with this kind of blatant damage?

You’ll also notice that it is marked neither damaged or missing parts…

Well, Scott it seems that Best Buy doesn’t carry this model Sony anymore, so we can’t compare the price to see what kind of a discount this sort of damage warrants.

Newegg, however, is charging $40 more for an undamaged version. Seems worth it to us, but what do we know. At least they’re not charging more this time.



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  1. Baron Von Crogs says:

    I’d haggle with them if it was something I really wanted. Not like anyone else is really gonna to buy that.

  2. homerjay says:

    Whats wrong with Scott’s thumb?

  3. heavylee-again says:

    In my experience, Best Buy doesn’t offer any kind of realistic pricing incentives for open box items. A while ago, I considered buying an open box laptop that didn’t come with anything aside from itself. No power cord, no battery, no documentation, no CDs, no box. And of course it was about 7% cheaper than a brand new unit.

  4. backbroken says:

    Isn’t it Best Buy’s perogative to charge whatever they deem is market value for an open box item? Just like it’s me perogative to never set foot in their store.

  5. pmathews says:


    Ewww, I wouldn’t have noticed that at all.

  6. joeblevins says:

    In the old days, Open Box at Best Buy was a rocking great deal. I remember buying an open box and it was just that, the box had been opened. Ended up saving 350 bucks, trick.. The insides had never been touched, it was all in it original factory protective covering.

  7. humphrmi says:

    @backbroken: Yes and it’s Consumerist’s prerogative to tell us about pricing rip-offs.

  8. theblackdog says:

    @homerjay: Photoshop job?

  9. Echodork says:

    Obligatory: Why do people shop at Best Buy?

  10. Thaad2 says:

    Guys, that is the back cover of the system. Its their for cable concealing. It does fall off sometimes depending on how rough you are with it. It snaps back into place with no problem.

  11. ptkdude says:

    @backbroken: It is their prerogative to set the *shelf price* at whatever they want. The actual price is determined only when there is a purchaser willing to purchase it at a price at which Best Buy is willing to sell it. If no one buys it at $1709.99, then eventually BB will lower the price some to try and find a consumer at that price, and they continue to do so until it sells.

  12. Thaad2 says:

    That is the back cover of the case. It can be taken off; and it doubles as a cord wrap. This is a massive non story.

  13. But I bet it comes with a Geek Squad guarantee, so how could you go wrong?

  14. quail says:

    Open box incentives haven’t been good at any store for some time. I’d rather just pay full price for something at a reputable online retailer and know that I’m getting what I paid for.

  15. tehronin says:

    You guys and your baseless BestBuy bashing, that particular rear panel on that Sony All-In-One comes off and hides your cords. Its not broken, this article sucks. Sheep.

  16. unravel says:

    I admit that I don’t have my glasses on, but that looks a lot less like a broken computer than it does a fully functional monitor with a back panel that’s become dislodged but will easily snap back in. For all I know, it was in ‘perfect’ condition when put on the shelf, and then some customer came along, pulling and prodding, before causing an ‘oops’ and skittering off.

  17. Nighthawke says:

    I’d go get 16 50 dollar bills, drag the department leader over to the open box and flash some cash.

    Oh, and have a napkin handy to offer to the poor soul when he/she/it drools.

    If you are too lazy to do the math, 800 bucks would be the starting bid for it.

  18. Juggernaut says:

    Is that a hand, foot or claw?

  19. utensil42 says:

    @tehronin: I thought you were joking, so I looked up the model number. It totally does have the removable back panel to stash cords, etc.

    I typically don’t like Best Buy, but this complainant is totally baseless it seems.

  20. aristan says:

    A review on Epinions states that this model has a “removable back panel” for cord storage. In fact, nearly every single site that mentions this model says that the back panel falling off is a feature.

    The old price was the same as New Eggs, so… for a discontinued model, it’s $40 bucks cheaper. It’s not a great deal, but it’s also not a broke computer.

  21. sp00nix says:

    UHH thats the cable access door, it hides the wires. Its only held in with rubber plugs, so it comes off relatively easy.

  22. bigdtbone says:

    Product is not broken, thiat is a removable bck panel that all Sony all-in-one products have to allow you to conceal cords. I understnad that the consumerist hates best buy, but when you toss a story up like this without verifiying it makes you look like idiots.

    @Nighthawke: Cost on units like these is about $1500, Somehow, loosing $500 doesn’t make me want to drool (granted, I dont work for BB) And trust me, the line about “You just lost yourself an $800 sale.” Will be wasted.

  23. It doesn’t matter if the item has a removable back. Maybe the item is in perfect condition, but selling a open box item should atleast a 10-15% discount.

    I don’t shop at best buy ever anymore. No need to get into why. Back when Best Buy first opened in my area(about 7 years ago). I bought a $150 digital camera, open box. It was marked down $100 and came with $100 best buy gift card. I guess I got the camera for free? Well not really free since best buy got all the money anyways, but to me it seemed kind of free. Someone probably made a mistake, but the kid who sold me seemed confident about it.

    BEST BEST BUY EXPERIENCE EVER. Since then, it was all down hill.

  24. popeyemoon says:

    @homerjay He probably plays bass.

  25. Gev says:

    @unravel: It looks like it’s an all-in-one type thing with a back panel that’s become dislodged.

    Even if it’s actually broken, given that the part is probably just to keep cords looking neat it’s hardly justification for an 80% discount or whatever it is you think you deserve.

    Why do people buy anything other than DVDs or games from Best Buy anyway?

  26. Pro-Pain says:

    I would love to know which store in MO. this was. I live in the St. Louis area and there is one HORRIBLE store in a municipality of St. Louis County called Crestwood. STAY AWAY from that store. Their Geek Squad STOLE my laptop computer, and sadly, got away with it. STEER CLEAR! you have been warned!

  27. wellfleet says:

    I’m so over this BBY bashing, especially when this model is not broken, the panel is off because that’s where you would stash unsightly cords. It typically sold for 1999.99, so it’s almost $300 off, i.e. 15%!
    This is shoddy journalism with an agenda. Boooo.

  28. ByeBye says:

    @homerjay: Thanks a lot for pointing out his Hitchhikers Thumb…now I can’t eat.

  29. AgentMarkS says:

    Just so everyone knows the back of this model is MADE TO COME OFF. The back of the computer had all the inputs and that case does a great job of cable management. You guys really need to stop running these under researched bash best buy stories.

    I work for Best Buy and admit the company does some really crappy things sometimes but there are enough actual bad stories to fill this site.

  30. trinidon2k says:


    LOL…His thumb looks like a shoehorn.

  31. nyaz says:

    I saw that at store, confusing right?) yesterday for at least 300-400 less than that.

  32. ech-o74 says:

    @Nighthawke: Wow. You’d be willing to flash that kind of cash?? I wouldn’t be surprised if they hand you the keys to the entire store.

  33. BrentNewland says:

    We sold this same exact model at my Office Depot (until the last model was gone). Not only are these way overpriced, we had no one interested in these units. They ended up getting marked down to $1400 (and all open box items at OD that are discontinued get a standard 10% discount).

    Oh yeah, that back panel never stays on. We had to put it back on daily. Hopefully the replacement we just got (LT23E) doesn’t have that problem.

  34. Crim Law Geek says:

    Has anyone mentioned that the back panel is a removable cable storage?, cuz it totally is!

  35. martyz says:

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned this yet, but the back panel is meant to come off of that computer.

  36. backbroken says:

    @humphrmi: Yes, I said ‘perogative’ not ‘prerogative.’ I’d hate to go throo life not knoeing I maid a typo this morning. I assede to you’re souperior spelleng skils.

    Quick! Someone over in the Circuit City thread is using extraneous commas. Better get over there and correct the lad.

  37. homerjay says:

    @Juggernaut: Maybe his name is Mr. McGregg- with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg.

  38. Primate says:

    @humphrmi: How do you know this is a ripoff?
    If that’s the computer I think it is, what he’s showing is just the back cover of an all in one computer. It’s just for looks, it’s not even protecting anything really.

  39. Buran says:

    @Pro-Pain: No idea, but I don’t even go to the Best Buy near me (Eager Rd). I go to the Circuit City in Brentwood Square. Clean and well-kept. I picked up my PS3 there as they were offering the BT remote for free which just about made up for the cost difference between them and Amazon. Only complaint was having to wait a while to find a salesperson who could get one from “The Back” (da-da-DUM) and then it took two salesguys a while to figure out how to ring up the free-remote promo.

  40. BlueModred says:

    OP (not the editor, the guy that sent in the article), that’s not broken. that Sony is wall-mountable, and the rear panel comes off in order to attache the VESA mount.

  41. @Echodork: Do what you gotta do.

  42. @BlueModred: Problem solved then.

  43. backbroken says:

    @Primate: We know it is a rip-off because it is Best Buy. They are only allowed to price things as we see fit, because there aren’t any other choices for purchasing electronics.

  44. Datarock says:

    I own this computer and the back panel snaps on and off to show the TV card that is built in. It also hides the cables.

  45. Android8675 says:

    Open box, back panel is removable, geez, get a clue, the part probably costs like $150 to replace, but it’s not needed for the computer to run, it’s just astetics.

    Damn, who walks around taking pictures of OPEN BOX merchandise at retail chains? PEOPLE, there’s a REASON it’s open box, because it’s not complete/missing parts, or may have minor cosmetic damage.

    Damn, Consumerist has gotta start filtering their stories at least a little.

  46. Malphius says:

    I know that to be part of the cool kids crowd on Consumerist you have to send in a story on BestBuy a few times a day, but at least know what you are talking about. Like everyone else here has said…the back panel is removeable and held in place with rubber to hide the wires. It’s not broke. You are.

  47. gx1987 says:

    …That’s supposed to happen. My friend has one of those Sony All-in-One’s. The back panel is supposed to be removed in order to access the tv tuner and extra USB ports that the computer offers…

  48. onehundredstars93 says:

    Again, we’re running to blame Best Buy for an individual’s mistake.

    I personally run the Open Item section of the Home Theater Department in a Best Buy that I won’t name and there’s a set list of guidelines that you are “to follow” when putting out open items.. It appears that whoever did this one was pretty new at the concept and tried to stick to the rules (The initial discount is 10%), but missed a few of the obvious ones. (Marking the item as damaged, or with parts missing) But you’re totally right, being new is the perfect reason to submit an article to the Consumerist. I’m just stoked that you’re all wickedly perfect at everything that you do. I wish I was like that. :(

    What really just annoys me about this article is everything that’s not being said. The particulars of the whole deal are just.. shoddy. If it IS actually damage, who knows when it might have occured. Hell, Subby might be a bitter Best Buy Hater (Like 95% of this site) and took it upon himself to get an article on Consumerist (Because we ALL know the best way to do that is to target Best Buy).. Beyond that, as it’s already been stated in other comments, it could be a feature of the product… We offer several models of televisions with removable back panels that hide cabling, seeing one free from the unit may cause concern to the UNIFORMED, UNRESEARCHED consumer.

    Christ, people. If you’re going to attack a company for something that it does wrong, can we please focus ON THE THINGS THAT IT DOES WRONG?

  49. aluminum54 says:

    i actually own this computer and it’s not broken. that’s how its made. the back pops off very easily… so easily that if you move it, it just pops off… it’s really annoying actually.

    Sony couldnt get it right on this one, maybe they’ll get it right on the next model

  50. freejazz38 says:

    Too bad ANY Sony computer isn’t worth HALF that. ESPCIALLY the all-in-ones. Pieces of junk, which is why Worst Buy carries them. More crap to push off the shelves at the uneducated consumer. A fool and his money…

  51. gkendric says:

    I have had nothing but bad luck with Best Buy and with their restocking fee on almost anything you purchase you are better off going to Office Depot or Most likely they would have charged you a restocking fee on this one also considering it your fault. Best Buy’s customer no-service is horrible and although I initially liked browsing the store now I just avoid them.

  52. ParanoidArtemus says:

    Open box only means it was on display. Considering the computer was over 1800 they did mark off 10 percent from it.

    So the end result is, it’s not broken and it is marked down.

    So there is nothing wrong with it.

    Interesting non story.