Sprint To Customer: "Are You Nucking Futs?"

Reader Pam asked Jessica if she could port her landline to her mobile account, prompting the Sprint CSR to respond: “No, are you nucking futz?” Pam wasn’t expecting an abusive chat when she visited Sprint’s website to research a potential contract extension, but Jessica unexpectedly appeared with advice that wasn’t just rude, but also wrong.

UPDATE: Sprint’s “Nucking Futs” “Jessica” Fired

Pam writes:

I’ve been a Sprint customer for two and a half years. The contracts on two of my three lines are up, and the third will be up in a few months. I’ve seriously thought of switching to another carrier, but now that Sprint is offering the unlimited plan and saying that customer service will be improving I’ve considered staying with them and giving up my landline altogether. Money talks, and Sprint IS less expensive overall.

I went to Sprint’s website to get more information about the unlimited plan. I’ve also heard that in some areas a landline number can be ported to a mobile provider, so I wanted to look in to that as well. How convenient that a chat box popped up almost immediately and a representative offered to help me! I don’t do online chats like that much, but on a whim I typed in my question.

If you were wondering how dedicated Sprint really is to improving customer service, take a look at the most impressive, helpful and friendly response I got back from the chat representative. I took a screenshot (which is attached) just because it was SO awesome and I knew that other people would want to know about the NEW and IMPROVED Sprint! Thanks Jessica, your answer told me everything I ever needed to know about Sprint’s new dedication to pleasing customers.

Thanks Sprint!

Federal law compels your landline carrier to let you to port your number to Sprint. The process could take up to 10 days, but it’s entirely doable. The only question is, why would you want to port your landline to a carrier that thinks you’re nucking futz?

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