This Reusable Best Buy Coupon For 10% Off Does Not Expire

Save 10% on your visit to Best Buy by bringing along this printable, reusable coupon that doesn’t seem to expire. The coupon is accessible to the public, but it is meant to serve as a chintzy government house-warming gift from the Post Office to people who recently moved.

From CyberNet:

The URL of the coupon is:

The first thing that popped into my head was that part of the filename for the image is just the year followed by the month. In this case the 200804 represents April, 2008. As it turns out the URL of the image changes from month-to-month almost like clockwork. So the next time you’re looking to buy something from Best Buy check to see whether this coupon applies to you, and adjust the URL to represent the current month. USPS might be changing the URL as more people start to catch on, but by modifying the URL I can see that they’ve been using this structure for nearly a year.

The coupon applies to a surprisingly broad swath of Best Buy swag. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Reusable” 10% Off Best Buy Coupon [CyberNet]

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