Kitchen Distributors Of America Closes All Chicagoland Stores Right After You Tear Out Your Cabinets

This is sad. Mike Evans took some time off of work so he could tear out his old kitchen cabinets last week, only to discover that the new ones he’d ordered from Kitchen Distributors of America probably weren’t coming and that he might be out $4,000. All of the chain’s Chicagoland stores have abruptly closed and no one seems to know why.

Representatives with KDA and its owner, Design Ventures, were not available for comment Thursday. A regional manager for KDA said he couldn’t comment on the store closings or the status of customer orders.

Evans said he used his tax refund to make the down payment for the cabinets, which he ordered in early March.

“My cabinets were supposed to be in two weeks ago,” Evans said Thursday. Signs posted at stores instructed customers to call KDA, where they were greeted with a recorded message telling them “an effort will be made to return all calls within 48 hours.” Evans said he did get a return call Thursday from a KDA employee, who couldn’t tell him why the stores closed or whether he’d see his costly cabinets.

The Sun-Times found another KDA customer who was out $13,000 for cabinets that they’d paid for in full. The newspaper wasn’t able to figure out what was going on with the retailer, but Evans said he got a hold of someone at their corporate office who said they were “having trouble with a supplier.” Yikes.

Any readers have unfulfilled orders with KDA?

KDA customers paid deposits but haven’t seen orders, refunds [Sun-Times] (Thanks, Jim!)

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