Redzee Won't Stop Trying To Scam Charlie's Boss

Charlie has had it with the sleazy hard sell from a Redzee sales guy—after bugging her daily for a month, he started urging her to log in to “her account” on Redzee so she could see the amazingly valuable traffic he was generating for her site. “He kept saying that he had clients waiting out the door for the opportunity that he was offering us, and I quite bluntly told him that he should then answer their calls and accept their business because I was not interested.” So what the heck is Redzee?

It’s ostensibly a search engine, and it makes money getting businesses to buy prominent placement in their search results. But according to members of this forum, it’s nothing but a scam:

RedZee is nothing but bogus. If you have purchased key phrases in their “top 3” ppc [pay per click] program, every single hit that comes from either their search engine or their spybar is a bounce.
I’ll say this again because it is very important:
Every single hit that comes from either their search engine or their spybar is a bounce.
Excluding my own testing, in every single case where an IP address has entered my sites from the redzee search engine – either directly from their search engine or from browsers that have the redzee spybar installed, which appends redzee “top 3” ppc results to the top of the Google, MSN or Yahoo organic listings – that IP address goes no further than the landing page. In some cases, the IP bounces out before the entire landing page is requested from the server.
I have tested and confirmed this through exhaustive manual analysis of my raw log files. There is absolutely no doubt that the redzee “top 3” is a scam.

And another:

Just want warn everyone if (when) you get a call from to hang up the phone and save yourself some time. They are selling prepaid PPC packages for their “search engine” that is suppose to have all of this traffic blah blah blah.
Redzee wants you to pre buy for $4-500 worth or clicks…hint if they actually had traffic they wouldn’t need you to prepay.

Here’s Charlie’s story: calls my office on a daily basis trying to get my boss to renew our account with him. It’s to the point where I feel harassed. I ask the man to leave a message, and he declines and hangs up only to call back the very next day. When I first heard about Redzee, I did some research and they are nothing but a scam. They send web bots and crawlers to your site that hit the front page and then bounce. After a month of this guy calling and lying to me saying that he was making a ‘personal’ call to my boss, he finally started conversation with me in which I said that I was now in charge of making marketing decisions for our company.
He proceeded to tell me that my free trackers that I was using to monitor my web stats were not set up to properly monitor his traffic and that I needed to log in to my account on his site so that he could show me that his site was, in fact, was generating a considerable amount of traffic to my site. He then went on to say that his engine was a tier 2 search engine and that normal trackers don’t track the type of search engine that his company uses. And then again said that I should log onto his site for accurate statistics.
He kept saying that he had clients waiting out the door for the opportunity that he was offering us, and I quite bluntly told him that he should then answer their calls and accept their business because I was not interested. He stammered a bit before again rambling his spiel about making an informed decision and logging into his site so that I could see the cold hard facts that I could not find anywhere else on the internet. How is what this company doing not fraud? They are selling you a service that they are not providing.
I see quite clearly through this scam, however my boss did not. Please post an article about and warn people not to waste their money or their time with this company. We need a reputable source such as the Consumerist to call a spade a spade and a scam a scam!
A simple “Beware of” [Les Jones]
“Investigating the RedZee Search Engine” [SEOmoz]
“Pay Per Click” [Real Estate Webmasters]


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  1. Buzz Lightyear says:

    What does it say when you search for “redzee” on and their website doesn’t come up in the first 72 matches?

  2. MercuryPDX says:

    @Buzz Lightyear:… or that McAfee SiteAdvisor flags it as Yellow: []

  3. Nytmare says:

    Why are 3D-rendered cartoonish mascots so consistently indicative of sleaziness?

    As for telemarketing, I feel sorry for businesses since they don’t have the luxury or latitude in telling them off like home residents do.

  4. joshk4 says:

    I called on them when i was at a online direct marketing firm – these guys certainly qualify for being called out on valleywag, and why not throw in a “hey asshole” on idolator? Are they still doing that?

    So you guys have a better idea – this company drives traffic only from users who have their toolbar installed (does anyone do that anymore??) – and it will append redzee PPC advertisers on all tier 1 engines on top of all their search results).

    I can’t believe these guys are still around. You would think that Google/yahoo et al would have found these guys already

  5. bohemian says:

    Companies like that thrive on technically ignorant people in management. This is why marketing management people who can’t figure out how to check their email should not be allowed to buy anything related to technology.

  6. chrisfromnl says:

    It IS a pretty cool looking site though…

  7. ColdNorth says:

    @nytmare: Because no reputable flesh-and-bone animal would every represent such a bogus business.

  8. spinachdip says:

    @ColdNorth: This is true. Real zebras only release their likeness to be used by reputable companies.

  9. jjason82 says:

    @chrisfromnl: Cool looking? I’m not sure what is cool about it. A front page that bogs down older or slower computers and internet connections? A search that makes you actively wait for 5-10 seconds for your results (when Google or ANYTHING else is instant)? Or how about this? Once you you’ve clicked on a link and been directed somewhere else, if you click back to go see your options again it doesn’t take you to the results page, it takes you to the front page and you have to type in your search all over again and wait ANOTHER 5-10 seconds for the results to show up. It would be one thing if the site was easy to use, functional, and all that jazz, but its NOT. It’s a painful experience and even if it was totally legitimate, I’d never use it again in my life past this initial test I did about ten minutes ago.

    And this is kind of a seperate issue, but I think its silly when I see startup companies trying to create the next big search engine. I honestly don’t think anybody will ever topple google unless an already existing company like AOL, Microsoft, or whatever does something dramatic and people start switching. Joe Schmo, fresh out of college with a Computer Science degree will never make a search engine to top google. Just stop trying guys. It’s pathetic to watch, like seeing ants throw themselves at an elephant, in a vain attempt to turn it over.

  10. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @nytmare: Toucan Sam, Tony The Tiger, and Chester Cheetah are seriously pissed and looking for you.

  11. huadpe says:

    @jjason82: I agree with your point about search. Google got big because machine driven search sucked when they started, so making a reasonably good search engine was a good business idea. New startups should look at areas where things still suck, and try fixing those.

  12. ? graffiksguru says:

    They deserve 10 million theoretical internet dollars!

  13. StevieD says:


    Actually we do.

    I have introduced the telewhores to voicemail hell.

    I have a waste telephone director with an administrative assistant, a project manager, a senior vice president and a CEO. Just call and ask for somebody by title and you get shuffled to the AA telephone voicemail. Complain about the AA not returning your very important scamming telephone calls and you can have your complaint bumped up to the project manager. Get all the way to the CEO and the message will tell you to call the extention of the AA as she handles all of the CEO’s telephone calls.

    I even got names for all the fictional people so the telewhores can ask for them by name.

    My telephone operators love the new system. Ask to speak to the owner/manager/head of marketing etc and you get bumped into the waste directory. Once every few days somebody goes through the waste voicemalls just to make sure there is not legit in the system.

    We have been having a lot of fun with the system. Very entertaining to listen to some entry level Indian reading a prepared text trying to convince the AA voicemail that the Indian really does have a wonderful waste of my time.

  14. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    Even better!
    Pay them with Flooze!

  15. I wonder if Redzee has a sister electronics company in Brooklyn.

  16. Tank says:

    i used redzee to search “complaints about redzee” – funny, no hits! google gave me 10+ pages. huh.

  17. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    too early in the AM for south park references….

  18. President Beeblebrox says:

    Their shadiness was known all the way back in 2005:


    Also, when you Google “”, the first two hits are Redzee itself, followed by a slew of negative reviews. Not good.

  19. econobiker says:

    An internet search engine that needs telemarketing inorder for it to be advertised…

    What next? A telemarketer company which mails letters to get advertising?

  20. bobblack555 says:

    Umm yeah, because we dont already have enough search engines in the world…

  21. SacraBos says:

    @StevieD: If you are running Asterisk, there’s a hook for it on so you can auto-redirect calls to VMH (Voice Mail Hell(tm)) based on the number of hits logged to Cool stuff!

  22. stanfrombrooklyn says:

    These 2nd tier search engines aren’t necessarily trying to topple Google. But if an engine can attract 1/1000% of Google’s search they can at least monetize that traffic and make a little do-re-mi.

    But this RedZee is completely unusable. I also Googled our company and the home page was a screenshot from 2007. So they’re using cached images and not even live ones.

  23. traezer says:

    Does anyone use Redzee? Seriously! Put in consumerist and redzee into their search bar. This page shows up. ;)

  24. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @Greasy Thumb Guzik: ++ Haha! Classic! Or beenz.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I am another victm of RedZee click faud. I signed up to advertise under 2 search terms. I am getting hits – all visits are 0 seconds in duration really causing problems with my Google analytics. They are just automated meaningless clicks wasting my money and jumping my sites bounce rate.