DC Tickets And Tows Stolen Car, Releases It To Thief, Then Sends Collection Agency After Owner

Steve Steinberg refused to pay a parking ticket issued after his car had been stolen, so the Washington, DC Department of Motor Vehicles sent a collections agency after him. Steinberg’s car was stolen in September of 2006. After he reported the theft, Steinberg says, the DC police and DMV ticketed his car, towed it, then released it to the thief.

Despite having several opportunities to check the car’s license plates, the only thing Steinberg got from the police was a $200 ticket for the parking violation the thief had committed. Steinberg sent letters to the police and DMV and informed them that his car had been stolen and he would not pay the ticket, so the DMV reported him to a collections agency.

Ticketed While Stolen: Theft Victim Vows He’ll Never Pay [WUSA9] (Thanks to Dyniece!)
(Photo: Superchou)

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